Action on Europe

*Corporate Europe Observatory: * An Amsterdam-based research and campaign group focusing on threats to democracy, social justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of corporations. Runs an excellent tour of the powerbrokers’ Brussels EU Quarter.

*no campaign: * The English-language centre to defeat the EU constitutional proposals. Associated with the Centre for a Social Europe.

*Spectrezine: * A radical online journal of the European Left. Started life as a print magazine. Excellent.

*Attac: * A French-based movement for ‘the democratic control of financial markets and their institutions’. Active in 33 countries with an organizing focus on taxing international speculation.

*Statewatch: * A research and advocacy organization keeping an eye out for the defence of civil liberties in Europe. A crucial focus as the ‘war on terror’ erodes people’s rights. Extensive documentation.

*Basic Income Earth Network: * A network of groups, mostly from Europe, fighting for a basic income for all.

*Transnational Institute: * An Amsterdam-based ‘fellowship of committed scholar-activists’. Major focus on the defence and extension of social

*Greenpeace Europe: * The European unit of Greenpeace is a good place to keep track of European environmental issues and campaigns.

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