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Action Stations

Find out more about arms traders in your region.
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) provides the latest data about arms traders and trading, either through their latest yearbook or their website.
Signalistgatan 9, SE-169 70
Solna, Sweden.
tel: +46 8 655 9700
email: [email protected]
web: http://www.sipri.org

Encourage your banks and financial institutions from investing in corporations dealing in arms. England’s Campaign Against Arms Trade (details next column) produces the Clean Investment Campaign Guide – available on its website or by email request – containing a ‘how to’ guide for encouraging large investors to divest from unethical arms trading. While it is British-based, there’s a lot of good information that can equally apply in other countries.

Consider conscientious objection to the payment of tax for weapons and war.
Resources include:

Australia: Peace Tax Campaign, Sarah Briggs, 29 Oldham Avenue, Newton, Hobart, 7005, Tasmania.

Canada: Conscience Canada Inc, 901-70 Mill Street, Toronto, ON M5A 4R1. tel: +1 416 203 1402
email: [email protected]
web: www.consciencecanada.ca

England: Conscience – The Peace Tax Campaign, Archway Resource Centre, 1b Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ.
tel: +44 20 7561 1061
email: [email protected]
web: www.conscienceonline.org.uk
Other countries’ Campaigns of War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax can be found at web: http://cpti.ws/addresses.html

Find out more about the price of war and conflict by visiting the Arms Trade Resource Center in the World Policy Institute – New School University, 66 Fifth Avenue, 9th floor, New York, NY 10011. tel: +1 212 229 5808. The Center has an online selection of reports on its website: www.worldpolicy.org

ENCOURAGE YOUR GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL ARMS The world’s most powerful governments are the world’s biggest arms suppliers (see the Facts). They should take greatest responsibility for controlling the industry. Yet the global arms trade is dangerously unregulated and allows weapons to reach repressive governments, human rights abusers and criminals. Three global organizations – Amnesty International, Oxfam and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) – have joined together to launch the Control Arms Campaign in over 60 countries to reduce arms proliferation and misuse, and to introduce an arms trade treaty. News, resources, and campaign information are available at web: www.controlarms.org

Small Arms Survey is an independent research project located in Geneva, Switzerland, providing international information on all aspects of small arms, and offering resources to governments, policy makers, researchers and activists. Ground Floor, Avenue Blanc 47, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland tel: +41 22 908 5777
email: [email protected]
web: www.smallarmssurvey.org

Australian Campaign Against Arms
Trade PO Box 1529, Atherton, Queensland, 4883. tel: +61 7 4096 3236
email: [email protected]
web: www.acaat.org

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
541 McLeod St, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5R2. tel: +613 231 3076 web: http://coat.ncf.ca

The Campaign Against Arms Trade
11 Goodwin Street, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HQ. tel: +44 20 72810297
email: [email protected]
web: www.caat.org.uk

International: COAV – Children and youth in organized armed violence web: www.coav.org.br

Global partnership for the prevention of armed conflict web: www.gppac.net

Viva Rio, Rua do Russel, 76 – Glória, CEP: 222210-010, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil. tel: +5521 2555 3750
email: [email protected]
web: www.vivario.org.br/english

Here’s a selection of the many options...

Abolition 2000 is a network of over 2,000 organizations in more than 90 countries working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons. Go to their home page and click on ‘Members’ to access anti-nuclear campaigns in your country.
c/o Pax Christi USA, 532 W 8th Street, Erie, PA 16502, US. tel: +1 814 453 4955
email: [email protected]
web: www.abolition2000.org

Nonviolence.org provides a worldwide list of nonviolent organizations and a host of other articles and resources. web: www.nonviolence.org/links

The Nonviolent Peaceforce, featured on pages 9 and 26 of this magazine, has issued 100,000 Peace Bonds to support development of the Peaceforce and its premiere project in Sri Lanka. Cost: US$10, CAN$16, EUR10, or £7. Rue Van Elewyck 35, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.
email: [email protected]
web: www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org

Peace Brigades International head-office is in the Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT, England. Visit their website for a variety of offices in other countries. tel: +44 207 324 4628
email: [email protected]
web: www.peacebrigades.org

NOWAR SA 239 Wright Street, Adelaide, 5000. mob: +61 (0) 414 773 918 web: www.nowar-sa.net

Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition web: www.nswpeace.org

Victorian Peace Network Suite 2, Victorian Trades Hall Council, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton South 3053. tel: +61 3 9659 3582
web: www.vicpeace.org

Peace Pledge Union 1 Peace Passage, London N7 0BT. tel: +44 207 424 9444
web: www.ppu.org.uk

Stop the War Coalition 27 Britannia Street, London WC1X 9JP. tel: +44 207 278 6694
email: [email protected]
web: www.StopWar.org.uk

Trident Ploughshares 2000 42-46 Bethel St, Norwich NR2 1NR. tel: +44 845 45 88 366
web: www.gn.apc.org/tp2000

Canadian Peace Alliance 427 Bloor St W, Box 13, Toronto, ON, M5S 1X7. tel: +1 416 588 5555
email: [email protected]
web: www.acp-cpa.ca/en/index.htm

Project Ploughshares 57 Erb Street, West Waterloo, ON, N2L 6C2 tel: +1 519 888 6541
web: www.ploughshares.ca

Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa email: [email protected]
web: http://canterbury.cyberplace.org.nz/community/CAFCA

Global Peace and Justice Auckland Private Bag 68905, Newton, Auckland. web: http://gpja.pl.net

Peace Movement Aotearoa PO Box 9314, Wellington. tel: +64 4 382 8129 email: [email protected]
web: www.converge.org.nz/pma