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The NI Prize Crossword And Big Bad World

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The NI Prize Crossword
Win a copy of the latest World Guide reference book... All correct solutions received by the 27th of the cover month will be put into a draw - though only the winner will be notified. Post your entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BW, England; fax it to +44 1865 793152; or email a scan to [email protected] Winner for 94: Leo Reynolds, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England.

The NI Crossword by Axe

1 In a nursery rhyme, does horse make one cross in Oxfordshire? (7)
5 Justice given to Chinese family is reversed in old Maratta capital (6)
11 USA client placed in a department in Guatemala (9)
12 Revolutionary French valley town (5)
13 Doctor needing to get to a disaster here in Swaziland (7)
14 Tuscan city square’s half empty; unknown animal park’s nearly full (6)
16 One needs a 4x4 perhaps in eye-opening Scottish town (6)
18 Maria and Bob getting involved in Ecuadorean city (8)
20 Finally trace a GDR force, one reaching very far into the Orient (4,4)
22 Directions to an ancient site, one in France (6)
24 Complaint during Inca cleansing about local rodents (6)
26 Commonwealth member evacuated to the Spanish part of Europe (7)
29 Resort in Rome to change Oresteia ere, sadly, it’s taken away (5)
30 Exasperate one as police take out church in Turkish battle (9)
31 Article about gold on ship somewhere in the Bahamas (6)
32 Eggheads follow German city's ascetics (7)

2 Accountants are back and forth accommodating revolutionary leader’s African capital (5)
3 Crown imperial? Plant with a rule in line! (9)
4 Carrot here’s hiding the flower of Yorkshire (6)
6 In Manchester they orchestrate a German city (5)
7 Key man, Zov, getting about somewhere in Slovakia (4,5)
8 Piece of land cut off when more than half of Silesia’s carved up (4)
9 Ohio’s involvement in collieries is to support the little guy with state capital (3,6)
10 French may adopt rule in former African colony (6)
15 Trading league with east China broken (9)
17 Almost call on Germans to meet the barbarians (9)
19 Sounds like wood-lined English county’s dogs are more coy! (9)
21 One call to a place in Tanzania (6)
23 Capture American student in West Bank city (6)
25 Japanese city where it's acceptable to have uncooked article (5)
27 Nectar-honey part of this French flower? (5)
28 Good French point on the Rhine to make capital in Germany for a while (4)


1 Historic market town in Oxfordshire, England (7)
5 City of Uttar Pradesh which suffered during the 1857 Indian Mutiny (6)
11 Guatamalan Pacific coast department and its capital (9)
12 French town, capital of the Mayenne (5)
13 Capital of Swaziland (7)
14 Tuscan city at the confluence of the Arno and Chiana rivers (6)
16 New town in Ayrshire, Scotland (6)
18 Ecuadorean city, capital of Chimborazo province (8)
20 Geographical region of which China and Japan form a major part (4,4)
22 Ancient French city, capital of the Aube (6)
24 South American rodent (6)
26 Member country of the EU since 1995 (7)
29 Outport and resort of ancient Rome (5)
30 World War One battle of the Dardanelles (9)
31 Capital of the Bahamas (6)
32 Jewish ascetics (7)

2 W African capital (5)
3 Figure symbolic with the Empire of the UK (9)
4 Yorkshire river, a tributary of the Don (6)
6 City of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, the birthplace of Handel (5)
7 Industrial and tourist centre in SW Slovakia on the R Nitra (4,5)
8 ---- of Dogs, unflatteringly named home to London’s Canary Wharf complex (4)
9 State capital of Iowa (3,6)
10 African country, formerly Nyasaland (6)
15 Medieval trading league formed in 1241 around Hamburg, Bremen and Lubeck (9)
17 Barbarians who sacked Rome between 3rd-5th centuries AD and settled finally in Spain (9)
19 English county, home of Windsor Castle and Ascot racecourse (9)
21 Tanzanian market town to the east of Ruaha National Park (6)
23 Troubled West Bank city (6)
25 Honshu city, capital of Saitama prefecture (5)
27 River, rising in Switzerland, flowing through Lake Geneva and into the Mediterranean (5)
28 German city, birthplace of Beethoven (4)

NI x-word: last month's solution.

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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