Fish Heads And Faith

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Street children / PHOTOS

Fish heads and faith
Snapshots from the streets - these are just four images plucked from 15,000 photos taken by homeless children. They're the fruit of the Home/Life project set up by Dutch charity Homeless World Foundation which brings together the creativity of 121 children in 11 countries. After attending a photography workshop in 2002, the children set out with disposable cameras and rolls of film to capture their surroundings. A selection of their images is going round the globe in a travelling exhibition.

[image, unknown]
Photo: Diamana / Homeless World Foundation/Women’s Feature Service
Haifa, 13, Paris, France
‘Why did you pick this photo? I don’t get that. I took it to show that some people don’t have any respect for food. For others, that fish is still perfectly edible.’

[image, unknown]
Photo: Ipul / Homeless World Foundation/Women’s Feature Service
Ipul, 15, Jakarta, Indonesia
‘The life of a street kid: ngamen (busking). And after the ngamen you are tired and you go freshen up – wash your feet. And then you go count your money. This is Rian Soe. He used to live in the shelter, but now he’s gone. He sleeps on the street. I don’t know where. Maybe at the train station.’

[image, unknown]
Photo: Archana / Homeless World Foundation/Women’s Feature Service
Archana, 13, New Delhi, India
‘This girl has run away from home. She is counting her money after a day of begging and has a child on her lap.’

[image, unknown]
Photo: Caleb / Homeless World Foundation/Women’s Feature Service
Caleb, Nairobi, Kenya
‘This is my school. It is poorly constructed. On Sundays it is also our church. On Sundays we sing a lot of songs. In the school we get an education.’

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