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The Jumbo NI Prize Crossword

Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 375[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] Jan / Feb 2005[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The Jumbo NI Prize Crossword
The winning reader will receive not only a copy of the brand-new edition of the World Guide but also a Peters Atlas. All correct solutions received by 20 February will be put into a draw – though only the winner will be notified. Post your entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England; fax it to +44 (0)1865 793152; or email a scan to [email protected] Winner for 92: K Escott, Birmingham, England.
The NI Crossword -- No 94 by Axe.
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 1 What if Ghana used Asian money? (7)
5 Lake source of the Blue Nile is a little brown at the head (4)
7 Lynxes cull in US mountains (8)
12 Main colour of the Pacific? (5)
13 The place in Ireland’s name a girl finds without approval from Russia (8)
14 Sounds uncomfortable, leading marsupials to Perth area, then to place in Japan (8)
15 The language of one attached to this part of the theatre in the Philippines? (7)
16 Old Scots county, in an empty gesture to a Tuscan town... (8)
18 ...speak Urdu, getting characters from 24... (4)
20 ...as the Spanish have a drink in the old Scots county town (5)
22 One survives after getting little thanks in Hitler’s élite old German police (5)
23 Animals for hunting almost ended in strange inland area around the Okavango marshes (9)
25 A French water fraud found in Bucks (8)
26 Resort in Italy to breaking down cisalpine company to nothing (6,6)
29 Exhortation to countryman to provide capital for Upper Silesia? (5)
31 The state Monterrey finds oneself in? (5,4)
33 The French reversal comes in good time for the Celts (5)
35 OK, migrants go unhappily to somewhere in the Urals (12)
36 African is, for instance, the unknown factor in the vessel, turning it about (8)
40 Salvadorean town where two boys get put away (9)
42 Place in Java initially given American resources under Truman (5)
43 Greek market loses lead to new Ugandan development on L Kyoga (5)
44 A Hollywood studio of old is making a comeback – seeing growth in tropical countries? (4)
45 Air Planck’s constant in not bad English somewhere in Namibia (8)
47 One vehicle, going from zero to 50, is in position NE of Moscow (7)
50 She is parted from husband by a hothead Celt (8)
51 Yangtze city where the queen’s in the middle of a never-ending vacation (6)
52 24 returning after a short time (5)
53 Almost moral, Lawrence leaves the drug in an African country (9)
54 French city in league with the Head, Yemeni Broadcasting (4)
55 N American spectacle’s new staging area gets taken away, sadly (7)

1 Chop Algeria’s production. Canaries, for example? (11)
2 Lake Irish police reported (5)
3 Christian holy day? Everyone isn’t on board (3,6)
4 One’s in an ancient land, making a new country (9)
5 West Indian bronze encapsulates Gladstone, in between rounds (8)
6 E African capital raised in a first rate sting within (7)
8 Racing here from Aberdonian, perhaps (5)
9 Hindu deity (not Vishnu): head of Muslim sect (4)
10 I name a Spanish female after a cocoa town in Brazil (7)
11 Dull Donna’s gone to a seaside resort in Wales (9)
17 Do you know ‘The Way to Silicon City’? Hum it! (3,4)
19 Number Ten batting without Nationalist Chinese provincial capital? (6)
21 Lengthy letter over Victorian port (7)
24 A Welsh girl makes up to 18, for example (5)
27 33 taxes? (5)
28 Idle Joe debauched here on the Costa del Sol (2,5)
30 Enlightened inventor popping up in Washington, Georgia and New Jersey? (6)
31 Zambian mining centre has an endless lode to the north to dig up (5)
32 British award shamefully lied about Sudanese place (2,5)
34 The Good Lady of Wilshire Boulevard? (5,6)
35 Quite all about: one of 27 almost gets six-to-one from Moscow (9)
37 Have information about element in Planck’s place in Germany (9)
38 Port in Florida is a drink which stalls initially (9)
39 Persia’s about to retire petroleum king to a location in the Greek islands (8)
41 East Anglian parish church one approaches coming from the north or west (7)
42 Expansion halved, New Zealand’s in recession years later, leaving capital in
trouble (7)
46 One Gershwin little number about Queen of Mesopo-
tamia (5)
48 Tree hiding Shinto leader in a Japanese city (5)
49 It takes nothing to say ‘hello’ – nothing – in part of the
USA (4)


1 An Asian currency (7)
5 Lake in Ethiopia, source of Blue Nile (4)
7 US mountain range, an extension of the Appalachians into New York state (8)
12 Sea, forming part of the S Pacific (5)
13 City in the British Isles whose university houses the Book of Kells (8)
14 Industrial city of Honshu, NE of Tokyo (8)
15 Language of Babuyan Isles, Philippines (7)
16 Capital of a Tuscan province of the same name, bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea (8)
18 Asian, member of troubled race spread across borders south of the Caucasus (4)
20 Scottish town, centre of Moray (5)
22 Secret police of the former GDR (5)
23 Region of NW Botswana (9)
25 Town in Buckinghamshire, England – an outpost of Betjeman’s '30s ‘Metroland’ (8)
26 Town/province in Italy's Marche region (6,6)
29 S Polish industrial city, the capital of Prussian Upper Silesia (1919-45) (5)
31 Mexican state, capital Monterrey (5,4)
33 Scottish Celts (5)
35 Russian industrial city named after the mineral ore discovered there (12)
36 African whose country has 5,000 years of history (8)
40 Department/town in west El Salvador (9)
42 Hill town in Java, SE of Bandung (5)
43 Ugandan town situated where the Victoria Nile becomes Lake Kyoga (5)
44 Lady’s fingers; gumbo; bhindi (4)
45 Capital of Namibia (8)
47 Major textile centre in Russia between Moscow and the R Volga (7)
50 A speaker of Erse, not one of the 33 (8)
51 Yangtze city, SW of Nanjing (6)
52 One living in part of Arabian peninsula (5)
53 The oldest independent African country (9)
54 France's third city & gastronomic heart (4)
55 River linking Lakes Ontario and Erie (7)

1 Island chain (11)
2 One of the Italian Lakes (5)
3 The day following Halloween (3,6)
4 World’s fourth most populated country (9)
5 One from Trinidad’s sister island (8)
6 E African capital (7)
8 English town with an exclusive race meeting founded by Queen Anne in 1711 (5)
9 One of Islam's two main branches (4)
10 Cocoa centre in Bahia, Brazil (7)
11 Resort on Wales’ north coast (9)
17 Capital of Costa Rica (3,4)
19 Chinese city, capital of Qinghai (6)
21 Old wool centre in Victoria, Australia (7)
24 One from east of the Urals? (5)
27 Caledonians (5)
28 Town on the Costa del Sol (2,5)
30 Place in US named after inventor (6)
31 Centre of Zambian copper industry (5)
32 Desert city of central Sudan (2,5)
34 Part of Los Angeles conurbation (5,6)
35 Resident of the Russian capital (9)
37 University town of Lower Saxony (9)
38 Florida panhandle port (9)
39 Main city of Crete, medieval Candia (8)
41 English county town famous for its mustard and 900 year-old cathedral (7)
42 Capital of rebel Russian republic (7)
46 Citizen of an almost landlocked Asian country, a kingdom until 1958 (5)
48 Japan’s third city (5)
49 Mississippi tributary formed by Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers (4)

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