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Create create
create in mind create in muscle create in nerve
create in man create in the masses
create with dry eyes

create create
over the profanation of the forest
over the brazen fortress of the whip
create over the perfume of sawn trunks
create with dry eyes

create create
bursts of laughter over the derision of the palmatoria
courage in the tips of the planter’s boots
strength in the splintering of battered-in doors
firmness in the red blood of insecurity
create with dry eyes

create create
stars over the warrior’s
peace over children’s weeping
peace over sweat over the tears of contract labour
peace over hatred
create peace with dry eyes

create create
create freedom in the slave stars
manacles of love on the paganized paths of love
festive sounds over swinging bodies on the simulated gallows

create love with dry eyes.

Agostinho Neto,* Angola
‘Create’ from Sacred Hope by Agostinho Neto, Tanzania Publishing House

* The NI described Agostinho Neto in 1988 as ‘the quintessential example of the poet as revolutionary, spinning his dreams and inspirational calls to arms from inside prison cells and given the chance to turn imagination into reality as the first President of independent Angola’.

New Internationalist issue 367 magazine cover This article is from the May 2004 issue of New Internationalist.
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