New Internationalist

You get proud by practising

Issue 364

Power makes you proud, and power
Comes in many fine forms
Supple and rich as butterfly wings.
It is music
when you practise opening your mouth
And liking what you hear
Because it is the sound of your own
True voice.

It is sunlight
When you practise seeing
Strength and beauty in everyone,
Including yourself.
It is dance
when you practise knowing
That what you do
And the way you do it
Is the right way for you
And cannot be called wrong.
All these hold
More power than weapons or money
Or lies?

Remember, you weren’t the one
Who made you ashamed,
But you are the one
Who can make you proud.
Just practise,
Practise until you get proud,
   and once you are proud,
Keep practising so you won’t forget.
You get proud
By practising.

from You get proud by practising by Laura Hershey, poet and disability activist.

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