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The NI Prize Crossword
The NI Crossword is now a prize crossword. We will send a copy of the latest World Guide to the winning reader each month. All correct solutions received by the 20th of the cover month will be put into a draw - though only the winner of the month will be notified. Post your photocopied or scanned entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England, or fax it to +44 1865 793152.

The NI Crossword by Axe

  1 Dalmatian favourite of the French family rejected lead from little brother of five (9)
  6 Many in Yunnan in ‘Hello’ article (4)
  8 Sixties music heard at the XXIVth Olympiad site (5)
  9 I’m a good chap reading the Bible, and am Sinatra fan (9)
11 In France, the chapel – perhaps in Provence? – either will need a top-quality cross (3)
12 Against backing the queen – ageing, retiring – and opposing king in Soviet city (10)
14 Shed walls protect rail stop in Washington, near Spokane (6)
16 Did he sidle up to Mark Antony after Julius Caesar? (7)
17 See 23 Down
18 A seat retained is a place in Washington (7)
19 Were they attractions or distractions for GIs based in Norfolk? (6)
21 Sussex iron village in medieval times used wood to char meat (10)
23 Chinese leader? I am fried duck (3)
25 New Haven’s transportation to Benin? (5,4)
26 Native Americans know instinctively when it’s time to go (5)
27 City in Germany gets local approval about bringing French in (4)
28 A hat Islam needs to be altered for the Number Two amongst Tibetan Buddhists (5,4)

1/18  Picked out dim lamps: saw marshland of N Carolina (6,5)
  2 Wild horses, so they say, maybe needed to drag me to this part of NYC (5)
  3 Joint Oxford University-London University link with N Finnish base (4)
  4 Tennessee city named after Georgian Bath? (9)
  5 Indochinese power, the beginnings of Kampuchean history, showed sea to French (5)
  6 Lahore plot to befuddle English settlement in the north east (10)
  7 Christmas Island? It is to the Spanish-speakers off Baja California (9)
10 Nuclear bomb in the end went off before America hit somewhere in Uzbekistan (5)
13 Buffalo’s close direction to lights in the sky... (4,6)
15 …in Alaska, finds a place alluding to animal flogging… (9)
16 ...dogs, for example, belonging to part of Canada (9)
18 See 1
20 Turning up again, not known initially around central 16, but is sound in British Columbia (6)
22 Gold camouflaged by tin turning up in Charente town (5)
23/17 Welcome cry first heard here in Hawaiian upland... (5,3)
24 …if rolled, reaches Japanese point, then island somewhere in the S Pacific (4)


  1 Croatian city, Ragusa to the
Italians (9)
  6 People of S China (4)
  8 Yi dynasty capital from 14th century to 1910 (5)
9 One from the ancient capital of the Hebrews’ northern kingdom, near present-day Nablus (9)
11 —- -la-Chapelle, medieval French title for Aachen (3)
12 Soviet site of the Romanov murders in 1918 – renamed Yekaterinburg (10)
14 City of Washington, on the Amtrak line SW of Spokane: stalwart star of Swedish arty films (6)
16 Shakespearean at the assassination of Julius Caesar, made one of the triumvirate (7)
17 See 23 Down
18 City of Washington, west of 14 (7)
19 The Norfolk ———, shallow freshwater lakes in E Anglia (6)
21 Last iron-smelting site in Sussex, England (1813); city of Worcester Co, Massachusetts (10)
23 Forename of the leader of China’s Cultural Revolution (3)
25 Capital of Benin (5,4)
26 Native American of Arctic climes (5)
27 Industrial city of the former East Germany (4)
28 Alternative name for the Panchen priest, named after a Tibetan monastery (5,4)

1/18  Marshland of SE Virginia and N Carolina (6,5)
2 One of New York City’s five
boroughs (5)
3 Largest town of northern Finland (4)
4 Home of the Grand Ole Opry (9)
5 Medieval kingdom of the Mekong valley (5)
6 English North Sea port and engineering town (10)
7 Isla de ————-, island off Mexico’s South Baja (9)
10 Capital of the Karakalpakstan region of Uzbekistan (5)
13 SE suburb of Buffalo, NY, home to Children’s and Toys museums (4,6)
15 Arctic airport in Alaska, near Prudhoe Bay (9)
16 Retrievers of Newfoundland origin (9)
18 See 1
20 ——- Sound, inlet of Vancouver Island (6)
22 Capital of the Deux-Sèvre département of France (5)
23/17 World’s second-highest active volcano (5,3)
24 Sometime Commonwealth country of Melanesia (4)

NI x-word: last month's solution.

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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