Prescription for profit

Business is booming for the big pharmaceutical companies. In 2002 their total drug sales reached $430 billion1 – a jump of $66 billion, nearly 20%, from the previous year. 2 Big Pharma’s profit margins are the highest of any industry, beating even the widely perceived thievery of the commercial banks.

Most profitable industries (ranked by percentage return on revenues, 2001)3

Top Dogs

Carve up

Big Pharma’s got its market sussed – researching drugs that sell well for a decent price in the wealthy West.

Friends in high places

Big Pharma spends more on lobbying politicians and regulatory bodies than any other industry.

To market, to market

Big Pharma spends lavishly to push its wares.

Can't pay, won't get9

Medicines as percentage of total health expenditure, 2000

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