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The NI Prize Crossword And Big Bad World


Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 358[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] July 2003[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The NI Prize Crossword
The NI Crossword is now a prize crossword. We will send a copy of the latest World Guide to the winning reader each month. All correct solutions received by the 20th of the cover month will be put into a draw - though only the winner of the month will be notified. Post your photocopied or scanned entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England, or fax it to +44 1865 793152.

The NI Crossword -- No 77 by Axe

1 A Cambrian Celt’s useless beast from Asia (8,5)
10 Moor, one hesitates in saying, takes a year and a day to
return... (7)
11 ...another cut off in charge bridging a Guyanan river... (7)
12 ...where witchcraft has a tie with Japanese kimono (3)
13 Greek finding himself in Asia Minor due to the wind (7)
14 African’s a quiet worker until lunchtime (7)
15 Cold here in France by the
headland (7)
17 Flowing hair one hides in part of New England (5)
19 Princess of Gilbert Island’s
summit (3)
20 Spasmodic, ongoing framework for African country: following Zaire? (5)
22 Colonist’s letters look Chinese to me... (7)
24 ...an early tobacco exporter with capital from the Carolinas? (7)
27 City in Argentina’s university cut-back’s getting to Guy (7)
28 Raw material’s in a range between Germany and Czech Republic? (3)
29 Arab dynasty – 51 – eventually quarter in Gulf state (7)
30 From familiarity of Vietnam, one British and one American lead young African country (7)
31 Rent boy Red Ken arranged for the old Attorney General (6,7)

2 One group’s written up in three articles concerning Turkish heartland (7)
3 Affirmative responses in current development around Dundee (7)
4 Asian state one’s found in a very large country (9)
5 Ancient N African civilization the focus of extremes in India (5)
6 Biblical patriarch’s support to Ammonite leader and Noah’s son (7)
7 French resort to Green uprising (5)
8 A judo crisis: at odds with one who cashed in, according to John and others (5,8)
9 Correct mistake over article appearing in medium associated with the sea (13)
16 One had, for example, exciting
history previously? (4,5)
18 Small number run down a poor place in Pakistan (9)
21 Place in Ivory Coast for duck:
oriental-influenced dish with tail removed (7)
23 Mexican town and 27’s universities evacuated and replaced by executive order (7)
25 Caribbean dance takes one to the borders of Hell (5)
26 Elevate the first Hindu over Indian Sikh tradition (5)


1 Beast with two humps (8,5)
10 Islamic dynasty controlling Moorish Spain, 756-1031 (7)
11 District and river of Guyana (7)
12 Japanese sash: old, alternative, name for Siberian river (3)
13 ‘———-’, classical name for the Lipari Islands (7)
14 Region and people of central Ghana (7)
15 Associated with a glacial period (7)
17 Pine Tree state, 23rd of the Union, capital Augusta (5)
19 Highest peak in Crete, 2,456m, associated with Zeus (3)
20 Africa’s second- and the world’s tenth-longest river (5)
22 Colonist (7)
24 Capital of N Carolina (7)
27 San Miguel de ———-, full name of Argentinian city, founded 1565 (7)
28 Mountain range dividing Germany from the Czech Republic (3)
29 Turkish dynasty founded in 1288 (7)
30 Former SW Africa (7)
31 Democratic presidential candidate in the US, 1968 (6,7)

2 Of the physical region of Asia Minor (7)
3 Scottish administrative region until 1996, comprising the cities of Perth and Dundee (7)
4 World’s fourth most-populated country (9)
5 Ancient region of N Africa, now partly submerged by Lake Nasser (5)
6 First ancestor of the nation of Israel (7)
7 Alpine resort and spa on the French shores of Lake Geneva (5)
8 The only non-Galilean disciple (5,8)
9 Region, ‘in the middle of the [known] earth’ (13)
16 Form of the verb indicating
time (4,5)
18 Capital of Pakistan since 1967 (9)
21 Savanna town of Ivory Coast, capital of the Kabadougou empire (7)
23 Important town in Colima state, Mexico (7)
25 The borderland of Hell of the Schoolmen philosophers (5)
26 On a ship, that part of a flag next to the mast (5)

NI x-word: solution to no.76

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp (click to enlarge)


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