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Worth Reading On Climate Change Solutions

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Climate Change / GLOBAL EQUITY

Worth reading on Climate Change Solutions

Some of the best information can be found on the web.
Here are a few sites worth checking out:
(a comprehensive portal of
climate-related stories and excellent starting place)
www.heatisonline.org (environmental journalist Ross Gelbspan’s site, named after his groundbreaking book)
www climatenetwork.org (Climate Action Network)
www.enn.com (World Environmental News Network)
www.greenpeace.org and www.foei.org (news, campaigns and reports on the international sites of these two leading environmental organizations)
www.climatechangesolutions.com (useful Canadian megasite)
www.planetark.org (mainstream news stories with Reuters link)
www.risingtide.org.uk (dedicated to climate-action news, contacts and inspiration)

Books, booklets,
pamplets and reports

Top of the list has to be Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change by Guy Dauncey with Patrick Mazza (New Society Publishers 2001). This is a real labour of love. Encyclopaedic in its vast range of solutions, internal contradictions are inevitable. Clear, punchy and hard-hitting is Dead Heat: global justice and global warming by Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer (Seven Stories Press 2002), though their solutions are less radical than they may seem at the outset. An Environmental War Economy: the lessons of ecological debt and global warming by Andrew Simms is a provocative and persuasive proposal (New Economics Foundation Pocketbook 2002). The NEF (www.neweconomics.org) has produced several excellent downloadable reports and pamphlets related to climate change solutions. Check out Fresh Air? Options for the future architecture of international climate change policy by Alexander Evans, 2002 and Balancing the Other Budget by Andrew Simms, 2002.
Two other incisive reports, Democracy or Carbocracy? (The Corner House, Briefing
No 24, October 2001) and The Sky’s the
Limit by Carbon Trade Watch (The Transnational Institute, 2003) offer
critical takes on emissions trading.

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