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The Jumbo NI Crossword (with A Food Theme)

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The Jumbo NI Prize Crossword (with a food theme) 72 by Axe
A Jumbo Crossword deserves a jumbo prize! The winning reader will receive not only a hardback copy of the brand-new World Guide 2003/2004 but also a hardback Peters Atlas. All correct solutions received by 20 February will be put into a draw – though only the winner will be notified. Post your entry to: NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England, or fax it to +44 (0)1865 793152. Winner for 70: Mona-Lynn Courteau, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand.
The NI Crossword -- No 72 by Axe. Click to enlarge

1/11 Malthus’ constant problem in getting bed and breakfast? (3,9,8,3,4,3,4)
12 Retreat by European Community on the cream cake (6)
14 Where to find pig eaten by Nile travellers in the grand manner (2,5)
15 Feed for nothing with one litre soldier brought back in a convoluted fashion (8)
16 Chinese bread for ‘The Mongol
House’? (4)
18 Scandinavian take-out (Danish originally) with a kind of square pudding (7)
20 Inspect a seed cover (5)
21 18,16, perhaps confectionery from Rio (5,4)
22 Omit stem when cooking for something symbolic (8)
23 Train eater to gulp mid-morning when facing this institutionalized food (6-6)
25 French place produces canny cooks (5)
27 Liquors commercial where soldiers embrace (9)
29 Apportion right ingredient to get poetry (5)
30 Fat teen slobs turn into nicely stacked supporters of coffee! (4,2,6)
31 Kind of crop and cattle provide self-supporting businesses... (4,4)
35 ...uncluttered by scope, where one may spread one’s wings! (4-5)
36 Grow turgid on smoked herring, leaving the tails (5)
37 20s for 43 maybe with the top off – right additive for baby biscuits (5)
39 This steak is exceptional (4)
40 What a wine-taster needs when on the edge of one classic Cote in France? (8)
41 Italian dish is really a Spanish one with essence of date (7)
44 Finally American beef is raised in journalist’s biblical epic (6)
45 26, for instance, with knowledge of plant studies, etc... (7,7)
46’s a source of basic sustenance, even though I’m not a vegetarian! (2,2,4,3,5,2,2)

1 The Welsh confectionery, 8-y and 18 (7)
2 International money’s involved in Cordon Bleu rosettes (5)
3 Egghead sheltered plant growth in an environmental unit recognized in 45 (9)
4 Peppers one added to allspice at one point (9)
5 Hunt after a prickly pear and food from the sea (4-4)
6 Cattle feed from Lucerne? (7)
7 South Midlands Premier Gold utility supplier’s lost a real Swedish dish here (11)
8 Grease under cookers, kitchens’ primary source of unpleasant goo (4)
9 Son-of-a-gun Eli ate, ignoring protocol, with a group before the UN got together (6,2,7)
10 Some Germans are fast-food fillers (12)
13 Nearly grow dubious leaf at first among the greens’ frames (8)
17 It’s rum which is drunk, alright (6)
19 Dine on offal al fresco and brood over misfortune (3,4,5,3)
22 I cultivate entrant? Me? Far out! (6,6)
24 Hunting vessel for C American, omnivore in the extreme (5)
26 Dairy product of French authority’s poor and not
a hit (6)
27 Like 8 in consistency – not half like glue – but has mass which is resistant... (8)
28 can bounce back, this tree, being Ficus elastica (6,5)
32 Hors d’oeuvres with odd bits of pasta in it... (9)
33 ...strong wine, even liquor... (4,5)
34 ...and eventually yours and mine dive into the genetically modified – per the glutton! (8)
36 Dine out on holiday – but eschewing informal shirt,
taking after the British
traveller (7)
38 Curry, sesame one, is Thai (7)
42 The French first nick skin of tomato slowly... (5)
43 ...then finish with end product in American pistachios, etc (4)


1/11 Essential quote from Thomas Malthus’ Essay on the Principle of Population (1798) (3,9,8,3,4,3,4)
12 Torpedo-shaped cream cake (6)
14 In a grand manner (2,5)
15 Ornamental metallic lacework (8)
16 Chinese currency (4)
18 Sickly (7)
20 Hard shell (zoo): seed-coat (bot) (5)
21 The Pao de Acucar in Rio de Janeiro (5,4)
22 Society based on its veneration and adopting of outward symbols (8)
23 Child’s midday meal (6-6)
25 Cultural capital of Lorraine, France (5)
27 Tenderizes in juices or sauces (9)
29 Measure (5)
30 Put-away eating surfaces (4,2,6)
31 Almost self-supporting businesses (4,4)
35 Hens not restricted by batteries (4-5)
36 Fill out (5)
37 Baby biscuits (5)
39 Uncommon (4)
40 Spittoon (8)
41 Flat dish in which a candle may be
floated (originally with fat) (7)
44 Second book of the Bible (6)
45 Study of the phenomena of nature (7,7)
46 It’s a source of invigoration to yours truly! (2,2,4,3,5,2,2)

1 Sticky pieces of candy (7)
2 Monetary units of Italy, etc (5)
3 Unit comprising a community of
organisms and their environment (9)
4 Capsicums (9)
5 Scombridoid sea animal, much
prized for food (4-4)
6 Fodder plant (7)
7 Scandinavian hors d’oeuvres (11)
8 Sticky mess (4)
9 International organization instigated by Woodrow Wilson in 1919 (6,2,7)
10 Hot dog sausages (12)
13 Growing frames (8)
17 Obvious fact (6)
19 Brood or pine with grief or
longing (3,4,5,3)
22 Agricultural producer but not as a landowner (6,6)
24 Hunting vessel originating in Haiti (5)
26 French alternative name for yoghurt (6)
27 Rebellious (8)
28 Any tree giving off latex sap (6,5)
32 Italian hors d’oeuvres (9)
33 Alcoholic spirit, eg whisky, vodka (4,5)
34 Greedy eater: lover of food for food
sake (8)
36 Arabian nomad (7)
38 Thai (7)
42 Slowly (music) (5)
43 Brazils, perhaps (4)

NI x-word: solution to no.71
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