The NI Prize Crossword

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The NI Crossword
The NI Crossword is now a prize crossword. We will send a copy of the latest World Guide to the winning reader each month. All correct solutions received by the 20th of the cover month will be put into a draw - though only the winner of the month will be notified. Post your photocopied or scanned entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England, or fax it to +44 1865 793152.

The NI Crossword -- No 69 by Axe
1 Running wild, had a ball – a situation which might appeal to Hindus... (9)
6 ...a Spanish saint, a temperance movement and is capital within the Muslim world (5)
9 Old parish of English cathedral holding mass, a rumour has it (5)
10 Rushdie penned around a couple of notes at the scene of a Peninsular War battle (9)
11 Wine, port particularly, ship-shape after a fashion here (7)
12 One organized a Scot’s citizenship (7)
13 Indians, one thousand an hour, get on board (5)
14 Christian’s place is a settlement after belonging to character of the Old Testament (9)
15 Chinese dynasty reject broadcast to neighbouring country (9)
18 Height in Montana more obviously to be found in the Mediterranean (5)
20 Resort on the Adriatic to evacuating half of Venice surrounded by a Rajput prince (7)
21 Spirit of the French royal family? (7)
23 An arid and desolate place in the state of São Paolo, Brazil... (9)
24 ...where couple find gold and return to the river where they speak Portuguese (5)
25 Jacob’s lad found next to desert lake in California (5)
26 Nip in about nine, having lost nothing, gaining a landfall in Massachusetts (9)

1 Eritrean port where a sailor harbours the vessel (5)
2 Queen has first walkabout during lap of Britain’s most northerly town (7)
3 Pork-eating North African people? (7)
4 Bottom left on the Rhine to find this city? (5)
5 Religious leader’s daughter to the Spanish is first class – and with the French, to a degree (5,4)
6 American uncle criticizes Chinese craft (7)
7 British Columbian port’s a Minoan puzzle (7)
8 A vehicle for CS Lewis’ imagination, this land – right out of ancient Greece? (9)
13 Uzbek city’s just a speck in the desert (9)
14 A French watering-hole almost an issue across two continents (4-5)
16 Nancy’s familiar home to uprooted little boy – it’s to do with the state (7)
17 American invasion of greedy European country (7)
18 Hill where in France is built a Chadic settlement (7)
19 Buddy’s place in Texas – initially learning ukulele, bass, bassoon, organ and could start at the weekend (7)
21 Take a direction which leads to Pyrenean region (5)
22 Town of Poitou-Charente, in Ulster, or Middle Eastern (5)


1 Hindu pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh (9)
6 Capital of Yemen (5)
9 Old Salisbury and its diocese (5)
10 City of the Castilla-Leon region of Spain (9)
11 English seaport noted for wine imports (7)
12 Persian (7)
13 Members of the sect that split from mainstream Hinduism in the 16th century (5)
14 Eventual name of the settlement on Pitcairn I of the Bounty’s mutineers (9)
15 Part of China occupied by Japan between 1931 and 1945 (9)
18 Mediterranean island state, independent from Britain in 1964 (5)
20 Adriatic resort (7)
21 Royal house of France, Spain and elsewhere between the 16th and 20th centuries (7)
23 City on a tributary of the Parana River, north-west of São Paolo (9)
24 Portuguese river (5)
25 Intermittent lake of SE California (5)
26 Island and sound off New England (9)

1 Eritrean port used for aid imports during the Ethiopian famines of the 1980s (5)
2 Administrative capital of the Shetland Islands (7)
3 Group of N African people descended from a son of Noah (7)
4 City of Switzerland (5)
5 Head of the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy (5,4)
6 Chinese skiffs (7)
7 Hudson’s Bay Co port of British Columbia (7)
8 Area of central Greece, capital Missolonghi (9)
13 Uzbek city, destroyed by Alexander in 329 BC (9)
14 Continentally cross-bred (4-5)
16 Citizen of the Sagebrush State (7)
17 Country of the Magyars (7)
18 City of S Chad (7)
19 Texas town, the birthplace of Buddy Holly (7)
21 Ancient Pyrenean region of France (5)
22 Capital of the Deux-Sevres department of France (5)

NI x-word: solution to no.68

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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