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The NI Crossword
The NI Crossword is now a prize crossword. We will send a copy of the latest World Guide to the winning reader each month. All correct solutions received by the 20th of the cover month will be put into a draw - though only the winner of the month will be notified. Post your photocopied or scanned entry to NI Crossword, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, England, or fax it to +44 1865 793152.

The NI Crossword -- No 68 by Axe
1 The French resort to putting one into pub-hotel (8)
5 Originally taking Ghanaian across French Saharan Africa to Tunisian oasis (5)
9 American work to ‘be back’ reaches a peak in Mindanao (3)
10 Aim bang in order to get
African (7)
11 Soul-rent cenotaphs make a city on Honshu (3)
12 Biblical character’s obscure in one book, yet detailed, and, as about the start of Obadiah, somehow satiric (5,8)
14 Latitude given to a number on retirement to become
communist (5)
15 Burmese argon, also known as neon to the southeast (9)
17 Any gain in corrupting the highest in Zimbabwe? (9)
19 I believe in mass... (5)
20 ...incarceration when arrow foe shoots, misses circle and hits political detainee (8,2,3)
23 One who called for independent Biafra initially got nothing (3)
24 Dutch sea finds petroleum before Germany gets plant to extract it! (3-4)
25 One who fought in the Sahara in 1942, and one who ran (3)
26 The Needles, for the record, are not those in the Isle of Wight (5)
27 Welsh rivers area, almost as the French valley to the source of the Dordogne, on its uppers. Sad (8)

1 Bijou Ales? A brew which needs to be competitive here! (10)
2 Capital work by Vaughan Williams, echoing one of Haydn’s, when he reached 93? (1,6,8)
3 Kid Susan loses her head. She’s from old Dubrovnik... (7)
4 ...and little boy gets to fly in first-class return to old Romanian troublespot (9)
5 In Goa there’s a new Do-it-Yourself place. That’s near Nagpur? (7)
6 Dvorak’s work featured in ‘Out of Africa’? No, that’s ‘America’ (4,3,3,5)
7 Judge in temperance movement places a cross Greek chap to oppose Paris... (4)
8 capital for madrigals,
partly... (4)
13 recent ox slaughter there suggests someone of a chaste philosophy (10)
16 One Philistine Abraham early on, then Isaac, began to (almost) tangle with over place of
worship (9)
18 His national currency failing in the end, 23 returns Kenyan
capital (7)
19 The place in Surrey to sing about a bordered yard (7)
21 Berg piece, where top’s eroded away leaving middle deposit exposed, here in Finland (4)
22 Bay echoes the sound of animals fighting on a Caribbean island, perhaps (4)


1 French Biscay resort (8)
5 Tunisian oasis town important for phosphates (5)
9 Highest point in the Philippines, on Mindanao (3)
10 W African (7)
11 City in the Gumma prefecture, Honshu (3)
12 One of Christ’s disciples (5,8)
14 Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, 1870-1924 (5)
15 Native of a province of western Burma (9)
17 Highest peak in Zimbabwe (9)
19 Third part of the traditional Roman mass (5)
20 One captured in combat (8,2,3)
23 Tribe in the majority in Biafra at the time of the conflict (3)
24 Any juice-bearing plant pod (3-4)
25 Rodent (3)
26 Cutting needles used to make gramophone records (5)
27 The ———— Fawr and Fach, two S Wales former coal-mining valleys usually described as one (8)

1 Morgon or Fleurie, for
example (10)
2 Vaughan Williams orchestral composition (1,6,8)
3 Former name for the Croatian city of Dubrovnik (7)
4 Start place of the troubles in Romania which resulted in the end of the Ceausescu regime (9)
5 City in Maharashtra north-east of Nagpur (7)
6 Subtitle to Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 in E minor (4,3,3,5)
7 Greek hero of the Trojan War (4)
8 Baltic capital (4)
13 Greek philosopher, a follower of Plato (10)
16 One of several kings of Gerar in Genesis and later (9)
18 Capital of Kenya (7)
19 Surrey city, formerly the site of an airport serving London (7)
21 City and region of N Finland (4)
22 Bay of ——, scene of an American military disaster in 1961 (4)

NI x-word: solution to no.67

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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