Books to read

_The Koran Interpreted_ by AJ Arberry (Oxford University Press, 1964) is perhaps the best and the most poetic translation of the Qur’an. MM Picthall’s _The Meaning of the Glorious Koran_ (available in various editions and from various publishers) is one of the most popular. _Discovering the Qur’an_ by Neal Robinson (SCM Press, 1996) develops ‘a contemporary approach to a veiled text’. Avoid, at all cost, the Penguin translation by NJ Dawood which is considered by Muslims to be a highly misleading and hostile (mis)translation. _Introducing Islam_ by Ziauddin Sardar and Zafar Abbas Malik (Icon Books, 2002) is an informative and entertaining illustrated guide to religion, culture and civilization of Islam. _On Being a Muslim_ by Farid Esack (One World, 1999) explains the trials and tribulation of pursuing an Islamic path in today’s world. _Revival and Reform in Islam_ by Fazlur Rahman (One World, 2000) an influential scholar of the late twentieth century explores the internal struggle within Islam and suggests a way forward. _Women in the Qur’an_ by Amina Wadud (Oxford, 1999) presents a Muslim feminist reading of the Qur’an. Leila Ahmad’s _Women and Gender in Islam_ (Yale University Press, 1992) and _Women and Islam_ by Fatima Mernissi (Blackwell, 1991) are highly regarded feminist interpretations. Anne Sofie Roald’s _Women in Islam_ (Routledge, 2001) explores the experiences of Western female converts to Islam. _Orientalism_ by Edward Said (Routledge, 1978) is the classic text on Western representation of Islam. A more up-to-date text, taking in films and television, is Ziauddin Sardar’s _Orientalism_ (Open University Press, 1999). Amin Maalouf’s _The Crusades Through Arab Eyes_ (Al-Saqi, 1984) provides eye-witness accounts from the Muslim side.

Websites to check out

Masses of news, comment, basic information as well as its own cyber-counsellor. Women’s human-rights issues intelligently explored on this Women Living Under Muslim Laws site. For lively discussion on democracy and human rights. Good information, materials and books from this research foundation. A good over-all site for Muslims in Canada. Popular among Muslims as it provides radio, cyber-tv and an active bazaar. With its emphasis on research and policy issues is by far the best while is useful for day-to-day economic issues. Has various translations of the Qur’an and other texts. Carries monthly thematic briefings on important Muslim issues.



*International Muslim Association of New Zealand* PO Box 3101, Wellington Tel: + 64 4 387 4226 E-mail:


*The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils* PO Box 1185, Waterloo DC NSW 2017 Tel: + 61 2 9319 6733 Fax: +61 2 9319 0159 E-mail:


*Muslim Council of Britain* PO Box 52 Wembley, Middlesex HA9 0XW Tel: +44 20 8903 9024 E-mail: *The Islamic Foundation* Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield Leicester LE67 9SY Tel: +44 1530 244944 E-mail:


*Canadian Islamic Congress* Suite 424, 420 Erb St W Waterloo N2L 6K6 Tel: +1 519 746 1242 E-mail: *Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association* 885 Progress Ave. UPH 14 Toronto M1H 3G3 Tel: +1 416 289-3871 Fax: +1 416 289-0339.


*The Islamic Foundation of Ireland* 163 South Circular Road, Dublin 8 Tel: +353 4533242 E-mail:


*Islamic Society of North America* PO Box 38 Plainfields, IN 46168 Tel: +1 317 839 8157 E-mail: *American Muslim Council* 1212 New York Avenue NW Suit 400 Washington DC 20005-6102 Tel: +1 202 789 2262 E-mail: *The Council on American-Islamic Relations* 453 New Jersey Ave SE Washington DC 20003-4034 Tel: +1 202 488 8787 E-mail:

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