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The NI Crossword

Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 343[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] March 2002[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The NI Crossword -- No 62 by Axe

1 Lily’s followed by men from the East... (4,2,9)
9 ...Moslem tar types causing a disturbance off Norway? (9)
10 Bear right after a European country eschewed New Deal at the outset (5)
11 Benjamin’s theft is wrong, and wife left mixed up, knowing his position in line after Jacob... (7)
12 ...and a prophet maintains silence when seeing Issachar’s clan leader (7)
13 Roman leaders make the sea, somehow, in chariots of sorts (7)
15 Good growing areas where silver is extracted and iodine’s applied when creating these plants (7)
17 Lofty Indian pavilions question to dash off? (7)
19 A town in Swaziland where a kiwi nests in a car (7)
20 Doctor doing the rounds of Scottish island as one who was converted in Spain (7)
22 Sichuan’s capital’s detailed direction to the site of a summer palace for Emperor Kang Xi (7)
24 He got Paul’s letter and the bird when visiting America... (5)
25 ...she ate one and got extreme nausea there (9)
26 Marine in centrefold ran massage place in the Auvergne (8-7)

1 Nothing in atheistic mimic’s bad language coming from Shem and Ham (8-7)
2 Cutting edge mountain climbers aim for? (5)
3 Giant fulmar’s secret unit should newspaper want article... (9)
4 ...among the Tel-el-Kebir chestnut trees (7)
5 Foolishly omit cap when arriving at Mexican resort (7)
6 Finns are quiet during circular tours... (5)
7 ...in empty Helsinki, to the Spanish boy, says Richard, getting to the Greek district (9)
8 Market obtains garden plant ahead of place in Massachusetts (7,8)
14/16 Chap who owned up is the last Anglo-Saxon king of England (6,3,9)
18 German bread? It’s paid for in Japanese money (7)
19 Scottish king’s bane thane (7)
21 Beast of burden taking a military leader to a mountainous part of India (5)
23 Chinese family housed in Georgia and part of W Africa (5)


1 Plant, a lily with yellow flowers (4,2,9)
9 Generic term for a whirlpool originally from one in Norwegian waters (9)
10 Arctic and Antarctic regions, for example (5)
11 Zachary Taylor, the ———- President of the USA (7)
12 Clan leader of Issachar, one of the tribes of Israel (1 Chr) (7)
13 Claudius and Nero are two examples (7)
15 Monocotyledons, including many tropical epiphytes (7)
17 Elephant platforms (7)
19 Capital of Swaziland until 1902 (7)
20 Jew converted to Christianity in medieval Spain and Portugal (7)
22 City of China’s Hebei province, once the summer palace for the Qing emperor, Kang Xi (7)
24 Book of the New Testament (5)
25 The ————- Purchase, transfer of 2,144 sq km of land from France to the US, 1803, for $15 million (9)
26 Capital of the Auvergne region of France (8-7)

1 Language group descending from the tribes of Shem and
Ham (8-7)
2 Double-edged precipice in mountains caused by glacial
erosion (5)
3 The giant fulmar (9)
4 Hardwood trees of the Betula family (7)
5 Mexican east coast resort (7)
6 N Scandinavians (5)
7 N Greek district and resort area identified by three parallel promontories (9)
8 Island off the coast of Massachusetts (7,8)
14/16 Last Anglo-Saxon king of England (1042-66) (6,3,9)
18 Kind of German fruit bread (7)
19 The Thane of Fife in the Scottish play (7)
21 Tea-growing state of north-east India (5)
23 The Gold Coast until 1957, when it became independent under Kwame Nkrumah (5)

NI x-word: solution to no.61

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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