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The Jumbo NI Crossword

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Another world is possible / X-WORD

Crossword no.61

 1    Native American sailor, initially in North to Alaska, held captive (6)
 5    Sells Edwardian junk in the West Indies (7,7)
12    I feel strange coming back, putting underwear on here in S America (8)
13    Evil trainful of rejects went to a place like Mesopotamia, perhaps. Greek? It leads to words from Rome! (12)
14    Say hello, little girl, when meeting temperate Muslim leader (6)
15    Boy has some hesitation on seeing Middle Italian (7)
16    Old Chinese ruler has character from Greece to entertain African politicians at the hospital (6)
17    Lennon’s wife has a little laugh, gaining degree for Japanese exports from here (8)
20    Thug managed on traditional capital from Myanmar (7)
23    He leads the prayers for Iranian, Moroccan and Mauritanian leaders (4)
24    Pro-Mao agitator’s head of state in Taiwan? (7)
26    Urban centre Brontë visited on one of Canada islands. It’s capital (13)
30    Classic battle in Italy is able to name many lost… (6)
31    …in the manner of the French mine damage at N African one? (7)
33    Samoyeds’ fishing gear, almost new, is impounded (6)
35    He, Phillip, Dan? A reworking of the old society in Pennsylvania, perhaps (13)
38    Like they used to say, the roundabout short answer involves a fast car. It’s plain in China! (7)
39    Bond, losing time, gets to town in Aquitaine… (4)
41    …disrupts SAM from blowing up Arak and makes for old Ujung Pandang (7)
43    Base from where the European Union sprouts? (8)
45    Panama position cabal boasted is integral… (6)
47    …when getting Peron to stick around Nicaraguan capital as a saving principle (7)
49    Desire to explore the inner glen and peak opposite Everest (6)
51    One who follows Indian mystic takes on board Hindu deity amid this animal adoration. Extreme! (12)
52    Legendary fast Greek runner, a participant in Olympic Games held here (8)
53    Rag by Sousa? (10,4)
54    Mineral’s almost depleted state, next to one place in 53 (6)

 2    British, therefore am into medieval Lombard cities of this type… (7)
 3    …from chaos, tantalizingly, developed some gem of the Italian Alps (5)
 4    How the question may have started concerning the kind of meat: pronouncement of this religion? (5)
 5    Zambian region where with Angolan capital neodymium is extracted and half pulled back in (7)
 6    Row in eastern Scottish town sports a duke! (9)
 7    Asian range’s height on the giddy Indian border (5)
 8    Pop band of the 80s, half reformed, head for Mexican location (7)
 9    Biblical settlement led to witch hunt in Massachusetts… (5)
10    …commercial on air with Italian’s top religious icon being one who forecast the Christ’s second coming,… (9)
11    …and piece about Church’s currency in Greece,… (7)
18    …with the Turk historically so uppity over island! (5)
19    Need to master convoluted Indian coinage when going Dutch here? (9)
21    Viking who invaded France with no humanity, and other points of the compass (5)
22    Anti-Arab politician, the cunning hyena at UN (9)
25    Kingdom aghast and gripped by bomb outrage in Ulster (5)
27    Gold is next, after dropping half for the river next to Sword Beach (4)
28    One who invented skinhead riots in LA (5)
29    Deity created without a laboratory check (4)
32    Turkish leaders stupefied with horror? Not quite (5)
34    Nile emptied on to Augustus’s ruler in Ethiopia (5)
36    California’s far-reaching coastline (4,5)
37    Sabotage Goering at the Sicilian theatre… (9)
40    …the Alhambra? Here one finds a girl protected from above by a relative (7)
42    East out of Kent, taking Essex, almost getting to Parliament… (7)
43    …British, with the French setting up support, secure the provincial capital (7)
44    Country in Africa where the loos vary (7)
46    The first High Priest of Israel to be American – a Reagan! (5)
48    A new kind of bread from a dale in Scotland (5)
49    Plain in South America over everything that is turned up (5)
50    Native American’s address to elder? (5)
 1    Algonquin tribe which migrated to Canada from Maine, since returning there (6)
 5    Part of the Lesser Antilles, incorporating the islands of Montserrat, St Kitts, etc (7,7)
12    S American capital since 1960 (8)
13    Area of land set between two rivers (12)
14    Arabic greeting (6)
15    One from Perugia, for example (7)
16    Chinese dynasty and language giving its name to a region of the country (6)
17    Japan’s first seaport (8)
20    Burmese capital as internationally known (7)
23    Mosque leader (4)
24    Portuguese former name of Taiwan (7)
26    Capital of Prince Edward Island province of Canada (13)
30    Great battle of the 2nd Punic War, 216 BC, the scene of Rome’s greatest defeat (6)
31    Popularly called tank battle of World War Two (7)
33    Tundra peoples of N Siberia, formerly known as Samoyeds (6)
35    Member of a mystic sect founded in London in 1652: citizen of Revolutionary America’s first capital (13)
38    The world’s third-longest river, which rises in Tibet (7)
39    Aquitaine town, capital of the Lot-et-Garonne department (4)
41    Variant spelling of the old name for Ujung Pandang (7)
43    European capital 17 km from the site of the battle of Waterloo (8)
45    Town at the Pacific end of the Panama canal named after its conquistador founder (6)
47    Gospel (7)
49    Name given to two peaks and a glacier opposite Everest (6)
51    Follower of Indian 19th-century mystic who preached that all religions were different paths to the same goal (12)
52    Mythical Greek girl, renowned for fleetness of foot, beaten by Hippomenes: Italian football club (8)
53    US newspaper at the forefront of the Watergate scandal (10,4)
54    33rd State of the Union (1859), capital 9 (6)

 2    Italian city giving its name to a fruity essence and the home of Donizetti (7)
 3    Italian skiing valley and town, 80 km north of Turin (5)
 4    Religion, the name when translated meaning ‘resignation’ or ‘submission’ (5)
 5    Region of NE Zambia, capital Mansa (7)
 6    British city built around the castle-crag established by Malcolm III in the 11th century (9)
 7    Asian mountain range: territory of Russia (5)
 8    State and capital of N Mexico (7)
 9    Capital of 54: city in India’s Tamil Nadu (5)
10    Someone who expects the second coming of Christ shortly (9)
11    European currency replaced by the euro, being phased out on 28 February 2002 (7)
18    Founder of the Turkish Empire (1288) (5)
19    Western European city, a major diamond centre (9)
21    Scandinavian (5)
22    Benjamin ————-, elected prime minister of Israel, 1996 (9)
25    County town of Tyrone, N Ireland (5)
27    River separating ‘Haute’ and ‘Basse’ Normandy (4)
28    District of Los Angeles, scene of race rioting in 1965 (5)
29    Chief Semitic fertility god, becoming a deity of convenience for the Canaanites (4)
32    Turkish commanders (5)
34    Ancient king of Ethiopia (5)
36    Californian port and resort which became the permanent home of the Queen Mary in 1967 (4,5)
37    Greek site in Sicily (9)
40    Former Moorish capital in Andalucia (7)
42    Israeli Parliament (7)
43    UK city, granted its charter by James I and developed by Huguenot linen-weavers after 1685 (7)
44    African country, capital Maseru (7)
46    Brother of Moses (5)
48    Scottish river and market town on the Solway Firth (5)
49    Prairie-like flat area of northern South America (5)
50    Native American tribe, from the Ohio valley, finally to be found on an Oklahoman reservation (5)

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