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The NI Crossword No.60 / Big Bad War

United States

Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 340[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] November 2001[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The NI Crossword -- No 60 by Axe

 1    Build cabin at a spot up-valley, perhaps, to get the wind (8)
 5    Al leaves the plane company for the country, going native (6)
 9    Hickory gives off this, but not at first. Scent a pun here? (5,3)
10    A kiwi found in excavation around the old Polish port (6)
12    Khans were once victors, but didn’t have power (5)
13    They count treasure coming from ship crossing Equator and in trouble (9)
14    A master during the time of lizards? (6)
16    Water bird of primary importance found in Wales (7)
19    A cult is evolving here in the West Indies (2,5)
21    Where the road from French port meets railway sidings, that’s where we find the medieval knight of Arthurian legend (6)
23    Lord departed the world on this day from an island in the S Atlantic (9)
25    It takes almost the whole week-end (well, latter half) to reach islands in the Indian Ocean (5)
26    Folk of the Bronze Age manufactured cup (6)
27    Citizen of Tokyo quietly leaves, being replaced by five coming from 25 (8)
28    Backwash, as in Agulhas current, running through Swiss lake (6)
29    No variant used, except in the end, where the Ottoman Empire was defeated in Greece (8)

 1    Beast for the mountain, one Colombia-bound (6)
 2    St Michael’s point of egress from Russia (9)
 3    Old Indian money makes UN leader change note into dollars… (5)
 4    …one pound almost torn in half, Queen’s part found in Chile (7)
 6    Rolling stock loses electric current when hitting lava flow somewhere around Pretoria (9)
 7    Roman region where most of 11 is inhabited by Romany extremists… (5)
 8    …Roman of noble family has a month next to a number… (8)
11    …also place where the French were displaced? (4)
15    Someone of Homer’s age: any menace abroad? (9)
17    One’s after the greenest site where animals roam (9)
18    Somewhere on the Kurdistan-Bulgaria route (8)
20    Government of Samoa taking political lead and direction from the Roman way (4)
21    Manna not new, Old and New Testament entries state (7)
22    Communist infiltration in much of 11 and here on the Texas border (6)
24    Thailand resort to stealing article from old Xi’an (5)
25    American airline quiet when going over troubled part of Congo (5)


 1    Type of wind which moves up a valley during afternoons (8)
 5    Mediterranean country, as in that language (6)
 9    Fruit of the hickory (5,3)
10    Former German name of Gdansk (6)
12    Khans of the Tatars (5)
13    Magistrates and treasurers of ancient Rome (9)
14    Old World thick-tongued lizards (6)
16    Second city of Wales (7)
19    One of the Windward Islands (2,5)
21    Sir Thomas ———, author of Le Morte d’Arthur (6)
23    S Atlantic island, with St Helena, a British dependency (9)
25    The major islands of the Malay Archipelago, divided into Greater and Lesser, and including Sumatra and Timor (5)
26    People of the European Bronze Age, identified by vessels they made (6)
27    Inhabitant of one 25 island (8)
28    Resort in Switzerland with a lake which shares its shoreline with Italy (6)
29    Site of the last major naval battle using wooden men-o’-war (1827) (8)

 1    Andean beast of burden (6)
 2    Russian port on the White Sea (9)
 3    Former coins of the realm in India (5)
 4    Port and region of N Chile (7)
 6    Former province of the Republic of S Africa (9)
 7    Region around Rome (5)
 8    Classic or refined, from a Roman emperor (8)
11    Part of the former French Indo China (4)
15    Greek empire which broadly followed the Minoan period (9)
17    Animal reserve of Tanzania and Kenya (9)
18    Today’s name for the Ottoman capital (8)
20    Capital of Samoa (former W Samoa) (4)
21    Western US state, capital Helena (7)
22    Texan town on the Rio Grande, a Mexican border crossing (6)
24    Thai island resort (5)
25    Copper-mining region of SE Congo, capital Lubumbashi (5)

NI x-word: solution to no.59

[image, unknown]

Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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