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United States

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Twin Terrors / ACTION

Justice not terror

On-line Anti-war petition 
An internet petition, using a form instead of the usual ineffective e-mail format. It has been translated into a dozen languages and had just passed the 13,000 mark on 15th October 2001.
See: http://www.flora.org/coat/appeal.

Protest for peace 
There are peace rallies and movements mushrooming all over the world. At the time of going to print, there have already been at least 182 anti-war actions involving 285,000 people in 40 different countries around the globe. Get an update at www.pax.protest.net/ Peace/protest_numbers.html

Find out where
you can protest

at www.pax.protest.net/ Peace/calendar_list.html then click on your nearest city. Or ring a peace movement near you:

Canberra - ACTNOW Mob: 0415 752 012;
- NO WAR +61 2 92120800;
Melbourne - ANSWER Mob: 0402 246 491;
Adelaide - Peace Committee +61 8 8332 3461;
Perth - CAWAR Mob: 0402 859 822

Aotearoa/New Zealand 
Peace Movement Aotearoa
Tel: +64 4 382 8129

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Tel: +44 20 7700 2393

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Tel: +1 613 231 3076;

Mobilization for Global Justice
Tel: +1 416 208 0785

The Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement 
Tel: +67 9 304 649

United States 
Washington Peace Center
Tel: +1 202 234 2000

[image, unknown]
Photo: Panos pictures

Petition President Bush to respond without bombing Afghanistan:
www.moveon.org then click on ‘Justice, not Terror’.
www.flora.org then click on ‘A global appeal for no more violence.’
www.wtcpeacepetition.org (if you’re a United States citizen).
www.mob4glob.ca then click for more under ‘Join New Anti-War Coalition’.

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Objecting to globalization doesn’t make you a terrorist 
Monitor the crackdown on civil liberties at:
www.apc.org/english/rights/ newsmonitor/index.shtml and

The Security Council of the United Nations has adopted a resolution which requires all states to take sweeping measures to ‘combat’ terrorism and opens the door to the use of force as one means of doing so, without defining ‘terrorist’.

See the text of this resolution at:
www.un.org/News/Press/ docs/2001/sc7158.doc.htm
Britain’s UN Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock reportedly said ‘for most of the time, if something looks like a terrorist and makes a noise like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist – and we now know what to do about it in terms of what we set out in this resolution.’

[image, unknown]

Make your view known to the people who have clout in deciding your country’s position at the United Nations You can find out who they are at www.reachingcriticalwill.org/ govcontacts/govindex.html

[image, unknown]

Send a letter to your local paper or politician about the need to find peaceful solutions to the attack on the United States. You’ll find a draft letter:

About the futility of bombing Afghanistan at www.peace-action.org/911let.htm

Arguing against nuclear rearmament at www.peace-action.org/lemon_index.htm

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Read the latest news at the following web-sites – www.antiwar.com ; www.indymedia.org ; www.apc.org ; www.zmag.org

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