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NI Crossword

Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 339[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] October 2001[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The NI Crossword -- No 59 by Axe

 1    God’s house is secure south and north of the 29 (8,7)
 9    Colonist’s an utter boor (10)
10    One European law which affected the ways of old England? (4)
11    Spanish-style palace of Czar, à la novel (7)
12    Caribbean island pub has a name, on reflection (7)
14    Mexican general rumoured blown out over the Rockies... (5,3)
16    ...or gets taken by Germans and the Indians (6)
17    Portuguese speakers here may find a tough nut to crack ... (6)
20    ...in the Scottish sense of lacustrine fantasy? (4,4)
23    Old lieutenant reported here in Sri Lanka (7)
24 & 27 Wow! Doll Czar produced when unearthing Polish cities (7,4)
27    See 24 (4)
28    Positions of Jewish teachers are not applicable when animals surround and capture Egyptian leader (10)
29    Four-up, incurable slice finds fairly inaccessible country (8,2,5)

 2    Lucerne’s consumed by chewing-the-cud types (7)
 3    Indian destroyer taken out of British invasion without quarter (5)
 4    State in the style of university types (7)
 5    Squalid odour’s partly a feature of Venice (4)
 6    Hush intimate tantra, fading out tempo, for something holy for Buddhists (7)
 7    Exclude chap who captured Alpha Tauri, the red giant (9)
 8    New Zealand city built on a row of sand, perhaps (7)
13    False god reported to be in Switzerland, according to the French (5)
15    Berber capital created in a confused state? Greek drink to acceptance (4,5)
18    Link, including building aid, necessary to reach mountains in the Balkans (7)
19    SW Kansas location with no Republican ideals (7)
21    Instal, somehow, traffic island coming out of totally-confusing Welsh town (7)
22    Burn skin of live animal, leading one to dive into the Arctic Ocean (3,4)
25    Transformed a yacht, but not the stern, with Indian dye of the madder kind... (5)
26    ...used in aerobic dancing relating to Caribbean witchcraft (4)


 1    Archipelago forming part of French Polynesia (8,7)
 9    Dutch-speaking S African – also long-horned cattle (10)
10    Citizen of a N European country (4)
11    Spanish bazaar of palace (7)
12    Caribbean island connected administratively to Antigua and Redonda (7)
14    City and volcano of El Salvador (5,3)
16    Native Americans known to themselves as the Wyandot (6)
17    World’s largest supplier of coffee and sugar cane (6)
20    Scottish lake trending NE from Fort William (4,4)
23    Sri Lankan capital, of Portuguese origin (7)
24    Polish city of Silesia (7,4)
27    Polish city, second in size after Warsaw (4)
28    Gatherings of Jewish teachers (10)
29    Tiny Pacific island nation, pop 9,000 (8,2,5)

 2    Fodder plant (7)
 3    Hindu god, destroyer and reproducer (5)
 4    The Yellowhammer state, the 22nd of the Union (7)
 5    Generic term for an open-air pool, from the original in Venice (4)
 6    Buddhist shrine, 10 miles west of Varanasi (7)
 7    Great binary star of Taurus, after the follower of the Pleiades (9)
 8    Antipodean Edinburgh? (7)
13    French name for Swiss city on the Rhine (5)
15    Algerian market town, the main centre of the Kabyle Berbers (4,5)
18    Balkan mountains separating Greece from Bulgaria (7)
19    Towns in Kansas and Missouri of the same name (7)
21    Capital of Wales (7)
22    Alternative name for the fur seal (3,4)
25    Indian madder plant producing a dye from its root (5)
26    Relating to W Indian rituals of witchcraft and poisoning (4)

NI x-word: solution to no.58

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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