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The NI Crossword | Big Bad World


Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] New Internationalist 337[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] August 2001[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

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The NI Crossword -- No 57 by Axe

1 Third highest in Himalayan order, this odd Cajun, Gen Khan (12)
9 Took coward, when imprisoning Muslim leader, to gold in coastal strip of Arabia (9)
10 River of the Garden of Eden connected to spirits of the East (5)
11 Gunman, a Guatemalan, pillaged capital from another Latin American country (7)
12 A jaguar, for example, is returning in a month to a dry part of S America (7)
13 US city where boy, according at first to the Oracle, gets top grade (12)
18 Ann, an aviator, crashed here in Madagascar (12)
21 Article on old American tribal
characteristic (7)
23 Peter Pan character, when about four, accepted the never-ending dream world (7)
24 Stream of Italians evacuating Appenine archaeological site found within (5)
25 Roundhead makes it to Sligo in the end, reaching southern pasture land west of the Shannon (9)
26 Stars on stage next to open space in the Malay Archipelago (5,7)

1 A thousand ring man over a place in Nagaland (6)
2 Chuck Berry classic loses something when English is translated into native American languages (2-4)
3 Hugh, Anna’s orderly, reaches the Yellow Mountain in China (5,4)
4 African lake supplying space vehicle with an unknown factor on board (5)
5 University rite is unacceptable around the country, being alien to S Africa (9)
6 Georgia’s about to liquidate almost all the land in W Africa (5)
7 Pakistan place where church and island are under the sea in part of the Arctic Ocean (7)
8 Iranian position and Haifa poles apart (7)
14 Revolutionary status almost achieved at the city of St Peter (9)
15 Organ collection on Merseyside? (9)
16 Graduate has received another degree here, where Columbus first went (7)
17 Let it stand on the square in Pomeranian capital (7)
19 Guy’s the key when covering the islands (6)
20 Uplifting sun at mid-January in mountains near Frankfurt (6)
22 First person from France to turn up under height in queue sounding like needs place off the Korean mainland (5)
23 Ulster’s interning is evocative at first of the Japanese in America (5)


1 World’s third-highest mountain (8598m) (12)
9 Coastal strip from Aden to Oman (9)
10 River valley of Turkey, forming a border with Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan, claimed to be ‘The Garden of Eden’ (5)
11 Central American capital city (7)
12 Chilean desert (7)
13 US city, last resting place of Benjamin Franklin (12)
18 Capital of Madagascar (12)
21 Relating to native Americans in pre-Columbian Mexico (7)
23 Blissful state (Hindu or Buddhist) (7)
24 Italy’s second-longest river with its source in the Alps (5)
25 Irish county and county town, forming part of Connacht (9)
26 The Malay Archipelago (5,7)

1 Nagaland capital where the Japanese invasion of India was halted in 1942 (6)
2 Group of native American languages which include Athabascan and Eyak (2-4)
3 The Yellow Mountain of E China (5,4)
4 African lake forming a border between Malawi and Mozambique and Tanzania (5)
5 Outsider (originally the British) to Afrikaaners (9)
6 Gold Coast until 1957, when it became the first British colony to gain independence (5)
7 Pakistani capital until 1959 (7)
8 Iran’s third city, Abbas I’s capital until destroyed by the Afghans in 1722 (7)
14 Second city of the Soviet Union (9)
15 British city, the embarkation port of the Titanic (9)
16 Commonwealth archipelago off the coasts of Florida and the Greater Antilles (7)
17 Polish port on the Baltic’s original Prussian name (7)
19 Caribbean islands, capital George Town (6)
20 One of the major Hercynian blocks of the Middle Rhine Highlands (6)
22 Sub-tropical island off the Korean peninsula, famous for its black lava statues (harubang stones) (5)
23 Japanese, American-born and
resident (5)

NI x-word: solution to no.56

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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