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The NI Crossword -- No 56 by Axe

1 Canaries have this place where the tree area is protected by the female (3,6)
 6 Mere sound creating this haven in Dorset (5)
 9 Abstemious type follows the good man from Spain to Arab capital (5)
10 A Michigan misfit ends up at Thai tourist destination (9)
11 Starting kind of British imperial rule in a troubled part of
Croatia (7)
12 River in Ireland is quiet, anon-ymous and bounds the North (7)
14 Gospel includes Gabriel, for one, following the English abridged version (7)
16 Flier buzzing about German patrol boat in advance of the navy (6)
19 First Habsburg’s piece of water in old German East Africa (6)
20 A Minoan dig around coastal part of British Columbia (7)
22 Middle Easterners on board having New York return, take alternative transport coming back as the centrepiece (7)
24 Atmosphere on rooftop, wherein one gets baked, here on the Great Plains (7)
26 Summit’s over mountain pass by land almost in British
Columbia (4,5)
28 Bolivian cash keeping the French sweet? (5)
29 New Asian watercourse found by Belgian river complex (5)
30 A vote on a previous one formerly based in Albania (9)

 1 After first leaving America with the pseudonym, ‘Capital for Africa’,... (6)
 2 ...doubtfully Assad ran volume, albeit small, as ‘Capital for Latin America’ (3,8)
 3 When in Rome one loves Italy’s leading instrument maker (5)
 4 Apocryphal nickname of Judas, spice carrier of note to Lincoln (8)
 5 Roll more cantonal than Cantonese in structure? (5)
 6 Writes, over a drink, port, of the panhandle (9)
 7 Resistance of German electrician heard clearing his throat? (3)
 8 Early Christian dissident, one dressed in black rubber (8)
13 European perhaps, beyond the sway of the US? (3-8)
15 Plain part of Australia, non-existent apart from American trees (9)
17 One in harm’s way? (8)
18 In zig-zag half-way up to the top, Cantabrian hotel has a piano (upright) and cold soup (8)
21 Peron follows army officer's convention (6)
23 Hush over a bachelor’s part in troubled Congo (5)
25 One falls out of attack when reaching the lake: Africa’s lowest point (5)
27 Climbing minimum number of trees in India (3)


 1 Largest city of the Canary Islands (3,6)
 6 Port and resort in Dorset (5)
 9 Yemeni capital (5)
10 Thai northern town, capital of medieval kingdom of Lan Na (9)
11 Predominantly Serbian region of Croatia, retaken from the Serbs in 1995 (7)
12 Longest river in the British Isles (7)
14 Gospel (7)
16 Large wasp (6)
19 Former name of Lake Turkana in Kenya (6)
20 Port of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (7)
22 Descendants of the
Phoenicians (7)
24 Continental grassland (7)
26 Highest peak in the Alps (4,5)
28 Legal capital and monetary unit of Bolivia, named after Simon Bolivar’s second-in-command (5)
29 Belgian city on the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers (5)
30 In modern-day Albania, the site of Illyria (9)

 1 Capitals of Zambia... (6)
 2 ...and El Salvador (3,8)
 3 Cremona violin- and cello-making family (5)
 4 Nickname of Judas, the first of his family featured in the Books of the Apocrypha (8)
 5 Central European, a speaker of one or more of three major languages (5)
 6 Land-locked port of the Florida panhandle (9)
 7 Unit of electrical resistance (3)
 8 Early Christian who retained the Mosaic Law, eschewing the teachings of Paul (8)
13 Not under the influence of the USA (3-8)
15 ———— Plain, the largest flat surface in bedrock in the world (9)
17 Celtic descendant (8)
18 Spanish soup (8)
21 Centre of French Switzerland (6)
23 Copper-mining region of SE Congo, capital Lubumbashi (5)
25 Lake ——- in Djibouti, the lowest point below sea level on the African continent (5)
27 Tree of eastern India from whose fruit comes an aromatic, medicinal oil (3)

NI x-word: solution to no.55

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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