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The NI Crossword -- No 54 by Axe

1 It’s found in the sea during the festive season, perhaps (9,6)
9 Revolutionary publicity about King George given old royal capital (9)
10 They come from Borneo and (odd workdays) row back out (5)
11 Titanic trial the result of chilly split (7)
12 Almost pure ingredients in Ghanaian port for deep-fried fish (7)
13 Archer can get lumbago, for example, in that position (4)
14 Inbuilt sonar whales have, the type with a tusk (7)
18 Fish this S American river (7)
20 It abandons kind of crab here in the Channel Islands (4)
23 Bask, say, about UK areas? (7)
25 Mandarin needs a total before day begins (7)
26 Honestly, it becomes offensive to the native American (5)
27 One cathedral staff member starts to state by the book (9)
28 Akron (GB) head office initially set, with Ankara getting involved in the Caucasus region (7-8)

1 From the French pulling out, decline rumoured of fashion industry’s reformer... (6)
2 ...Breton capital needed, little bird said (6)
3 Italian saint, male, with a doctor in court in Jerusalem (9)
4 Jets from France to get desert fantasies (7)
5 Czech taken in by Germany’s appeal, allowing Germany’s invasion by a small number (7)
6 Bad place affects moods (5)
7 Andean mining city investing copper in a yacht, almost ending up with nothing (8)
8 From the Holy Land, as the French might say, one looks for a prime minister (8)
15 Roar breaking over Pacific island; then another (9)
16 One receiving Paul’s letter is a kind of record: he’s a Scot... (8)
17 ...a Celt getting a twitch, a sort of hop (5,3)
19 The Company (CIA) organized the German positive response in French territory’s capital (7)
20 Praise for houses built on Indian money in the past (7)
21 Spanish region’s Catholic university is leading one, with external master’s degree (6)
22 Western deity may be offensive to Indian worker (6)
24 A Bern Convention required for Saul’s commander (5)


1 Australian dependency in the Indian Ocean named after its day of discovery in 1643 (9,6)
9 Also, at different times, Petrograd or St Petersburg (9)
10 Islamic indigenous peoples of Borneo (5)
11 A by-product of a shoreline glacier (7)
12 Type of Japanese food (7)
13 Cupid’s Greek equivalent (4)
14 Tusked whale (7)
18 Voracious small freshwater fish (7)
20 One of the smaller Channel Islands (4)
23 Basque language (7)
25 Area of SW Kyushu, Japan, famous for oranges and pottery (7)
26 Colloquialism (formerly derogatory) for the American Indian (5)
27 Religiously orthodox (9)
28 Troubled Armenian-dominated region of Azerbaijan (7-8)

1 French Protestant reformer (1509-64) (6)
2 Capital of Brittany (6)
3 Jewish religious court (9)
4 Desert phantasmagoria (7)
5 German-speaking Czech national after WW1 (7)
6 City destroyed in Genesis because of the wickedness of its inhabitants (5)
7 Pizarro’s city and department of Peru, the home of the Shining Path (8)
8 British prime minister, 1868; 1874-80 (8)
15 Main island of the Cook Islands, capital Avarua (9)
16 Recipient of an epistle from St Paul in the New Testament (8)
17 Celtic dance (5,3)
19 Capital of French Mediterranean territory (7)
20 Praise to the Lord (Hebrew) (7)
21 City and region of SE Spain (6)
22 Competition ———, member of the Indian Civil Service after 1856 (6)
24 Saul’s general, slain by Joab (5)

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Big Bad World by P J Polyp
Big Bad World by P J Polyp


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