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The Jumbo NI Crossword

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Health hazard / X-WORD

The Jumbo NI Crossword
No 51 by Axe

Crossword no.51

1 English resort bar and watering hole... (9)
6 ...kind of steamy place, with some Gotham/mammon-type characters (6)
10 First haven of peace in America for natives (4)
13 Place out east left in a kind of rain dance grip (3,5)
14 A bit of a change from a Zionist mail order? (12)
15 One who abstains is leaving Canadian legislature for quiet somewhere on the shores of Lake Ontario... (6)
16 ...and to contemplate the broader surroundings? (7)
17 One jumps on the subject of a Japanese city in recession... (6)
18 ...the sickness is reported before one meets a Tiger economy (8)
21 Aztec brotherhood in a Utah organization (7)
23 Left from Oklahoman base without a weekend replacement, hunting ivory (4)
24 Declared a new beginning, including here in Washington (7)
26 He was conquered somewhere about Rome by 34; it’s sweet music to the ears (6,2,5)
29 Rage almost subsiding from orangeade war, nuclear (?), close to the border in Romania (6)
30 Secret lore of pop group discovered in Los Angeles clubs originally (7)
32 Indian leader reaching 48? No, he was 47 when he died! (6)
34 Trojan hero appears too soon by the sound of it in Dickens, the writer of 26 (6,7)
38 In the end a mountain lion maybe first getting to the bignonia (7)
39 Heard spirit or two may do the trick? (4)
40 Battle of sausages in Italy (7)
42 A giant fiasco in Wisconsin’s a momentous day for New Zealand (8)
44 Tamil evacuation from Madras area after a mysterious reverse at the residence of 51 (6)
45 Been led astray by these Zulus (7)
47 Dominica’s capital, it grew almost entirely by getting water from the French... (6)
49 ...Caribbean prison cleric who shelters bad villains and nearly all sex offenders (6,6)
50 Master Harry put on Persian crown here by the Jumna... (3,5)
51 ...the hostel getting the name ‘Prince of Persia’ (4)
52 ‘No’? ‘Yea’? Sort of dead in the water in execution? (6)
53 See 7 Down

2 Norseman is being held at a city in Thessaly (7)
3 A sub-title for an African lily (5)
4 Get Russian OK to follow track which finds an endangered species... (5)
5 ...and a Japanese centre OK to go against a deserted Mongolia (7)
7/53 Eisenhower’s opponent badly needs salvation (5,9)
8 Bachelor is trapped by American mothers at a city in East Africa (7)
9 Style of composer who died at 35 not 34? (9)
10 Bushmen taunt the first camp dwelling encircled (9)
11 Purloins chops being cooked for the governor’s office (13)
12 Give island to Britain to fill the breach in Ireland (8)
19 Two thousand involved in a commercial for ancient Semite kingdom (5)
20 Brit in character-sapping stain Arab set up, getting Yemeni capital (5)
22 Within an hour in Madrid Australian finds this Indian place (5)
25 Queen left at first for spot in South Africa (4,9)
27 Dead animal typifying Borneo’s character (4)
28 Area of battle during the Crusades (4)
31 Lake insect carrying malaria, first reaches Brazilian city (5)
32 from Libyan port becomes a Muslim hero (5)
33 Rumour comes back to the borders of Northern Rhodesia about the lake... (5)
35 ...and its neighbour to the north (lake in Ethiopia) getting nuclear, harbouring Nazi nonsense (9)
36 Explorer earns sums regularly (9)
37 Old English blockade of Belgian port now makes it Flemish (8)
41 Snidely change part of Lincolnshire (7)
42 High flier from California told hire Information Technology (4,3)
43 It bears the burden of an account deep in the manure! (7)
46 Animal spirit has died (5)
47 32a, the fourth after British rule (5)
48 Albania psychologically is by no means all a backward country (5)

1 Traditional English seaside resort (9)
6 Turkish bath (6)
10 Pueblo Native Americans known as ‘the peaceful ones’ (4)
13 Asian country whose ancient name was Serendip (3,5)
14 Conversion to the Muslim faith (12)
15 Industrial city of Ontario (6)
16 The New World (7)
17 South African antelope (1 – see also 46) (6)
18 Federation formed in 1963 from parts of Borneo and mainland Asia (8)
21 Ancient central American people, including the Aztecs (7)
23 Long, protruding tooth of an animal (4)
24 Sawmill city of Washington State (7)
26 Symphonic poem, based on Byron, from 34 (6,2,5)
29 1000 year-old Romanian city, capital of Bihor county (6)
30 Mystical rabbi tradition which attempts to look for different meanings in the Old Testament (7)
32 See 47 Down
34 Composer, ‘the French Beethoven’ (1803-69) (6,7)
38 Bignoniaceous tree of America and Japan, with cigar-like pods (7)
39 Muslim spirits (4)
40 Sea battle in which Themistocles defeated Xerxes in 480BC (7)
42 New Zealand house where a treaty was signed between the Maoris and the British in 1840 (8)
44 Winter palace of the Kubla Khan, according to Coleridge (6)
45 Zulu of the Transvaal and Matabeleland (7)
47 Capital of Dominica (6)
49 Penal colony off French Guiana, 1852-1953 (6,6)
50 Indian mausoleum built in 1632 by Emperor Shah Jahan (3,5)
51 Caravanserai (4)
52 Method of drowning execution used in the French Revolution (6)
53 See 7 Down

2 City of Thessaly, Greece, close to Mt Olympus (7)
3 Poisonous marsh plant (arum): African lily (5)
4 Racoon-like animal of the Himalayas (5)
5 Major railway junction of Honshu in Japan (7)
7/53 Democratic presidential candidate, 1952 and 1956; US Ambassador to the UN, 1962-65 (5,9)
8 Main port of Kenya (7)
9 After the fashion of the Austrian composer (1756-91) (9)
10 Indigenous nomadic people of SW Africa (9)
11 Office of governor, among other things, in Roman times (13)
12 Latin name for Ireland (8)
19 Ancient Babylonian kingdom on the Euphrates (5)
20 Capital of Yemen (5)
22 Industrial city facing Calcutta across the Hooghly (5)
25 South African major port and beach resort of the Eastern Cape (4,9)
27 Non-Muslim inhabitant of Borneo (4)
28 Crusaders battlefield, now controversially part of the Israeli state (4)
31 Brazilian city at the mouth of the Amazon (5)
32 Muslim slayer of infidels (5)
33 African lake named incorrectly by Livingstone. The word means ‘lake’ locally (5)
35 Citizen of two East African countries united in 1964 (9)
36 Danish explorer of Greenland and
N Canada (1879-1933) (9)
37 Ferry port, as called in Flanders (8)
41 Variant spelling of a girl’s name; Holland, Kesteven and -------, the former ridings of Lincolnshire (7)
42 Californian bird, resembling two others (4,3)
43 Llama-like beast of burden (7)
46 South African antelope (2 – see also 17) (5)
47/32 A Indian prime minister, 1984-89 (5,6)
48 Mediterranean country (5)

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