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The Jumbo NI Crossword

Issue 320

new internationalist
issue 320 - January-February 2000

The Jumbo NI Crossword
No. 40 by Axe

Crossword no. 40


 1    Block volatile stream in front of the city (9)
 6    Prophet keeps quiet; making a profit, it’s said! (6)
10    Irish water bird... (4)
13    …one has his heart in a North American-controlled island (8)
14    Bureaucrat’s going to get out of Chinese meal (8,4)
15    Convoluted breathalyzers banned, thereby — put in place for those ostracized (6)
16    Whine (not at first akin to key) heard — downed in Italy? (7)
17    Defiles and wounds about a thousand (6)
18    Reverse following a British-style rule which occupies south-east Bosnian site (8)
21    Papae Sixti nisi est! (The language of chapel?) (7)
23    Growth in the tropics turns around a film studio (4)
24    Animal type Rio-Cuba jazz (7)
26    Ostentatious joint on the Colorado river... (5,8)
30    ...Dunes well-represented here! (6)
31    He was expected to champion Handel’s work (7)
33    Eastern European Gay Rights for exiled male, allowed to return (6)
35    Honour dog, famous about south and east England – deified by some (5,8)
39    London embankment leaches badly (7)
40    Conceal last lines taken from the verse in the Bible… (4)
42    ...hiding a solemn saint (7)
44    Asian power in former African Republic... (8)
46    ...Rover recognized as Arab-African type (6)
47    Part of Mexico where you empty California and get brown (7)
49    Elgin Marbles lost from unappealing housing, and put about it’s someone from Down Under! (6)
51    Saltiness of Queen, holding Catholic in dissolute North (12)
52    Arab vernacular reached eastern Spanish city (8)
53    The state of Asia’s so alarming, partially taken aback (4)
54    A malicious article names port in Iran (6)
55    Reagan carries nothing of substance in case money upsets old French and British parts of Africa (9)

 2    Manna not named, Old and New Testament entries state (7)
 3    Georgia’s under tidal wave, main is cut: needs tidy-up and spruce (5)
 4    Brooks’ return address circumvents a short will (5)
 5    German affirmation returned on account for ten arriving at Mediterranean city (7)
 7    Number retiring given latitude and become extremist (5)
 8    Wish Ali properly used the language (7)
 9    Extreme colour the result of LSD and grass? (4-5)
10    Plant where Herb gets senior promotion... (9)
11    ...and relates to the heart of the matter! (7)
12    City amir sabotaged with Russian leader (8)
19    Fathom out continent’s Pacific port (5)
20    A branch falling over identified disease (5)
22    A mid-air fall from grace at first makes Egyptian desert (5)
25    Martial arts expert trapped in a key part of Turkey (5)
27    Joint effort haulage unions take initially to identify speeding driver (4)
28    Address for discerning native American? (5)
29    Lie up, by the sound of it, after morning’s alcohol factor (4)
32    Rope number on board — second class below third class (5)
33    Master Henry’s Indian habitat (5)
34    Joke about university lecturer leads to a detention (5)
36    Refrains from basement Casablanca cafe. It has a caustic quality, primarily (9)
37    Rails hang in ruins in Hilton’s Himalayan forgotten dream site! (7-2)
38    Compensation for earth movement: settled down between the Surrey borders after I raise the alarm (8)
41    Fishy surroundings for a song after Queen, abandoned even (7)
43    Sebastopol’s first lady sends out Navy to get old Black Sea country (7)
44    With LKJIHGFEDCB filling in between, the French symbolized universal message (7)
45    Hi, Satan! (7)
48    Secret police place Mozart’s work somewhere between revolutionary and amateur (5)
49    Capitalizing on the rights of man cause this writer utter torture (5)
50    Real Madrid artistry’s on display here! (5)


 1    Capital and largest city of the Netherlands (9)
 6    Hebrew prophet featured in both books of Kings (6)
10    Sea bird, or a lake in Ulster (4)
13    Northernmost of the Leeward Islands (8)
14    Asiatic crested fowl (8,4)
15    Untouchables who derived their name from the beneficiary of a Christ miracle (6)
16    Red wine of Tuscany (7)
17    Incised valleys, ravines (6)
18    Capital of Bosnia (8)
21    Relating to the Popes Sixtus, especially the Fourth and Fifth (7)
23    Lady’s fingers, gumbo (4)
24    North American reindeer (7)
26    Name shared by towns in Iowa and Colorado (5,8)
30    World’s largest desert (6)
31    Anticipated deliverer of the Jews: Jesus to Christians (7)
33    Ural-Altaic people predominating in Hungary (6)
35    African emperor, 1930-1975, in exile, 1935-41 (5,8)
39    London district containing Sloane Square and the King’s Road (7)
40    Tropical/sub-tropical tree with fan-like leaves (4)
42    Italian who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093 (7)
44    _________ Republic, a former name of Madagascar (8)
46    Berber nomad of the 30 (6)
47    Mexican peninsula and state (7)
49    Inhabitant of part of one of Australasia’s largest islands (6)
51    Salinity factor (12)
52    City-resort of Spain’s Costa Blanca (8)
53    Part of the former French Indochina (4)
54    Oil-refining port of Iran’s Shatt al-Arab (6)
55    West African country when divided between the British and French (9)

 2    Western US state, capital Helena (7)
 3    Spruce genus, Japanese for larch (5)
 4    Becks, streamlets (5)
 5    Capital of Corsica (7)
 7    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, 1870-1924 (5)
 8    Bantu people and language (7)
 9    Intense colour (4-5)
10    Plant related to the honeysuckle (9)
11    Of a family, the father, mother and children only (7)
12    Site of the Sikhs’ holy Golden Temple (8)
19    Port of northern Chile, in the Atacama Desert (5)
20    A more virulent strain of green monkey disease (5)
22    Desert and holy mountain in Egypt (5)
25    Province, and its capital, of southern Turkey (5)
27    Crazy driver, from the charioteering king of Israel in 2 Kings (4)
28    Native American tribe, originating in the Ohio valley, but finally to be found on an Oklahoman reservation (5)
29    In chemistry, an alcohol radical (4)
32    Fibrous plant used for rope, emanating from a town of the same name in 47 (5)
33    Hindu word meaning a residence, even a palace (5)
34    Siberian prison camp (5)
36    Witty, often bawdy five-line verses (9)
37    Fictional Himalayan pass from Lost Horizon (7-2)
38    State of equilibrium in the surface crust of the earth (8)
41    Marine display containers (7)
43    Ancient country, part of modern Ukraine, bordering the Black Sea (7)
44    Pictorial symbol of the universe, used by Buddhists and Hindus (7)
45    Hebrew name for the devil (7)
48    Russian secret police, 1917-22 (5)
49    18th-century British pamphleteer, an influence on American and French revolutionary thinking (5)
50    Spain’s national art gallery (5)

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New Internationalist Magazine issue 320
Issue 320

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