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The NI Crossword

new internationalist
issue 318 - November 1999

The NI Crossword
No. 38 by Axe

Crossword no. 38


1 Instrument associated with Somalia, perhaps (4,2,6)
8 Porky-types who follow Roger's training? (9)
10 East's in debt when the dust has settled (5)
11 Epidemic from south of 1a caused by crack - madness grips the Beka'a, for one (4,6,5)
12 Steak on the bone, for example, one judges commonly not to be kosher (4)
13 Asian bird has pulse which goes in and out (7)
17 He fought relative of Muhammad (3)
18 Queen attending, reportedly, a service she assembles (7)
19 Head of Scottish Water? (4)
22 Debutantes appear in court - that of 7, perhaps (6,2,7)
24 It flows against one of 7's 22? (5)
25 Language expert, of the first degree, gets First (9)
26 Meetings of cardinals, criminals and Conservatives - one's overwhelmed (12)

1 Design first kitchen appliance for Australian city (6)
2 Brazil's fierce struggle? (6)
3 General consumers order French wine the wrong way and get some rosé for a change (9)
4 Crop growing practised - plant in a circle (6,7)
5 He succeeds Muhammad on the West Coast shortly (5)
6 Monkeys get up and go the other way (7)
7 Artisan and king-maker? (7)
9 Industry base for fishing pays off (8,5)
14 Unhappily abstain to go to party - it's punishing on the feet (9)
15 Turkish delight's key: add a kilo and go with the flow (7)
16 They sacked a London museum and detailed the LSE (7)
20 States meet over Ulster - last resort in Italy (6)
21 A software man using his marbles (6)
23 Muse and hold forth, convulsed (5)


1 Peninsula separating the Gulf of Aden from the Indian Ocean (4,2,6)
8 Followers of Roger or Francis? (9)
10 Dust-blown sediment (5)
11 Disease affecting cattle and humans in East Africa (4,6,5)
12 Food forbidden for Jews (4)
13 Asian language, akin to Burmese and based on the Sanskrit alphabet (7)
17 Cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad (3)
18 Hoarder, compiler (7)
19 Scottish loch linked to sea by Caledonian Canal (4)
22 Attendants to the royals (6,2,7)
24 Longest river on the European continent (5)
25 One who takes a particular interest in this European country? (9)
26 Spiritual and ecclesiastical courts (12)

1 Capital of Tasmania (6)
Port and capital of Pernambuco state, Brazil (6)
3 All-devouring animals (9)
4 Crop-growing agriculture (6,7)
5 Old Islamic spiritual leader (5)
6 African guenon monkeys (7)
7 Russian empress (7)
9 Plant where metals are separated (8,5)
14 Torture by beating feet with a baton (9)
15 Middle eastern sweet featuring filo pastry (7)
16 Members of a Germanic tribe who overran much of Rome's Western Empire in the fifth Century AD (7)
20 Popular Italian resort on the Adriatic (6)
21 Variegated chalcedonies (6)
23 Muse of love poetry (5)

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New Internationalist issue 318 magazine cover This article is from the November 1999 issue of New Internationalist.
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