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new internationalist
issue 315 - August 1999

The NI Crossword
No. 35 by Axe

Crossword no. 35


A top prig gets involved in political unrest (8)
6 Animal dash ends with death (5)
10 Patriarch’s a support to poor actor (7)
11 Khan gets to river and is soaked in the drink – he needs a rocket! (7)
12 Play a lute and sound Eskimo! (5)
13 Apropos a try to connect Northern Ireland to a region of South America (9)
14 Nervous USA moving into cacao extracts, taking the identity of Europeans (9)
17 They can’t fly – those in the club using the euro go to Spain first (4)
20 Irish clan’s short month (4)
21 I’m able, eventually, to roam freely with the king of ancient Brittany (9)
23 Balkan leader’s military intelligence gets to miss partial victory (9)
25 Central Asian language one thousand follow after Turkic and Jordanian leads (5)
27 Land’s End is this – in a literal way, so to speak! (7)
28 Cook in Aotearoa again, or mash the pile (7)
29 Nothing left of wise Native American-type (5)
30 State of madness follows having sat back (8)

2 Eat Cheddar! (5)
3 South Sea islander getting brown around various parts of French-speaking Caribbean (8)
4 ANC man’s smashed amphora over South Africa (9)
5 Example is back in place near Seattle (5)
6 Take on English three, going above seniority (6)
7 Account in which Geronimo loses composure, and the first point, about planning the farming (9)
8 Italian lady turned up negative, caught by genetic fingerprinting (5)
9 Where Paul sought, but could not see? (8)
15 America has land-locked state with lofty backways crossing the Andes (9)
16 Party members sit-in about vermin (9)
18 ‘The short answer is in the skirt-folds,’ it’s read (8)
19 Perhaps 4’s public relations in the ascendant – first-class learning technique is capital here! (8)
22 Set each, undecided – it induces torpor (6)
23 It’s rumoured bird is to return to China in 1999? (5)
24 She treats animals, upwards of 550, in open grassland (5)
26 Jack and I go round the pub but he can’t always leave the bottle! (5)


1 The dissemination of propaganda – originally by a communist apparatus (8)
6 S African antelope akin to the elk (5)
10 The first patriarch, acknowledged by Jews, Christians and Muslims (7)
11 Russian cosmonaut, first to orbit the earth in 1961 (7)
12 Island Inuit of the North Pacific and Bering Sea (5)
13 Wind-swept plateau of Chile and Argentina, settled by Welsh farmers in the nineteenth century (9)
14 Pertaining to the ethnic group indigenous to Europe and parts of N Africa, SW Asia and the Indian sub-continent (9)
17 Flightless birds of Australia, second in size to the ostrich (4)
20 Irish sub-tribe where grandsons’ surnames are given the prefix ‘O’ (4)
21 Breton, after the Latin ‘dwellers by the sea’ (9)
23 President of the Yugoslav Federation, an advocate of a ‘Greater Serbia’ (9)
25 People and language of Persian origin, now with their own independent Central Asian state (5)
27 Having a sea border (7)
28 Maori name for Mt Cook (7)
29 Native American tribe, originating in the Ohio Valley, moving to Missouri and Kansas, and ending up on an Oklahoma reservation (5)
30 Australia’s smallest state (8)

2 Ravine, the result of river action or cave roof collapse (5)
3 Inhabitant of the largest Polynesian island (8)
4 Elected Secretary-General of the ANC in 1991 (9)
5 Name of the inlet which drains north out of Washington State (5)
6 Lock horns with (6)
7 Pertaining to the planning of rural farming (9)
8 Italian female title, formerly applied only to nobles (5)
9 Capital of Syria (8)
15 Main pass across the Andes between Argentina and Chile (9)
16 Members of a US political party (9)
18 Ancient language of the Hindus (8)
19 Administrative capital of South Africa (8)
22 African flies (genus Glossina), cause of sleeping sickness (6)
23 Former Portuguese colony on the Chinese coast, infamous for its gambling (5)
24 Upland plain of southern Africa (5)
26 Spirit of Muslim folklore (5)

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