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The NI Crossword

new internationalist
issue 314 - July 1999
The NI Crossword
No. 34 by Axe

Crossword no. 34


1 It’s manual work to circle a volcano (5,3)
6 In Ethiopia is a French cat with an accent (5)
10 Bacillus for which worker goes to hospital to receive inconclusive X-Ray treatment (7)
11 The overthrown president sees the point after total annihilation (7)
12 See 3
13 Old folks come from Church with a student and senior college members (9)
14 French water or a Spanish port? (2,6)
16 Country (but not Western) lady (4)
20,22 Filipina’s railway company originally had a queen as head before Union interference and foreclosure (4,6)
21 Sari mart in controversy at the Sikh centre... (8)
24 ...where residual holy souvenirs are found in receptacle... (9)
25 ...and lucky God’s about at the centre when they are scattered (5)
27 They bring news from Rome to the Cayman Islands’ circle, protected by those in holy orders (7)
28 Wedgwood setting representing pre-Roman Italy? (7)
29 Western kid was on TV describing fish from Lake Michigan (5)
30 Party for Mandela, as seen in newspaper, film company made with O’Higgins capital (8)

2 A first-class officer is captured in Siberia (5)
3,12 Ulster’s own national direction comes first (8,5)
4 Former idols left over words which are the subject of books (8)
5 See 23
6 Directed in, as well, (Spanish) American city (6)
7 Grenades, monsieur, are tossed. They uphold the law (9)
8 Records abound of keys of a type famously made in Spanish 6 (5)
9 Limousine – the French regional type – found in Aquitaine (8)
15 States that girl is North American at heart (9)
17 Northerner getting directions during conquest (8)
18 Baptise sitting up around a fireplace where God and his Angels sit (8)
19 State of Australia’s Hong Kong capital (8)
22 See 20
23,5 Exchanging leadership with Egyptian head; Ark’s site losing right to female Arab leader! (6,6)
24 Celtic style the 3,12 adopted by 3,12 7 (5)
26 Scramble for college and university entrants around the Mediterranean resort (5)


1 The world’s second-highest active volcano (4169m) (5,3)
6 Troubled northern province of Ethiopia (5)
10 Sheep- or cattle-borne bacterium harvested for biological weapons (7)
11 Chilean president 1970-73 (7)
12 See 3
13 Biblical peoples whose capital was Ur (9)
14 Premier city and port of Spanish Galicia (2,6)
16 Arabian sultanate (4)
20,22 President of the Philippines, 1986-92 (4,6)
21 Punjabi capital of the Sikhs (8)
24 Depository for, or alluding to, religious keepsakes (9)
25 Greek goddess of fortune (5)
27 Papal legates (7)
28 Home of the predominant civilization in Italy before the rise of Rome (7)
29 Salmon-like fish of the North American Great Lakes (5)
30 City of Chile, used as a base by Bernardo O’Higgins (8)

2 Siberian area of Russia, or a range of mountains stretching from Kazakhstan to Mongolia and China (5)
3,12 Constituent nationality of the United Kingdom (8,5)
4 Dictionaries (8)
5 See 23
6 Sword-making city of old Castile (6)
7 The French armed policemen (9)
8 Duelling swords (5)
9 Town on the Gironde, south of Bordeaux; the name of a famous US automobile (8)
15 Collectively, two of the original thirteen United States of America (9)
17 Viking or Dane perhaps (8)
18 The fifth chamber of Heaven, one of pure fire, and the seat of the deity (8)
19 Capital of British Columbia (8)
22 See 20
23,5 Joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 (6,6)
24 Nordic or Celtic script (5)
26 Largest island in the Ionian Sea (5)

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