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new internationalist
issue 313 - June 1999

The NI Crossword
No.33 by Axe

Crossword no.33

1 Trouble in Sudan was the result of an instrument fashioned in a Gulf state (8)
6 Australasian base for rubbish film studio (5)
10 It’s injected at home, usually – Luis has the name for it! (7)
11 Did Americans bomb, at last cancelling a little invasion here? (7)
12 Primate is cut short by a New Zealander with East End beginnings (5)
13,15 Awful scandal – hybrids working with crumbling clay between a rock and a hard place near Messina (6,3,9)
14 Russia’s last ill-fated star (8)
16 Reported snags at hated river (4)
20 Look at the attributes of the Turkish (a Hashemite connection), for the supreme leader (4)
21 North-south leeway arranged for the Methodist (8)
24 ‘E’s read you, by the sound of it, round to the last letter as claimed by the Dutch! (6,3)
25 The team bend over backwards at first for Italian Prime Minister... (5)
27 ...but, in Rome, a leader long ago claimed first class backing when in the navy (7)
28 Don’t take up the franchisee’s option (7)
29 Dreaded Jamaican’s little address... (5)
30 the Western interior of the island, has alternative name in Caribbean language (8)

2 Exploded once in Peru, sounding like one in Tolkien’s range! (5)
3 Scottish port where every German boat capsized on the water (8)
4 US version of Pamplona’s Bull Run in conflict? (8)
5 Name a painter in Japan (6)
6 She sings some jazz after arranging a quiet meal (6)
7 Rugby score is the foundation for paeans performed by men of the country... (9)
8 ...a country off Finland, actually (5)
9 Fruits of the forest gull found in shells (3,5)
15 See 13
17 Chinese region’s team from 25 heading group ninja involvement (8)
18 Source of sweetness a rare turn-up following Democratic primaries! (8)
19 Boycott waterway serving the Ukraine? (5,3)
22 Flight of man is over and above the Royal Artillery soldier’s core situation (6)
23 Nelson’s home is, alternatively, a crazier-sounding place (6)
24 20 of Afghanistan takes hard-hearted position in Congo’s never-ending situation (5)
26 Lawrence’s essay on the Red Sea position puts the Queen roughly into the three A’s and a B bracket (5)


1 Sudan’s second city, near the confluence of the White and Blue Nile (8)
6 Eastern section of the island of New Guinea (5)
10 Protein hormone important in regularizing glucose in the blood (7)
11 Former British colony, the southernmost of the Windward Islands (7)
12 Pan troglodytes, in short (5)
13,15 Combined threat to ancient mariners in the Strait of Messina (6,3,9)
14 Patron saint of pawnbrokers, clerks and scholars – more popularly known by his diminutive name (8)
16 River of the infernal regions (4)
20 Persian for king, ruler in many Eastern countries of the past (4)
21 Original Methodism, named after its founder brothers (8)
24 Reclaimed land in the Netherlands, part of which is the Ijsselmeer (6,3)
25 Italian Prime Minister charged with receiving bribes in 1995 (5)
27 Roman Emperor, 117-138 AD (7)
28 Forbear, renounce (7)
29 Popularly-named cult member who believes in the divine being of Haile Selassie (5)
30 Amerindian people banished from the Antilles by the Caribs (8)

2     Dormant Andean volcano near Arequipa in Peru (5822m) (5)
3     Fishing- and ferry-port on Loch Broom, north-west Scotland (8)
4     Where the Battles of Bull Run (1861 and 1862) were fought, now a suburb of Washington DC (8)
5     Japan’s fourth city, site of the Astuta Shrine (6)
6     Mediterranean stew, coloured by saffron (6)
7     Provincial hoi-polloi (9)
8     Islands forming an autonomous area of Finland, but where the main language is Swedish (5)
9     Examples of coniferous inflorescence (3,5)
15     See 13
17 Autonomous region of north-west China with an area larger than France and Britain combined (8)
18 River and region of Guyana, giving its name to a type of rum (8)
19 Almost totally-landlocked extension of the Mediterranean (5,3)
22 Flight, particularly that of Muhammad from Mecca in 622 (6)
23 African name for South Africa (6)
24,20 Afghan supreme ruler until overthrown in 1973 (5,4)
26 Jordanian port on the Red Sea (5)

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