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The NI Crosswork

new internationalist
issue 310 March 1999

The NI Crossword
No. 30 by Axe

[image, unknown]


1 Tumbles from Washington high ground! (8)
6 Student has come back, seizing the state of Malaysia (5)
10 Feed and lubricate Madeleine (3,4)
11 Pacific place allows a Pole to go back after currency mix-up (7)
12, 20 States send ship out after the prophet and writer (5,4)
13 The speed you turned to go around collapsed seam may have resulted in 3’s dust condition (9)
14 Ocean bird disorientated, lost in canal accident (8)
16 Heather is a salt water type (4)
20 See 12
21 King George in Spanish food disorder – makes one mad and sick (8)
24 Essex town embraces second character from Indiana (5,4)
25 May the French position surrounding South Africa highlight the African (5)
27,6d Implausible Yank using US gold initially to set up Asian democracy leader (4,3,3,3)
28 Axe the Lord used to eradicate (through 3’s 9,24d) idle talk? (7)
29 They come from 25, a country in distress (5)
30 The earth moves and stars start to appear when contraceptive is about repaired! (8)

2 Divinity has a hard following altogether (5)
3 Char when explosion below: it exposes black rock (4,4)
4 Crooked tie-up cited to get around treatment to prevent 21? (8)
5 Guide Southern belle to Pennsylvania (6)
6 See 27
7 Baiting used in animal hunting? (9)
8 Saxon invader sounds as if he’s losing his voice further (5)
9,24d Well discouraged over cut to 3’s face (8,5)
15 On the way back, getting ill around place I haunt in Eastern Europe (9)
17 Rocks Ulster position in scrape over South (8)
18 They wrangle for the mob’s people (8)
19 Unpredictable southern climate is a traveller’s joy (8)
22 Primate’s concerned with both positive and negative factors (6)
23 Herb discards one iron in revolutionary swing (6)
24 See 9
26 Island crawled over by the Hindu (5)



1 Mountain range in north-western US (8)
6 Malaysian province on the island of Borneo (5)
10 Animal feed from rapeseed (3,4)
11 Country named after its latitudinal position (7)
12,20 17th Century Poet Laureate, famous for his ‘improvements’ to some Shakespeare works (5,4)
13 Collier’s lung disease through dust inhalation (9)
14 The world’s second greatest area of water, 82.44 million sq km (8)
16 Type of codfish or heather (4)
20 See 12
21 Dietary disease of shrivelled skin and mental deterioration, caused by a lack of Vitamin B2 (8)
24 City of Indiana, on the St Joseph River, established as a fur trading post (5,4)
25 East African tribespeople, nomads of Tanzania and Kenya (5)
27,6d Asian democracy fighter, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 (4,3,3,3)
28 Firedamp or marsh gas (7)
29 Asians with Laotians to the east and Cambodians to the south (5)
30 Fall of earth or rock, usually caused by undermining water (8)

2 The name of God (5)
3 Plant for fuel extraction (4,4)
4 Pertaining to the make-up of the food we eat (8)
5 People of the Nepal/Tibet border (5)
6 See 27
7 Bullying, pestering (9)
8 Hengist and ——-, Saxon brothers ‘invited’ to invade Britain by Vortigen, c450 AD (5)
9 ,24d Channel in mining passing fresh air from the surface (8,5)
15 European country, ‘Lietvos’ in its own language (9)
17 Plutonic igneous rocks, comprising mainly quartz, feldspar and micas (8)
18 Vaqueros, drovers (8)
19 Temperate climbing flower of the buttercup family (8)
22 Monkey of the Indian sub-continent whose blood cells have similar properties to humans (6)
23 Plant and herb, related to dill (6)
24 See 9
26 Hindu mystic (5)



[image, unknown]

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New Internationalist issue 310 magazine cover This article is from the March 1999 issue of New Internationalist.
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