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The Jumbo NI Crossword

The Jumbo NI Crossword
No.29 by Axe

Crossword no.29


3 Confusing communications from Beijing? (7,8)
10 Urals city can be reached by short wave, perhaps (4)
11 The Mediterranean Rock Sound? (6,2,9)
13 Irish river bird (4)
14 South American was formerly incarcerated with the first four singled out... (8)
15 ...but North American is up here without the king or the normal means of propulsion! (4)
16 Hector’s, so it’s said, following vehicle from which I track the deer (8)
17 Deserted monk, for example, on duty, is trapped in dune drift... (11)
18 ...drift being the key word for this lifestyle! (8)
21 This describes the lowest point for the sailor: laying back, gin-dazed, gone, while 33 trapped (7)
23 Sacred Himalayan peak, K, alas, claims one (6)
24 Make hence to Asian outside – a northern Sumatran type (10)
28 Sad as the French cry in and about broken homes (10)
31 Doctor No doing the rounds in a southern Aegean island... (6)
32 ...but actors lie low in Spain... (7)
35 ...the book’s main characters (he and hero) not returning or getting further involved (8)
36 Plants for making rubber lie to the south-east, vaguely (11)
39 Black ship of the skies (3,5)
40 Picture, for instance, the African people (4)
41 Push to go? (8)
43 Footnote following a first study of snakes (4)
44 The end of the world for the guardians of 11? (7,2,8)
45 Jaipuri’s ingredients accompany the curry... (4)
46 ...kir, rice, nan dip – to make up sub-continental magic (6,4,5)

1 Superior bordered land which is modern-day Ontario (5,6)  
2 Where to explore the bedrock of Heavy Metal? (4,3,4)  
3 In Spain I thought Cockney said ‘pet only here’ (9)  
4 I am the first person to be leader (4)  
5 Book the rest unhappily followed 35 immediately, but not to a tee (6)  
6 Wastes notes on articulate point (9)  
7 New Siamese conundrum over Dr Paisley evokes the character of the Caribbean... (7)  
8 ...where Catholicism vote includes approximately a thousand at its base, and chemical giants somewhere in between... (11)  
9 ...but Thai whips point to domestic favourites (7,4)
12 Looter directed pillage at the queen (9)
19 Meal he gave to the International Olympic Committee (6)
20 Stocking needs adjusting when leaving the northern French city (4)
22 Plant given to sick children without the doctor being involved (6)
25 Unclad maid one makes out in the French channel... (5,2,4)
26 ...barges past here – driven by some animal urge (5-6)
27 3d’s Londoner heard – ‘e’s raw! (4-5)
28 Distressed exile at last departs Irish county... (4)
29 ...in the fashion of the Gaelic poet from Queen’s and Oasis’ compilations (11)
30 Epicure blends (no pre-mixing) fish first (integral), then bread and wine, symbolic of supper (11)
33 Fruit of flower vapours rising to the top of the vessel (9)
34 Caucasian hardwood? (5,4)
37 Resentment managed to reduce company size on old city site (7)
38 French spirit has wit (6)
42 Manchu jihad had gone from the Japanese peak (4)


3 Game of verbal/aural message distortion (7,8)
10 Russian city which gives its name to the geological period between the Carboniferous and Triassic (4)
11 Strip of water separating Europe and Africa (6,2,9)
13 Sea eagle (4) 14 Citizen of South American country (8)
15 Native American tribe of Canada, dependent on 16 (4)
16 They are American reindeer (8)
17 Empty, without life (11)
18 Practised by the Bedouin, among others (8)
21 Describes the lowest parts of the ocean floor (7)
23 Range and peak of SW Tibet, sacred to Buddhists and Hindus (6)
24 Relating to the fiercely independent peoples of northern Sumatra (10)
28 Tearful, weepy (10)
31 Largest island in the Bahamas: also Cycladean island dedicated to Dionysius (6)
32 Former kingdom of Spain comprising the Iberian heartland (7)
35 16th Book of the Old Testament (King James version) (8)
36 Small fruits – ingredients of pies and muffins (11)
39 Gas turbine-driven passenger aircraft (3,5)
40 Bantu people traditionally living in NE Natal (4)
41 Verve, get-up-and-go (8)
43 Serpents of various kinds – vipers, cobras – from the Greek (4)
44 Rock of Gibraltar and Mount Acho (classical Calpe and Abyla) (7,2,8)
45 Indian fried bread (4)
46 Gravity-defying illusion (6,4,5)

1 English-speaking part of North America in the 18th Century, near the Great Lakes (5,6)  
2 Mineral extraction plant – a source for steel production (4,3,4)  
3 Independence-seeking region of NE Spain (9)  
4 Islamic leader or teacher (4)  
5 17th Book of the Old Testament (King James version) (6)  
6 Emissions, pollutants (9)  
7 Citizen of the western half of Hispaniola (8)  
8 The embracing of wide-sweeping attitudes or tastes (11)  
9 Domestic pets thought to have been once wild in India (7,4)
12 Plunderer, despoiler (9)
19 Cassava plant of South America (6)
20 France’s third city, on the confluence of the Rhone and Saone Rivers (4)
22 Plant of fungus/alga symbiosis (6)
25 Waterway linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean in southern France (5,2,4)
26 Animal-powered transport (5-6)
27 Londoner living north of the Thames and east of the City (4-5)
28 Alternative spelling of Irish county Laois or Laoise, formerly Queen’s County (4)
29 In the style of the legendary Scottish poet, or James Macpherson’s translations from the Gaelic (11)
30 Relating to the sacraments of the Last Supper (11)
33 The Pyroscaphe is reputed to be the prototype, paddle-driven ——-, in 1783 (9)
34 Australian tree of the Flindersia genus, named because of its light colouring (5,4)
37 Bitterness, acrimony (7)
38 Wit, liveliness (6)
42 Sacred mountain of Japan (4)


Solution for no.28

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