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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No.26 by Axe

Crossword no 26


1 New Internationalist has no power after revising French article, or current impact (2,4,6)
9 Primate, in short, is Greek – letter from politician in support (5)
10 Ob, natural alternative, supplies the city of the Steppes (4,5)
11 Medieval costume is one of a pair (7)
12 Handel’s off-key! (5)
14 Closer to the coast on 23 or 27... (10)
16 ...channel not for the ship of the desert! (4)
18 Staple of meso-Yaqui consumption (4)
19 Ladies in chains long ago featured in church rituals (10)
21 A joint-master of the pueblo (5)
22 Caribbean island is imaginatively adorned (7)
26 Woman of promiscuity is converted – he managed to hide from his followers! (9)
27 River is ticket to America (5)
28 Doom in the royal set-up after the last two are deposed. One thing leads to another (6,6)

1 Spanish hero left in game retreat (2,3)
2 Indian feminist, in row over article, is within for all to see (5)
3 Himalayan plane crash terrible responsibility of bishop (8)
4 Belt that just goes round the middle region! (10)
5 Female has negligé in English material (4)
6 Is California en bloc backing caucuses? (6)
7 Sid, initially, but mistakenly, capitalized salt initiative (4,4)
8 Get up groggily on Sunday and set off in old merchantmen (8)
13 Original gravity placed on Italian Red is swept under the carpet in Brazil! (4,6)
14 Prime Minister of Middle Eastern state I’d skirted on the way back (8)
15 Tree bridges opening of harbour in Southern England (8)
17 Communist dump in Middle England... (8)
20 ...and communist base in Laos, without the Pole, from Texas (6)
23 Amazon tributary flows back through the gorge, north-eastwards (5)
24 Proof of gold quality: sound – what a surprise! (5)
25 First in the family to return is Shiva’s wife (4)



1 Specific climatological influence of the ocean, so named because of its coming traditionally at Christmastime (2,4,6)
9 Pan Troglodytes – the mammal in diminuitive (5)
10 Capital of Mongolia (4,5)
11 Traditional European male garment, usually worn over hose, between 14th and 17th Centuries (7)
12 Movement in music – broad and slow (5)
14 On the river, between here and the sea (10)
16 Arabian word equating to arroyo (4)
18 Bean or sauce (4)
19 Women holding municipal office (10)
21 Mesa adobes thought to be the longest continuous settlement in the US (since 1075) (5)
22 The third island of Antigua and Barbuda (7)
26 Adherents of the Reformation (9)
27 Spanish river – the Tajo in Portugal (5)
28 Political postulation that one event may set in train a series of similar events (6,6)

1 Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar – 12th Century mercenary who captured Valencia in 1194 (2,3)
2 Feminist and poet, president of the Indian National Congress in 1925 (5)
3 Relating to a Himalayan kingdom (8)
4 Climate extending between approximately 15 degrees North and 5 degrees South (10)
5 Plant, and fibre for linen (4)
6 Political cliques (6)
7 Lucasized Strategic Defense Initiative! (4,4)
8 Merchant ships of Aegean antiquity (8)
13 Heavily-forested region of Brazil – watershed of the Amazon and Plate river systems (4,6)
14 British Prime Minister, 1868; 1874-80 (8)
15 Fishing and ferry port of England’s south coast – popularized as a resort by George III (8)
17 Industrial English Midlands town – a New Town satellite of Birmingham (8)
20 Border town on the Rio Grande between Mexico and Texas (6)
23 River rising in Colombia, flowing 2,255 km to join the Amazon near Manaus (5)
24 Put to the proof – especially of precious metals (5)
25 Cult name of Dirga, Hindu goddess of death (4)

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