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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No. 25 by Axe

Crossword no.25


1 18 always top of the class (8)
6 Letter from Greece looking into pollen-carrier and West African Flower (5)
10 Where art and, firstly, music have no-one in charge of retrospective? (7)
11 Kitty receives royal at top-notch retreat in the old country (7)
12 Spaniard out east discovers (for 17?) an Asian cat (5)
13 They cluster when about to re-decorate (3–6)
14 Final son makes an enemy of Peron (8)
16 Viking sliced bread! (4)
20 Division is leading senator... (4)
21 ...to machinate: he’s building bridges? (8)
24 Recess, not one of 29, where the copper is divided up amongst various helpers (9)
25 Follower doesn’t have the backward Biblical look of the Pied Piper! (5)
27 See 9
28 See 23
29 Bays if confined to close spaces in the rear (5)
30 Resort to a Saar relocation after Sedan initiative (8)

2 Surinam map obtusely obscuring the position of capital (5)
3 Where one does 0 to 180, going back in time! (4-4)
4 Allies, inter alia, seen in Asia Minor (8)
5 Poe’s hopeful that an interim pair of kings will produce the cash (6)
6 See 9
7 Article, in between, points to heroin situation at the French town, the country, and western city (9)
8 The Spanish asp – rare snake-type (5)
9,27,6d Shakespeare country, true blue, run without universally-accepted top Muslim’s liberal leadership – taken to 21 (8,7,6)
15 Extremely dry types have effrontery to meet Imelda and Co. (9)
17 Stole truck? (3,5)
18 1’s a consumer of relative matter, reportedly (8)
19 Badly mislead worker’s leader somewhere between Britain’s north-south divide (3–5)
22 Florida’s always missing openings (6)
23,28 21 – he doubts whether car has allowed for turning overhead (6,7)
24 Siberian region reflected in Jeddah kasbah (5)
26 Explorer sees tax on travel initiative (5)


1 Antbear indigenous to Africa (8)
6 Major river of West Africa – a tributary of the Niger (5)
10 World’s sixth-largest island, set in the Indian Ocean (7)
11 Land on the Baltic, originally conquered by the Teutonic Knights in the thirteenth century (7)
12 Mongolian wildcat (5)
13 In clusters, they form additional military decorations (3–6)
14 President of Argentina, 1983-89 (8)
16 --- III, son of Harald Hadrada, both defeated by Harold II at Stamford Bridge, 1066 (4)
20 A small portion: colloquialism for state benefit (4)
21 Contriver, designer (8)
24 Tomb or an alcove set into the wall of a church (9)
25 River of Germany, meeting the North Sea near Bremerhaven (5)
27 See 9
28 See 23
29 Semi-circular recesses of a church or basilica (5)
30 Florida resort, on the Gulf coast (8)

2 Middle-eastern capital – known as Philadelphia throughout the classical period (5)
3 It is deflected to the west between 50-60ÞN: to the east between 5-50ÞS (4–4)
4 The Turkish massif (8)
5 Items of currency in Russia (6)
6 See 9
7 Tennessee home of the Grand Ole Opry (9)
8 Genus of snake (US coral snake; African garter snake) (5)
9,27,6d Designer of the SS Great Western (1837) – the first steamship to cross the Atlantic (8,7,6)
15 Citizens of the country named after the King of Spain, following conquest in 1563 (9)
17 Animal rights groups are against this (3,5)
18 Generic term for 1 (8)
19 Remote part of western Great Britain (3–5)
22 Clearings, hollows (6)
23,28 Surveyor in charge of the Caledonian canal project, 1803–23 (6,7)
24 Official name of the Russian Republic of Yakutia, north-east Siberia (5)
26 Robert Falcon --- gave his name to the Polar Research Institute in Cambridge (5)

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