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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No. 20 by Axe

Crossword no.20


 1    Poles ring street - note the French start opening up in Russia... (8)
 6    ...the French church around about in Italy... (5)
10    ...the French say ‘How are you’ to girl on return in Africa, it’s plain (7)
11    Man excites these people (7)
12    First three, in reverse order from 28, go to South African oil town (5)
13    Woolly required on the Caspian Sea? (9)
14    Potassium, hydrogen and lead ore mixed right in Lebanon (8)
16    Animals squealed when turned around (4)
20    Losing an amount at Inchon, little Korean money left (4)
21    Animal always first on the list? (8)
24    Maltreat a model getting brown - get wind of 10 (9)
25    Country where help is backed at home first (5)
27    Vessel, that time in Spain, following incorrect map (7)
28    Lulu - hit, surprisingly, with ANC leader (7)
29    Vehicles from the point discovered Minoan civilization (5)
30    Did she provide a roof over every head? (8)

 2    See 24d
 3    A sand dank, mottled, on the North Borneo shore (8)
 4    African swamp where it’s all right for a vehicle from 29 to proceed (8)
 5    Camerata hit is in Polynesian setting (6)
 6    Inverted collar worn around by African (6)
 7    The Russian problem of disguising cache about New York he’s on top of (9)
 8    Jew loses in the end the place in Germany (5)
 9    Bottom subject is above zero - it’s a physical number (8)
15    Mysteriously approach Yemeni leader in secret things (9)
17    Russian island in dispute with Harry - in the spirit of the Japanese to the north (8)
18    Upper Mongolia sees change of character and direction and as a result is blooming! (8)
19    Emperor loses his head, cuts off the northern mark (and its king) from the Mediterranean (8)
22    Drink up - oat preparation in dialect (6)
23    No crook doing this stretch! (6)
24,2  Aha! Overall plan is an Anglo-French pact (5-5)
26    Lebanese physician sited above practice (5)


 1    Russian word, literally ‘speaking aloud’ (8)
 6    Province and city of Apulia, in the ‘heel’ of Italy (5)
10    Grassland of sub-Saharan Africa (7)
11    Peoples who in the Ancient World were called in Aramaic ‘from the other side of the Euphrates’ (7)
12    City of Oklahoma, on the Arkansas River (5)
13    Lambswool named from Volga/Caspian Sea inland port (9)
14    Lebanese version of ancient Greek army group (8)
16    African antelopes, wildebeests (4)
20    In Korean currency, 1/100th of a won (4)
21    African edentate, the antbear (8)
24    Humidity-lowering Saharan wind in West Africa (9)
25    Asian country - Sanskrit Bharat (5)
27    Two-handled jar of antiquity (7)
28    Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1960, author of Let My People Go (7)
29    Sir Arthur John ——-, excavator of Knossos, Crete (5)
30    British politician, unpopular for abolishing free school milk in Heath’s government (1970-4) (8)

 2    See 24
 3    Important Malaysian port of Sabah, formerly capital of N Borneo (8)
 4    River, known as the Cubango in Angola, and marshland of Botswana (8)
 5    Largest island in French Polynesia (6)
 6    Citizen of North African jamahiriya (6)
 7    Caucasus republic of the Russian Federation (9)
 8    Ruhr city, the home of Krupps (5)
 9    Type of number in physics which denotes the amount of neutrons and protons in a nucleus (8)
15    Vulgate Books of the Old Testament not accepted as canonical by Jews and many Christians (9)
17    Island of the sea of Okhotsk, now in Russian control but disputed by Japan (8)
18    N American tree and its large white, rose or purple flower (8)
19    Sea entered via the 23 of Otranto (8)
22    Spoken dialect (6)
23    The Tatar ——— separates 17 from Russia (6)
24,2 UN-driven pact appeasing Italian invasion of Abyssinia in 1936 (5-5)
26    Islamic splinter group who follow al-Hakim b’illah (996-1021) (5)

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