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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No.19 by Axe

Crossword no.19


1 Firm way of doing things for Italian town (4)
3 Sea-bird makes Azores, setting out south-east and becoming disorientated at headland (9)
9 The Shetlands’ shout! (4)
10 Plant the comic hit – hiss! – into trio which doesn’t have a hard character (6,4)
12 American system of birthday and anniversary celebrations? (3-5)
13 Sound channel (6)
14 Prudish Walesa, incognito, identified embracing Virginia and politician – a mess of the first order! (9,5)
18 Part of 16 to dismantle or deregulate, if ... (6,3,5)
20 ... state in-state appeal (6)
22 Test place has container (returned Greek letter says)for alpine plant (8)
24 BritishTelecom, not France Telecom, prevailing in Canada, perhaps! (10)
25 Mozart symphony written in, let’s see, between leaving Basel and entering Zurich (4)
26 Contra to the thinking in Nicaragua? (9)
27 Trick ninja to release northern Buddhist (4)

1 The wolf is shy over on-target earnings (6)
2 Old Prime Minister – Victoria’s first! (9)
4 Hated pair now reformed in South Africa (9)
5 Circle above poor derelict tree in 16 (4)
6 It crawled from the 14 and outran us, unfortunately, with the little brothers about (12)
7 Spanish poet from Ciudad Real or Cadiz – no, near Cartagena! (5)
8 Post Office below stage camouflaged for police (7)
11 The Secretary-General – he acts badly and spoils King John first – over the hill (12)
15 A day for hagiolaters’ hedge-betting? (3,6)
16 Turner finally sends negative back to the Royal Academy. What a state! (9)
17 Canadian weary, returning at meeting first two Toronto characters (7)
19 Scipio’s battle turned on its head on seeing great river (6)
21 South African bay from where the Spanish went back to Portuguese India (5)
23 Inn fit for an Asian prince? (4)


1 One of the Italian Lakes (4)
3 Sea-bird, a member of the auk family (9)
9 The second-largest of the Shetland Islands (4)
10 Misnomer for woody grass of South-East Asia (6,4)
12 A non-autocratic political system, for example (3-5)
13 Bering or Molucca? (6)
14 The chaos of Creation (9,5)
18 Land at the southern end of the Americas ... (6,3,5)
20 ... and at the northern end (6)
22 Yellow-flowering plant of the pea family with poisonous seeds (8)
24 An English speaker where English is not the only language (10)
25 Capital of Upper Austria (4)
26 Philosophy of the left-wing in Nicaragua (9)
27 Member of a strict Buddhist sect (4)

1 North American prairie wolf (6)
2 Australia’s second-largest city (9)
4 Term coined by SABRA in the 1930s and adopted as policy in 1948 (9)
5 Tree, species Phytolacca, native to the pampas (4)
6 Former technical name of the Apatosaurus genus (12)
7 Murcian city (and Spanish poet, assassinated in the Civil War by Franco’s forces) (5)
8 Organization founded by Goering in 1933 and outlawed in 1946 (7)
11 Swedish UN Secretary-General, 1953-61 (12)
15 Day after Halloween (3, 6)
16 South America’s second most populated country (9)
17 Citizen of Canada’s capital (7)
19 Legendary female warrior (6)
21 Bay which protects the city and harbour of Port Elizabeth (5)
23 Ghulam Ishaq ––––, President of Pakistan,1988-93 (4)

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