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She'll love it! Hand-crafted Gold Ring
18-carat and hand-crafted. You can’t see the care that went into making this fine piece but you know it’s there: the extraction of five-to-six tons of rock – leaving holes, tunnels and eroding canyons; the traces of cyanide which allowed our skilled mineworkers to extract gold from ores bearing as little as half-a-gram per ton of rock; the mercury used to extract the gold which is now bio-accumulating in humans and the environment and the one-metre wide, one-metre deep, one-and-a-half-metre-long pile of tailings laced with a variety of toxic substances.

You know this beautiful piece of jewellery says that you are prepared to move heaven and earth for that special someone – acid mine drainage which occurs in old minesites is a permanent reminder of your devotion. For centuries, sulphuric acid will be produced which dissolves heavy metals in the rock and washes them into local water systems. Like your ardour, these changes will stand the test of time.

Cut Price $200.00

Setting with style

Cutlery set for eight
Built to last. Add flair to your table with this beautiful set of stainless-steel cutlery. It’s built to last, but stocks won’t at these prices. When you buy this set, you use 3.5 kilos of iron ore and leave behind 2.2 kilos of waste rock absolutely free of charge.

But that’s not all – you will not pay any extra for the vast amounts of energy spent as the iron ore is mined, crushed, ground, separated with magnets and shipped to a furnace. Thanks to authorized furnace pollution, we have secured stocks of this high-quality merchandise and are giving them away.

For next to nothing our manufacturers made coke, used to melt iron and make steel, emitting toxic liquid waste and filling the air with clouds of zinc, lead, iron oxide dust and carbon monoxide. Making this sturdy set of steel cutlery used 260 litres of water, most of which can never be used again.

Steel-makers produce more toxic waste than any other industry – air pollution, greenhouse gases and toxic landfill. Thanks to this government-sanctioned and subsidized steel-making industry you can have quality without expense.

Cut Price $149.99

Reliable brand - for people on the move. Get wired for sound

Cordless headphones
With these cordless headphones, you can now listen to your favourite music anytime. The network of copper wire encased in plastic transmits music to your ears.

Tune in, relax and appreciate the technology that made one gram of copper from one kilo of copper-sulphide ore and left at least two kilos of waste rock. To make pure copper wire for these lightweight headphones, copper ore is pulverized, mixed with water and chemicals, boiled and smelted – with sulphur dioxide and acid rain as added extras.

Copper producers set the standards for high pollution, emitting a quarter of the sulphur dioxide produced by industrial nations – that’s quite a reputation. This leading manufacturer used the energy equivalent of 110 litres of petrol to mine, crush, grind and smelt enough copper for these headphones. With this high-tech, quality-brand product we offer a twelve-month warranty. Batteries not included.

Cut Price $59.50

Cook up a storm

Heats food fast! Price slashed by 30%. Large pressure cooker
This aluminium pressure cooker is great for nutritious meals of steamed rice and vegetables. So you can cook with ease, large areas of land have been strip-mined – destroying more surface area than any other type of mining. To make this lightweight pot weighing only two kilograms we used five kilograms of bauxite.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to: we took the bauxite and crushed it, then mixed it with caustic soda and heated, pressurized, filtered and baked it with calcium oxide. This made 2.6 kilograms of aluminium-oxide powder plus traces of caustic soda and 1.6 kilograms of our renowned ‘red mud’, a skin-burning mixture of oxidized metals and other toxins.

As well as using lots of water, we contaminated it by allowing toxins to leach out of the settling pond into local groundwater. But there’s more – processing the aluminium-oxide powder produced carbon dioxide and perflurocarbons, greenhouse gases which trap thousands of times more heat per molecule than carbon dioxide. We will stop at nothing to give you convenience at cheap cost. A third of the price off, for a limited time only.

Cut Price $44.99

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