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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No. 15 by Axe

Crossword no. 15

In the cryptic puzzle, 16 Across is not clued - it is defined in other clues which appertain to it. All other clues are normal.


 1     Catches edge of avalanche (8)
 6     Get through to the straight stretch of river (5)
10    Asian has secure backing about troubled Tao interior (7)
11,16 Does it show relief when 22 covers up 11s? (7,4)
12    Approximately four about to head for the island (5)
13,16 Part of Wagnerian libretto set on the Western Front? (9,4)
14    In I get – terribly nervier about the river bank (8)
20,16 Entailed turning at 180 degrees (4,4)
21    The last word in a Marines model weapon (8)
24    Edge of a dangerous situation (9)
25    Old English headwear needs to be back-to-front to confront lake in the Sierras (5)
27    Structure US ran is formerly Soviet (7)
28,16 Sages – unknown Bible pedigree – in France (7,4)
29    American in Shia article missing the result of Japanese angling (5)
30    A good man in between two German ones? (8)

 2    Spartan support for a flower of France (5)
 3    Latin who appears in raid bungle makes the cocktail (8)
 4    1's without effrontery – close to understanding Finisterre (5,3)
5,16 They dispute over the Latin and settle on figure (6,4)
 6    Discharge of water will disappear, it looks like (6)
 7    Start in Lincoln for indigene (9)
 8    He sat over part of 9 as ruler (5)
 9    Lords usher boycott on staff (5,3)
15   These women are dedicated to finding oriental vessel among disorganized franchisers (9)
17   Petition appeal? (8)
18   Milton Keynes it's not, in theory! (8)
19   Take GATT agreement for Swedish-Danish water (8)
22,16 It shows the effect of sunbathing – this mark on the atoll (6,4)
23   Muslim spirit from a bottle (6)
24   Has quarters on the Seine (5)
26   Row around in welcome Indian style (5)


 1    An effect of erosion or seismic activity (8)
 6    Extend (5)
10   Citizen of part of former French Indo-China (7)
11   Landform, or graphic depicting it (7)
12   Ionian island (5)
13   Opera – a constituent part of the Ring Cycle (9)
14   Fluvial (8)
16   Occupation or speciality (4)
20   Tree, Phoenix dactylifera, native to North Africa (4)
21   Total means of making war; defensive equipment (8)
24   Vertical rockface (9)
25   Resort lake on Nevada-California border (5)
27   Major Slavonic language said to have been transcribed by St Cyril in the ninth Century AD (7)
28   French Minister of War, 1926-32 (7)
29   Dish of rice and fish in a vinegar sauce (5)
30   Physicist, born Ulm, Germany, who became successively a Swiss, then an American, citizen.

 2    River of the Pyrenees and the French Basque country (5)
 3    Rum and lime-juice cocktail named after a town in Cuba (8)
 4    In Britain, the antipodal equivalent of John O'Groats (5,3)
 5    Fence or blockade (6)
 6    Percentage of rainfall not lost to evaporation or groundwater (6)
 7    Autochthon; warragal (9)
 8    Antipas or Agrippa? (5)
 9    He summons the House of Commons at the opening of the British Parliament (5,3)
15   Female adherents or worshippers (9)
17   Plea or invocation (8)
18   Economist – exponent of monetarism (8)
19   One of the straits separating the North and Baltic Seas – literally 'the cat's throat' (8)
22   Island giving name to female clothing, supposed to have a nuclear explosive effect on men! (6)
23   Spirit of Muslim theology and folklore (6)
24   Roman Lutetia, capital of King Clovis, c 508 AD (5)
26   Language estimated to be spoken by 330 million people (5)

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