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The NI Crossword

The NI Crossword
No. 14 by Axe

Crossword no. 12


 1    Soviet President, or his Swedish car, blown to bits (10)
 9    Gas coming from little radiator – negative effect (5)
10     Do Siemens plan for Iowa? (3,6)
11    1’s gold appears right after another gold in a series introducing solar radiation phenomena (7)
12    Queen Jane about to fall apart in Andalucia (5)
14    African country’s neighbour’s endless involvement with place of worship that debars Sunni leader (10)
16    Col, in India – the first of Gujarat’s high alpine trails (4)
18    Lake Perry? (4)
19     States in the end, ‘The European in charge is an old general’ (10)
21    Desert is about to engulf one before reaching the borders of Namibia (5)
22    See 17
26    Heresy beginning in papacy or other works of a dubious authority (9)
27    They speak Bantu when Ray heads up South African Head Office at first (5)
28    Country’s burden to keep quiet after explosion (10)

 1     Virginia ran fishy spa on the Black Sea... (5)
 2    …Homer ran to and fro the North – dropped dead in the centre (5)
 3     See 6
 4    Hindus are leaderless on water in Pakistan... (5,5)
 5    …reportedly discharge English lower 4! (4)
6,3  Upland pattern – a clue to the cause of dementia? (5,8)
 7    Lawless murderer reforms thief when inside (8)
 8    Article on slums reported West Africans (8)
13    Party in Taiwan for Gunga Din, excited, clutching medal (10)
14    Oil from sheep’s back covers idiot accountant’s return (8)
15    He created the language – the last letter, the last word – at the German court (8)
17,22  Is Axe vain, or reason-blighted, to get such an illness? (8,7)
20    Sound one gets in the car... (5)
23    …this model has wind about Ugandan leader (5)
24    Up to one’s ankles, note, off the coast of Eastern England (5)
25    Pertaining to bees with no tail in Western Samoa (4)


 1    President of the Presidium of the USSR, 1953-60 (10)
 9    Gas, the densest known, atomic number 86 (5)
10    State capital of Iowa (3,6)
11    Phenomena of solar radiation seen in extreme northern and southern skies (7)
12    Andalucian resort on the Costa del Sol (5)
14    East African country, capital Maputo (10)
16    Upland area or mountain pass in India (4)
18    One of the Italian Lakes – third in size (4)
19    Adopted son of Roman Emperor Tiberius and the father of Caligula (10)
21    Peninsula situated between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba (5)
22    See 17
26    Books of the Bible not accepted as canonical by Jews or Protestant Christians (9)
27    Bantu tribe of Cape Province, South Africa (5)
28    Asian country which was established on the Bay of Bengal in 1971 (10)

 1    Bulgarian seaport established by the Greeks and developed as a spa resort by the Romans (5)
 2    Equipment used for detection and ranging – an appropriately palindromic acronym! (5)
 3    See 6
 4    The main valley and thoroughfare of Pakistan (5,5)
 5    Name given to several English rivers – from the Celtic word for ‘water’ (4)
6,3 Congenital condition which can deveolp into early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (5,8)
 7    Chaotic, iconoclastic, nihilistic (8)
 8    Members of a West African tribe concentrated inland from the Gold Coast (8)
13     Chinese Nationalist Party which overthrew the Manchu dynasty in 1912 (10)
14    Exotic hair oil from the Dutch East Indies (8)
15    Inventor of Esperanto (1887) (8)
17,22 Pathological condition usually found in teenage girls, often along with bulimia (8,7)
20    Anglicized word for a drowned glacial valley (5)
23    President of Uganda, 1966-71 and 1980-85 (5)
24    On a level with the surface of the water; full of (5)
25    Capital of Western Samoa, home of Robert Louis Stevenson (5)

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