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Guess What’s Coming To Dinner...

[image, unknown] [image, unknown]
Illustration by ANNE CAKEBREAD Illustration by ANNE CAKEBREAD [image, unknown]
Illustration by ANNE CAKEBREAD Illustration by ANNE CAKEBREAD [image, unknown]
Guess what’s coming to dinner...

Tomatoes that don’t rot, bananas containing vaccines, genetic material from chickens and silk moths spliced into potatoes – all the products shown here have been genetically engineered and are either already on the shelves in your local store or are likely to get there soon.

More than 60 per cent of our food contains soya, for example, and at the moment we don’t know whether it has been genetically engineered or not.

Some of these foods are engineered to be resistant to pests, herbicides or viruses; others to have a longer shelf-life or to be bigger than ever.

And there are more to come... over 3,000 genetically engineered foods are currently being tested.

We don’t know what effects eating them will have on our bodies – or on those of future generations. We need either a total ban on genetically engineered foods or clear and strict labelling. Or the proof of the pudding may be in our children’s children’s eating.

[image, unknown]

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