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What was the World Citizen Movement and who was Garry Davies? Where can I read about them?

I am delighted to respond to F Bowring’s question. First off, I am not a ‘was’ but happily, still ‘am’! As a former Broadway actor and US Airforce B-17 Bomber pilot – with a brother killed during the invasion of Italy at Salerno – I decided that the individual had a direct part to play in establishing world peace. With the advent of the nuclear age, exclusive nationality was nothing more than a collective suicide pact, in my opinion.

So in May 1948 I renounced my US nationality at the Embassy in Paris, publicly declaring myself ‘Citizen of the World’. With no national documents, I was considered stateless by France and ordered to leave by 12 September or be detained in jail. Meanwhile, however, the United Nations was preparing its 1948 session in Paris at the Palais de Chaillot which was, for the occasion, declared an ‘international territory’. Unable to enter another country I ‘entered’ the new ‘international territory’ on the morning of 12 September and claimed ‘global political asylum’. Many people got to hear of this through the international media and gave their support. A council of international intellectuals was formed, led by Albert Camus.

But, at the request of the UN Secretariat, I was ‘deported’ from the international territory back into France. Then, in November 1948, World Citizens interrupted a session of the UN General Assembly at the Palais de Chaillot ‘in the name of the people who are not represented here’. The UN was composed only of the former League of Nations which had divided us and led us into the abyss of total war. We were calling for ‘one government for one world’ and if the UN could not transform itself to provide this then we, the people of the world, would create it ourselves. I started an International Registry of World Citizens in January 1949 and within 14 months 750,000 people from over 115 countries had registered.

The full story of the movement is told in my books: My Country is the World, World Government: Ready or Not! and Passport to Freedom. And it is still going strong. The World Syntegrity Project was launched in July 1993, designed to evolve a flexible world constitution. Full information can be found on our Internet Web site : Http://www.worldcitizen. The First World Citizen Referendum was also launched on the site in June 1996. Votes on five primordial global questions are tallied weekly.

Garry Davies
World Service Authority, 1012 14th Street, NW, Washington DC 20005. Tel: (202) 638 2662.
E-mail [email protected]

awaiting your answers

What are the origins of the name Belarus? How should we pronounce and spell it?
Laurie Hudson
Ratford, England

Just how dangerous is DDT? If it is as dangerous as some people suggest, why is it still being used in countries like Namibia? What is behind this strategy? I urgently need this information.
A concerned African

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The NI Crossword
No. 9 by Axe

Crossword no. 9


 1    Lead waste trail from unauthorized Eastern legation (7,8)
 9    Cliff, jumping animal; Heather, going round the French woman’s back (7)
10    Part of serial we listen to – banality-ridden, is it? (4-3)
11    Emir of a different persuasion, this Middle-Eastern leader! (4)
12    South Wales valley losing hospital, ships out 500 to Spanish city (5)
13    Gold speculator? (4)
16    Lure about a hundred to economic community (7)
17    Basques suffer reversal in name-change for threatened species (7)
18    Caddie, at last arriving at 6, has savvy around green (7)
21    Alluding to the reproductive cells brings spasm to the duckling, for one!... (7)
23    ...the fruit of HC Andersen’s, I’m told. (4)
24    Naive to return to Lake Geneva resort (5)
25    Grip of the election? (4)
28    President whose best-known address was in Pennsylvania! (7)
29    He opposed Mussolini from within the ‘Program Scientist’ (7)
30    Drug, perhaps, fighting severe strain of 1AC? (8,7)

 1    One claims (unreliably) about following a country like Iraq (7,8)
 2    Faith from Tibet, leading youth away from Malay problem, is married (7)
 3    Divinity from chaos is proved by Georgia-Iowa’s coming together (4)
 4    Livorno cried ‘Foul’ (7)
 5    Road computer presented to the first man (7)
 6    Slave frees up Oriental to leave (4)
 7    Cite site – play ball here! (2,5)
 8    Good. The French returned booty found after armistice award (5,5,5)
14    Young aristocrat given to grafting? (5)
15    The opposition to my direction is over (5)
19    Rhône Valley town alternative version of the Fringe? (7)
20    Southern city dumps trash in the end in Africa – it’s plain!... (7)
21    ...Northern city has better gas arrangements for all-round warmth (7)
22    This country (one below) is into fish (7)
26    Greetings – Post Office about turn in finding Native American (4)
27    Henry’s queen that survived the young leaper (4)


 1    Heavy discharge of exhaust fumes, for example (7,8).
 9    Rodent of the family Cricetidae, renowned for mass-migration (7)
10    Centre of maize ear on which rows of grains are attached (4-3)
11    Israeli leader, 1969-74 (4)
12    Andalucian hill city situated between Marbella and Sevilla (5)
13    Papal edict (4)
16    Acronym for Eastern European economic union, 1949-91 (7)
17    Aquatic herbivore of the Sea Cow order (7)
18    Covetous, resentful (7)
21    Describing a cell that functions in sexual reproduction (7)
23    Fruit – grapefruit/tangerine hybrid (4)
24    Spa town on the French shore of Lake Geneva (5)
25    Severe spell of cold weather (4)
28    Cathedral city of eastern England and Democratic US President (7)
29    Leader of Italian Communist Party, imprisoned 1926-37 (7)
30    Conflict using poison gas, among other things (8,7)

 1    State based on Muslim fundamentalism (7,8)
 2    Buddhist religion of Tibet (7)
 3    Greek Goddess of the Earth (4)
 4    Breed of chicken – the English name for Livorno (7)
 5    Road surface, the name of which comes from a nineteenth century Scottish Engineer (7)
 6    Villein (4)
 7    Where the ball must be to play tennis (2,5)
 8    The most high-profile humanitarian award (5,5,5)
14    Shoot or offspring (5)
15    Rival – stern adversary (5)
19    Bed-trim (alternative spelling) and city of the Drôme department in          southern France (7)
20    African sub-Saharan grassland (7)
21    British city – the largest in Strathclyde (7)
22    North African country – site of ancient Carthage (7)
26    Native American tribe, living mainly in Arizonan adobes (4)
27    Young salmon (4)

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