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The NI Crossword


Questions that have always intrigued you about the world will appear in this, your section,
and be answered by other readers. Please address your answers and questions to ‘Curiosities’.

Is it true that before the State of Israel was born this century,
the Jewish people had only ruled this land for 60 out of the last 3,000 years?

What is true is that the time from the conquest of Jerusalem by the Jewish King David to the break-up of Greater Israel under his grandson Rehobo-am, was two generations – about 60 years (see 2 Samuel 5.1-5.7 and Kings 12.16-12.17). However, the Israelites – including the tribe of Judah – had become dominant in the land more than 100 years before the reign of David.

After Rehobo-am, the kingdom of Northern Israel continued to share, with the kingdom of Judah, the tradition of having been led by Moses away from Egyptian domination. The Jews were exiled after being conquered by the Babylonians, but that exile lasted only about 70 years. The Jews resumed their dominance in the land until the first century of the Christian era (see Joshua 12.7 15.13 & 17.13, 24.5-24.7, Amos 3.1, Jeremiah 11.4, 2 Chronicles 36.20-36.23, Acts 25.1-25.2).

Later in the first century Roman oppression drove the Jews to revolt and they were expelled from Jerusalem.

C Frank Fischl
Glasgow, Scotland

I have been looking for a UK-based car insurance company that offers some ethical content
but have drawn a blank. Does anyone know of one?

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) is a road-rescue organization set up as a campaigning alternative to the AA and RAC (which use their funds to lobby for more roads).

Our objective is to encourage environmentally-sensitive use of transport in Britain. We have 12,000 members and provide a service that includes highly effective road-rescue assistance using locally franchised garages, which are often more responsive than a mobile recovery vehicle can be. The ETA also offers car insurance and a unique cycle rescue service to its members. For further details, the ETA can be contacted on 01932 828882. Website: www.eta.co.uk.

Louise Enticknap
ETA Public Relations
10 Church Street
Weybridge, England

awaiting your answers

Just how dangerous is DDT? If it is as dangerous as some people suggest, why is it still being used in countries like Namibia? What is behind this strategy? I urgently need this information.
A concerned African

Is there a rule that modern wind turbines on windfarms have to be painted white? If green or light blue were used wouldn’t they be less visually intrusive?

Glenn Rawlingson
Edinburgh, Scotland

If you have any questions or answers please send them to Curiosities, New Internationalist, 55 Rectory Road, Oxford OX4 1BW, UK, or to your local NI office (see this page for addresses).


The NI Crossword
No. 8 by Axe

Crossword no. 8


 2    European drift, perhaps? (11)
 9    Bee bent on making it in Uganda (7)
10    Polish counter-deposit (4-3)
11    Party man first to last in Ulster... (4)
12    …conspiracy, with Labour backing put behind accountant (5)
13    See 19
16    Set off, leaving last, they tried to avenge Somoza (7)
17    Gone, via interchange exit, to the start of the North Carolina Turnpike (7)
18    Middle Eastern-sounding train I hold up first (7)
21    Did you force her verbally to corrupt the island? (7)
24    18’s Royal family neighbour from the Nassau district (4)
25    Obvious Alpine formation, but missing Eiger summit (5)
26    Particle singularly extricated from elements of 15 (4)
29    Election, for example, is turning confused before conclusion (3-4)
30    Within man there is animal (7)
31    Army units at last begin to show lack of feeling (11)

 1    Indian-style, perhaps – off the 2ac shelf! (7)
 2    One goes on last in quote on indefinite subject (7)
 3    Egyptian has to lose in meeting Sudanese (4)
 4    Reserve items of headware for peculiarities of polar regions:... (3-4)
 5    …Northern European has the same point about subject... (7)
 6    …as back-road detour from the Arctic lands discovers something fishy! (4)
 7    Christmas backing for embargo in the Levant (7)
 8    Topical feature often described by 1 (7)
14    Cycle is clamped instead, at first (5)
15    Moats re-dug to plant filter (5)
18    Money lake cited for land in dispute (7)
19,13    Offended, joint-tribal reservation attacked by army (7,4)
20    Muslim calm is one to analyse (7)
21    Belief that sin is overturned when it pursues one into trouble (7)
22    Panama is a good example – this unusual American base for Frenchman (7)
23    Soldiers captured in song about Mt Ararat country (7)
27    Race for Church lieutenant (4)
28    Bush includes Hezbollah initiative in success (4)


 2 _______ Drift - a paleo-geographical feature of plate tectonics (11)
 9 Ugandan airport where Israeli troops freed Amin hostages in 1976 (7)
10 Deposit accumulating at river mouth or along-shore (4-3)
11 National Socialist (4)
12 Political group, usually associated with some intrigue (5)
13 See 19
16 Right-wing forces in Nicaragua (7)
17 Dead or inactive (7)
18 Citizen of Middle Eastern country still ruled by absolute monarchy (7)
21 Caribbean island whose capital shares its name with towns in Yorkshire and Surrey, UK (7)
24 Ruling house of Middle Eastern country, capital Riyadh (4)
25 Prairie or steppe (5)
26 The smallest particle (4)
29 Between elections (3-4)
30 Bestial, ruthless (7)
31 Special forces (11)

 1 Pertaining to the sea (7)
 2 Burgher or oppidan (7)
 3 Tribesperson from the mountains of SW Sudan (4)
 4 Areas of permanent glacier (3-4)
 5 Subjugate or dominate (7)
 6 Large marine fish of the mackerel family (4)
 7 East Mediterranean country, declared independent of French mandate in 1941 (7)
 8 Movement of water in a river or on the surface of the ocean (7)
14 Scope or sphere of influence (5)
15 Orifice in the epidermis of a plant or lower form of animal (5)
18 Asian land fought over for centuries – still divided after British partition in 1947 (7)
19 Site in North Dakota, where in 1890, 153 Oglala Sioux were massacred (7,4)
20 Describing the religion which translated means ‘Submission’ (7)
21 Indian religion which has no deity (7)
22 Tongue of land linking two landmasses together (7)
23 Former Soviet Republic, capital Yerevan (7)
27 Indo-European who settled, among other places, in the northern and western British Isles (4)
28 Gorse, furze, or a hard extrusive volcanic rock (4)

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