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World Wildlife Fund (WWF),
Education and Environment Centre, Botanic Garden, Glenmore St, PO Box 6237, Wellington, Tel: 04 499 2931, Fax: 04 499 2931.

WWF, Level 1, 71 York St, Sydney, NSW 2001, Tel: 02 299 6366, Fax: 02 299 6656.

WWF, Weyside Park, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1XR, Tel: 01863 426444, Fax: 01483 426409.
WWF Scotland, 1Crieff Road, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, PH15 2BJ, Tel: 1887 820449, Fax: 1887 829453.
Panos, 9 White Lion St, London NI 9PD, Tel: 0171 278 1111, Fax: 0171 278 0345. Good documentation on a range of environmental issues affecting the South, including an excellent briefing paper Biodiversity: A Matter of Extinction.
Traffic International, 219C Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 ODL, Tel: 01223 277427, Fax: 01223 277237.

WWF, 90 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 504, Toronto, Ont M4P 2Z7, Tel: 416 489 8800, Fax: 416 489 3611
Rural Advancement Foundation International, Suite 704, 71 Bank St Ottawa, Ont K1P 5N2, Tel: 613 567 6880, Fax: 613 567 6880. Works on issues of genetic patenting and biodiversity.
Anthony Marr c/o Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 20 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4, Tel: 604 683 8220, Fax: 604 683-8229.

WWF, 1250 24th St NW, Washington DC 20037-1175, Tel: 202 293 4800, Fax: 202 293 9211.
Wildlife Conservation Society and the Bronx Zoo, 185th St and Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York, 10460, Tel: 718 220 5197, Fax: 718 220 2630. Engages in a wide variety of conservation and education activities, including conservation breeding and the support of a number of conservation projects in the tropical South. An excellent source of information on practical steps to counteract endangerment.

The World Conservation Union (ICUN) in Gland, Switzerland is the centre for much of the official and semi-official work in species conservation and the publisher of the annual Red List of endangered species. Much of the preparatory work for the list is done by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre at Cambridge University, Britain.
Environmental Liaison Centre International, PO Box 72461, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: 2542 562015, Fax: 2542 562175, is headquarters of the NGO liaison group on the UN Biodiversity Convention.

The Sixth Extinction (Richard Leakey, Wiedenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1996) is a definitive and refreshingly clear study of biological history and the role of humans in shaping the most recent crisis of the biosphere.

BOOK COVER Biodiversity (ed EO Wilson, National Academy Press, Washington, 1988) is an excellent collection of over 50 articles by various scientists and ecologists touching on every aspect of the biodiversity dispute. Tough reading sometimes, but well worth it. Planetary Overload (AJ McMicheal, Cambridge University Press, 1993) provides a good summary of the ways in which the human species is demanding too much of the earth.

book cover Vanishing Birds: Their Natural History and Conservation (Tim Halliday, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1978) gives the shocking history of how we have pushed so many birds either to or over the edge of extinction.

Earth Island Journal, 300 Broadway, STE 28, San Francisco, Ca, USA. Consistent treatment of the species issue from an uncompromising perspective.
Third World Network, 87 Cantonment Road, 10250 Penang, Malaysia, Tel: 604 373511, Fax: 604 368106.
Wild Earth, Cenozoic Society, PO Box 455, Richmond, VT, 05477, USA,
Earth First!, PO Box 1415, Eugene, OR, 97440, Tel: 604 373511, Fax: 604 368106.

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