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The NI Jumbo Crossword

Issue 287

The JUMBO NI Crossword
No. 7 by Axe

Crossword no. 7
‘Our species at the crossroads?’


 3    Did Waco seem as bad as this problem? (3,3,7)
10    Study article heading into entrance of the Red Sea (4)
11    Is Tibetan leader wrong for Asian capital? (9)
12    Miss MTV award – resonant voice in deputation (7)
14    Seabird seen nesting in Northern England (4)
16    Hard Rock/Bison Aid fiasco! (8)
17    Back premier XI on paper to get around the Zulus (4)
18    Kiln for roasting – hop in! (4)
19    Listen out for 14 arriving at vessel (3)
20    Place the monster in Egypt (3)
21    The princess (Wales, not England and Scotland) and I attend Hindu celebration ... (6)
22    … and, detracting nothing from where the Greeks used to meet, arrive at Indian city (4)
23    Voting, choosing to get rid of head (8)
26    The princess (at Ulster retrospective) has supporter within (7)
28    Flags – initally healthy, then deteriorates (5)
29    For instance, murders con in front of the whole world – thus exemplifying 13 (6,7,8)
32    Initial meeting of International Australian and South American Mining returns to East African... (5)
33    … island for convention of old friends (7)
37    Scrap engagement... (8)
38    … to Yugoslavian bird lover – taking off ring to start with (4)
39    Odd. Is tyrant confused, dismissing extremists who are Middle-Eastern? (6)
41    The endless night French land in Tuvalu (3)
43    Seahorse? (3)
44    Old Russian leader reported to be in Germany (4)
45    Quiet hesitation when confronting a wildcat (4)
46    Distant sounds – I make out ancient Jew (8)
48    Nigerian city of a thousand with a little number following (4)
49    European country’s alternatively-named rugby fixation (7)
51    Note in the Morse code identifies the stooges, among others (9)
52    Cooper from Indiana... (4)
53    … State cut up in Korea, perhaps (7,6)

 1    Control undercurrent and it will lead to potential charges! (4,5)
 2    Williams’ state makes the fluvial tribute ... (9)
 3    …to Mom’s full and capital claim to be the USA’s main drain! (8-11)
 4    Explorer reported back (4)
 5    Following the Mafia (scrambling eggs !) to land in Africa (6)
 6    After dry start, keen to get inside with squally rain about, to meet the Indian (9)
 7    Witness Riviera beauty spot being transported from the department of the Correze (3)
 8    Espouser of equal opportunities – the result of uncontrolled Italian rage (11)
 9    Skip harbours with such documents! (9)
13    Burns offering to 29 which is self-inflicted (4,10,2,3)
15    Disruption of mail in South America (4)
24    Root cause of stimulus (6)
25    Should New Internationalist recognize part of Morocco? (4)
27    Classical city which was then as new (6)
30    Pulverize a country with no comeback on Zimbabwean region (11)
31    Muslim has one problem (4)
32    Nigerian city contracted you, it’s said, before one rug was returned... (9)
34    …and, it’s also said , you replaced the beginning of Spanish commercial with this ancient Hindu treatise (9)
35    Malaysia hard bent on claiming the mountains (9)
36    The introduction of boron into and about Lyon’s centre goes back to department’s lead re Ukranian disaster (9)
40    Songs about Spanish river valleys... (4)
42    …note tapes compiled for money (6)
47    It’s a good man that gets into first-class Italian wine (4)
50    Caliph undergoing introspection? (3)


 3    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, as it’s more popularly known (3,3,7)
10    Former British colony on the Arabian peninsula (4)
11    Asian capital in the foothills of 35... (9)
12    …where one may find a certain number of this kind of foreign delegation (7)
14    Sea eagle (4)
16    Glassy, hard volcanic rock, usually black in colour (8)
17    A regiment of Zulus (4)
18    House common to Kent, England, containing ovens for drying hops (4)
19    Container or receptacle (3)
20    Musical repertoire or group of games (3)
21    Hindu festival which takes place during autumn in the northern hemisphere (6)
22    Indian city – site of the Taj Mahal (4)
23    Preferring or adopting (8)
26    The title given to the daughter of the Spanish sovereign (7)
28    Precipitates with ice pellets (5)
29    What war criminals may be accused of (6,7,8)
32    Tribe transcending the borders of Kenya and Tanzania (5)
33    French Indian Ocean island, capital St Denis (7)
37    Fracas or set-to (8)
38    President of Yugoslavia, 1953-80, born Josip Broz (4)
39    Citizen of Middle Eastern country, with long history but which only gained independence in 1946 (6)
41    Atoll of Pacific archipelago, Tuvalu (3)
43    Tree, genus Laurus, with fragrant leaves used widely in cooking (3)
44    River and region on Germany’s western border, famed for coal-mining (4)
45    Felis concular, big cat of the Americas (4)
46    Traditional Jew sometimes mocked as self-righteous (8)
48    Ancient Hausa capital of northern Nigeria (4)
49    Alternative spelling of Eastern European country, capital Bucharest (7)
51    Trio (9)
52    Town in Indiana, on Lake Michigan, now part of the Chicago sprawl (4)
53    It may describe a country in the grip of civil war (7,6)

 1    Source of energy where a ‘duck’ might be involved (4,5)
 2    The 16th US state, nicknamed the ‘Volunteer’ state (9)
 3    The world’s fourth-longest river, beginning with its tributary (8,11)
 4    Portuguese explorer, the first to round the Cape of Good Hope (4)
 5    People and land of northern Namibia (6)
 6    Group of people and languages, the main one of which is Tamil (9)
 7    Famous tourist spot near Monaco, perched high upon the cliff-side (3)
 8    A person who practises one of the three tenets of the French Revolution (11)
 9    International travel documents (9)
13    ‘—— ————— — —-, Makes countless thousands mourn!’ R Burns (4,10,2,3)
15    South American capital, founded by Pizarro in 1535 (4)
24    Plant used for its sweetness and spiciness, Latin zingiber oficinale (6)
25    Part of SW Morocco, Spanish until 1969 (4)
27    Capital of EU member state, founded about 3000 BC (6)
30    Zimbabwe’s eastern region, balancing Matabeleland in the west (11)
31    A member of one of the two main sects of Islam (4)
32    Capital of Borno state, north-eastern Nigeria (9)
34    One of a series of Hindu metaphysical treatises, written in Sanskrit between 800 and 200 BC (9)
35    Mountain range whose highest peak was not scaled until 1953 (9)
36    Site of a serious nuclear accident in April 1986 (9)
40    River valleys ‘drowned’ due to a rise in sea-level (4)
42    Spanish currency (6)
47    Wine from the Italian Piedmont, often sparkling (4)
50    Uncle, and eventual successor of Mohammed, the 4th Caliph of Islam (3)

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