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Editor's Letter

From this month's editor

State of the World

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Website surfers cannot be expected to notice but those of you with a paper magazine in your hands may have realized by now that this issue of the NI looks rather different: indeed I'm even talking to you from a new place on the page. The magazine has substantially more pages; and you'll find two major extra elements: a large full-colour wallchart showing the world's wealth and resources and a 12-page cumulative index to the last five years of the NI. To make room for all this we've rolled together the January and February issues and given many of our regular monthly features a holiday.

Why have we done all this? Because we wanted to produce a magazine that would take stock of the state of our world in a way that would be impossible within the scope of a normal issue. Each magazine we produce takes a particular theme and investigates it in depth while feeding back to you what we learn in an accessible way. And each issue itself provides some sort of context into which you can fit all the news and information which swamps you each day.

But we can only cover so many subjects a year and we felt there was a need to take one step further back and say: 'This is the state of our world as we see it at the moment. These are the key events that took place in the last year and here are some of the key issues we believe you should be thinking about.'

It may be that we should be providing this kind of magazine at the beginning of every year as a kind of foundation-stone ­ a launching-point for the other ten issues' exploration of new territory. We'd be interested to know what you think of this bumper issue and whether you would like to see this kind of State of the World Report as a regular part of your (and our) year.

editor's signature Chris Brazier
for the New Internationalist Co-operative

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New Internationalist issue 287 magazine cover This article is from the January 1997 issue of New Internationalist.
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