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Prison Reform International,
169 Clapham Road, London SW9 OPU, UK. Tel: (0171) 582 6500. Fax: (0171) 735 4666 E-Mail: [email protected] An international campaigning organization on prison conditions and prisoners' rights. PRI publishes a monthly newsletter, various reports and documents and works with prison activists around the world.

Prison Reform Trust,
15 Northburgh St, London, EC1V OAH. Tel: (0170)251 5070 Email: [email protected] Web: concentrates on prison issues in Britain and publishes a very readable quarterly magazine (year sub £15) and

Penal Affairs Consortium,
169 Clapham Road, London, SW9 OPU Tel: (0171) 582 6500 produces an excellent series of reports on the British criminal-justice system.

Restorative Justice Network,
PO Box 3-135, Christchurch, Aotearoa/NZ Tel: 64 (3) 328 8207 and Fax: 328 8800, and Movement for Alternatives to Prison 2/23 Sainsbury Ave, Auckland 3 Aotearoa/NZ Tel: (9) 846 0226 are Aotearoa/New Zealand's two main campaigning groups around prisons which have played a big role in shaping an alternative juvenile justice system.

International Community Corrections Association,
PO Box 1987, La Crosse, WI, USA Tel: (608) 785 5335, Fax: 784 5335, Email: [email protected] Web: Led by national secretary Peter Kinziger the ICCA actively promotes alternatives to the population explosion in US prisons.

The Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Watch Committee
PO Box 65, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia Tel: (02) 264 9895 Fax: (02) 264 9916. Formed in June 1987 to protest about the large number of aboriginal deaths in custody. Plays an effective watchdog role.

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Prison News Service is the best source of information about the prison movement in North America. While not published from prison, PNS is mostly written by prisoners and published by prison-rights activists. Subscriptions are $10 or more. Write to: Prison News Service, PO Box 5052, Stn A, Toronto, Ont. Canada M5W 1W4

The Angolite (Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 70712 USA) is a paper produced by inmates of Angola Prison in Louisiana. It is widely considered the best prison journalism in the US, with hard-hitting, thoughtful writing. Subs: $18 a year (US), $24(Canada) $40 (foreign).

Out of Bounds (Box 4000, Station A, Victoria, BC N5W 1W4) is an up-and-coming inmate magazine produced at William Head Institution in British Columbia. Subs are $10.

Special thanks to Craig Calder for invaluable editorial and research assistance.

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