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Recipe for Success - serves only a chosen few

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"If you're not completely sure of yourself and you're not completely sure of what you're doing, the direction you are taking, you give up very quickly.
You have to be completely unconcerned with other people's opinion....
You don't get into being a leader in a country unless you go through the nasty role of politics. And it can be nasty. Oh, it's vicious.

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We all know women have to do everything a little better than men... We're all so tolerant when men make mistakes, but I don't know of any society that is tolerant when women make mistakes... there's a tendency to say: 'Well, she's a woman.' You'd never say: 'Well, he's a man, it's natural that he makes mistakes...'

*Both quotes from: Women World Leaders by Laura A Liswood (Pandora, Sept 1995)

10 cups of confidence
500g of clarity of thought
5 cloves of sense of purpose
1 can toughness
100g respectability
1 tablespoon flexibility
1 teaspoon flair


  1. Become a man.
    If this is not possible, then
  2. Make sure you are born into a wealthy and preferably aristocratic family. You will need all the money and support that you can get.
  3. Persuade your family - particularly your father - to be supportive of your ambitions from an early age.
  4. Study hard at school and get a good education - be top of your class and learn to do better than the boys.
  5. Work longer and harder than anyone else.
  6. Marry a successful man - preferably one who will later be assassinated.
  7. Be prepared to be rude and pushy but be conscious of your media-image

Bake in an atmosphere which includes: a system of proportional representation, strong women's organizations and women staffing at least 30 per cent of the political institutions. Serve, garnished with a good and trusted team.

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