new internationalist
issue 248 - October 1993


People in the North can help as much by campaigning on issues like debt as working on those more directly connected to education. The Debt issue of New Internationalist (NI 243) has a comprehensive list of organizations to contact.

In addition, children – and adults – need to be better informed about global issues and how they affect all our lives, so development education is of vital importance. Responsibility for development education is shared between the major aid agencies and independent local centres.

You might also like to link up with groups lobbying on local or national education issues.

Auckland Development Education Centre
177 Karangahape Rd, Auckland.
Tel: (09) 3771 367.

Development Resource Centre
A library set up by voluntary organizations to provide information on global environment, development and human-rights issues.
PO Box 11-345, Manners St, Wellington.
Tel: 64 (4) 472 9549. Fax: 64 (4) 472 9599
Email: [email protected] Web:

National Kohanga Reo Trust, Iritana Tawhiwhirangi,
67 Hankey Street, Mt. Cook, Wellington, New Zealand
Ph: 64 (04) 381 8750 Fax: 64 (04) 381 8777
Email: [email protected] Web:


Action for World Development
PO Box 117, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.
Tel: (03) 419 5588.

The Australian Council for International Development
The umbrella group for aid agencies also has a development-education role.
Postal address: Private Bag 3, Deakin, ACT 2600
Street address: 14 Napier Close, Deakin, ACT 2600
Ph: (61) 02 6285 1816 Fax: (61) 02 6285 1720

Oxfam - Community Aid Abroad,
156 George Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3035.
Ph: 61 (03) 9289 9444 Fax: 61 (03) 9419 5318
Email: [email protected] Web:


Canadian Bureau for International Education
85 Albert St, Suite 1400, Ottawa, Ontario KIP 64A.
Tel: (613) 237 4820. Fax: (613) 237 1073
Email: [email protected] Web:

Canadian Education Association
A lobbying group on education
317 Adelaide Street West, Suite 300
Toronto, ON, M5V 1P9
Tel: (416) 591-6300 Fax: (416) 591-5345
Email: [email protected] Web:

Development Education Centre,
555 Bloor St, West Toronto, Ontario M5S 1Y6.
Tel: (416) 516 2966.
A resource centre on global education.

Ten Days for World Development,
85 St Claire Ave East, Toronto, Ontario.
Church group working on global education.


Campaign for State Education,
158 Durham Road, London SW20 ODG.
Tel: (081) 944 8206.
A campaigning organization.

Council for Education in World Citizenship,
Seymour Mews House, Seymour Mews, London W1H 9PE.
Tel: (071) 935 1752.
Works with schools and young people.

Development Education Association,
29-31 Cowper Street, London EC2A 4AP.
Tel: (071) 490 8108.
This is a national network which can put you in touch with your local development-education centre.

National Literacy Association,
5 Airspeed Road, Priory Industrial Park, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 4HD.
Tel: (0425) 272232.
Running a new campaign which aims to achieve 99-per-cent literacy by 1999.


The American Forum for Global Education,
45 John St, Suite 908, New York NY 10038.
Tel: (212) 732 8606.
Working to ensure that global perspectives become a permanent feature of American schools.

National Centre for Adult Literacy, University of Pennsylvania,
3910 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-3111.
Works on literacy issues.

Office on Global Education, Church World Service,
2115 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218-5755.
Tel: (410) 727 6106.

Further reading
Much of what has been written on education is very dense and full of statistics. But you might like to look at Education in the developing world: Conflict and Crisis by Sarah Graham-Brown (Longman, 1991). Graham-Brown lays out the myriad problems facing education in the South with great clarity.

There are a range of interesting books on education and literacy published by the World University Service. Their international offices are 5 Chemin des Iris, 1216 Geneva, Switzerland.

State of the World’s Children 1993, (published for UNICEF by OUP) is an excellent source of statistical material on education.

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