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Why Men Hate Women

October 1990

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issue 212 - October 1990

Why men hate women
'...And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat; and she gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat....' And we all know what happened then - or do we? '
Celia Kitzinger throws new light on an old story.

It almost certainly wasn't an apple in the Garden of Eden. The Genesis story refers simply to 'forbidden fruit' and biblical scholars argue that a quince or a fig was more likely.

But in mediaeval woodcuts, on stained-glass windows and in classical Christian art, the apple symbolizes the first sin and Eve is portrayed as the first sinner. Eve the temptress, created by a male deity, formed from the rib of Adam, later to cause the fall of 'man' from grace and innocence - this patriarchal myth of woman underpins Western culture.

In casting woman and serpent as evildoers, Judaic writers overturned a powerful earlier tradition which associated both with wisdom and fertility. In the ancient goddess religions, snakes were the special companions of women, symbols of sexuality, linked through the shedding of their skins - which was seen as a form of rebirth - with women's creative and reproductive powers. Early Mediterranean statues and reliefs depict fecund goddesses with great nourishing breasts, generous hips and bellies ripe with pregnancy, often with serpents entwined sensuously about their bodies.

Appalled by this pagan tradition, the authors of Genesis converted the sensual, fertile goddess into a shameful sinner. They covered her nakedness with an apron of fig leaves, and punished her sexuality with pain and oppression: 'In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee'.

The myth was used by early churchmen as a vehicle for expressing their horror and disgust at women's bodies: 'What is the difference whether it is in a wife or in a mother, it is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in any other woman,"1 wrote St Augustine in the late fourth century. Projecting all guilt upon women, branding them as lustful allies of the Devil who wean men from God and lead them from the path of virtue, the Genesis story enshrines the myth of feminine evil as a justification for female oppression.

Terrifying hatred
The history of Western men's attitudes to women is a history of woman-hatred, often with terrifying consequences. During the European witch hunts, thousands of women were tortured and murdered when woman-as-Eve was transformed into woman-as-witch. The infamous Malleus Maleficarum - a document produced by two Dominican monks who were appointed by Pope Innocent VIII in 1484 to investigate and stamp out witchcraft - states that 'all witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable'. The charges levelled against witches included every misogynistic sexual fantasy harboured by the monks and priests who officiated over the witch hunts: witches copulated with the devil, devoured new-born babies and rendered men impotent. A whole chapter of Malleus is entitled: How, as it were, they Deprive Man of his Virile member'.2

Witches were also accused of using herbs to ease the pain of labour at a time when the Church held that pain in childbirth was the Lord's punishment for Eve's original sin. The Inquisitors concluded: 'Blessed be the Most High who has so far preserved the Male sex from so great a crime.'2

This virulent loathing of women's bodies continued during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the West: any expression of sexual desire by women was considered filthy, corrupt, sinful and marked them as whores, the daughters of Eve. Upper- and middle-class Victorian men relied on working-class female prostitutes to satisfy their sexual appetites, while demanding the purity of their wives and inflicting upon them the impossibly sentimentalized and saintly ideal of the Virgin Mother.

Middle-class women and girls who expressed sexual feelings - with men or through masturbation - were often diagnosed as 'morally insane' and imprisoned in mental asylums. Others were 'cured' through sexual surgery, including clitoridectomy or 'female circumcision', which doctors first practised on indigent American women and black female slaves.

These same physicians continued a long tradition of viewing menstruation as dirty and dangerous, 'the curse' inflicted upon women because of Eve's sin. The new professions of gynaecology and psychology denounced women's bodies and minds as seriously defective, and used 'scientific' discoveries to justify excluding women from higher education and from political life.

Woman's Bible
The first feminists struggled against ideas like these - often with remarkable humour. Weary of quotations from the Bible being used to lend God's authority to the subjection of women, the leading US feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton published The Woman's Bible in l8953, a caustic and entertaining commentary on the scriptural passages most favoured by misogynists.

As a comment on Eve's lofty nature she notes that the serpent did not try to tempt her from the path of duty by brilliant jewels, rich dresses, worldly luxuries or pleasures, but with the promise of knowledge... and he found in the woman that intense thirst for knowledge that the simple pleasures of picking flowers and talking with Adam did not satisfy'. Compared with Adam, she says, Eve appears to great advantage throughout the entire drama.

Few contemporary feminists would consider the Bible sufficiently central to our oppression to be worthy of this sort of attack. Yet the underlying woman-hating motif of the Genesis story is reiterated throughout Western culture, permeating language, law, medicine, psychology, art and literature.

At last count the English language had 220 words (almost all derogatory) for a sexually promiscuous female and only 20 for a sexually promiscuous male (most of these complimentary). Words associated with women are sexualized so that apparently equivalent terms acquire very different meanings. A 'master' exercises authority whereas a 'mistress' is the so-called kept woman. The term 'sir' retains respect while 'madam' refers to someone who keeps a brothel. A 'lord of all he surveys' is quite different from a 'lady of the streets', and the meaning of 'he's a professional' is generally understood differently from 'she's a professional'. Even the word 'woman' is used as a term of abuse.

Likewise, words available to describe female genitals - 'cunt', 'slit', 'crack', 'slot' - reflect centuries of sadistic male use. Too often even modern obstetric medicine treats women's genitals with brutality. A pregnant woman faces cold metal instruments being shoved carelessly into her by clumsy doctors. She endures unnecessary episiotomies - the cutting of skin between anus and vagina - to speed delivery and is then sewn up again 'tight as a virgin for your husband'.

Triumphant phallus
This hostility towards the female body is expressed through pornography - most sickeningly in 'snuff' movies in which the actress is literally murdered on screen. In the pornographic portrayal of the sexual act women are overpowered and silenced, strapped helpless to tables, bound spreadeagled on beds, humiliated, degraded, gagged, handcuffed, beaten, assaulted with gun, knife, whip, penis. The pornography of pregnancy - in which pregnant women are depicted as whores, huge bellies fetishized, cunts displayed for the camera - is the ultimate 'triumph of the phallus over the death-dealing vagina' .4

Men frequently fear women's sexual power and feel justified in blaming them for acts of male violence. A 12-year-old girl who was raped after visiting her attacker's bedsit for coffee, behaved foolishly' commented one British judge in 1988. A few years earlier the judge observed of a 17-year-old girl who was raped by a motorist with whom she hitched a lift after being stranded following a party, that 'the victim was guilty of a great deal of contributory negligence'.1 Another rapist was sentenced to only three months in prison because his five-year-old victim was, said the judge, 'an unusually sexually promiscuous young lady.' He added, 'I do not put blame on the child exactly, but I do believe she was the aggressor.'5

Female sexuality causes men to lose self-control so that they cease to be responsible for their actions - or so runs the accepted wisdom. And in the US one woman continues to be raped every three minutes, one wife battered every 18 seconds.

Roots of hatred
Why do men express such hatred of women? Psychoanalysts suggest that men's gender identity is very fragile because, within typical child-rearing practices, girls can identify with their primary care-taker while boys have to separate themselves from their mother in order to achieve and assert their masculinity.

'The whole process of becoming masculine is at risk in the little boy from the date of his birth on; his still-to-be-created masculinity is endangered by the primary, profound, primeval oneness with the mother.'6 It is only by setting woman apart as Other, by resisting intimacy with her, by treating her with contempt and aggression, that men assert their own independent and fragile masculinity.

And because men have distanced themselves from 'the weaker sex' over the ages, setting themselves up as superior, it must be unbearably humiliating to need and desire women so much. Sex with women can re-evoke in men 'the unqualified, boundless, helpless passion of infancy. If he lets her, she can shatter his adult sense of power and control; she can bring out the soft, wild, naked baby in him'.7

In heterosexual intercourse men risk discovering in women an unsettling power which contradicts and undermines their own more obvious social, political and physical power. No wonder male sexual desire is so desperately tormented and full of conflict.

Because women know men to be vulnerable and fragile, they are often tempted to excuse them as 'just little boys' who need to over-compensate for their sense of inadequacy or 'womb-envy' with acts of spiteful misogyny. Female nurturing is presented as the solution to male violence - as though women haven't been doing that for centuries. Germaine Greer once commented that 'women have very little idea of how much men hate them'. For it is painful to confront the extent of men's hatred. But only when both men and women acknowledge its existence, its extent and its pervasiveness, can we act to end it. .

Celia Kitzinger teaches psychology in London.

1 Misogynies, Joan Smith (Faber and Faber 1989).
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  1. #2 Lady 03 Sep 10

    Interesting article and I believe it to be true. There's too much cruelty that keeps the question of misogyny in my mind.

  2. #5 Jean Valjean 15 Nov 10

    Men don't hate women because of some feminist biblical revisionism.

    We hate you because you blame us for EVERYTHING. There is nothing in the feminist playbook which say, ’Hmmn, maybe women are just as much a part of violence in the world as men are. Or maybe the wage gap isn't because of ’sexism’ but because women choose family over work. And even that choice isn't foisted on women by men but by the children themselves who prefer mommy to care for them when they are sick.

    You demand the same rights but not the same obligations. And you refuse to share your rights with us.

    reproductive rights, parental rights, the right to be understood and accepted, and the right to life which can be taken away from men at age 18 by the government via the draft. Every man has to sign up for Selective Service but if we don't we can be denied access to government programs for life even if we paid taxes for them.

  3. #6 Tell 15 Nov 10

    Jean, did you read any of this? You severely missed the point entirely. This total and utter hatred of women goes far beyond the feminist movements of the 20th century.

  4. #8 Anne Keckler 17 Dec 10


    You wrote:

    <I>She endures unnecessary episiotomies - the cutting of skin between anus and vagina - to speed delivery and is then sewn up again 'tight as a virgin for your husband'</i>

    I feel it's important to note that an episiotomy does not just cut through skin, but cuts through several layers of muscle! It also increases the risk of tearing through the rectum, and causes permanent scarring (and thus desensitization).

    Stitching the skin together tighter certainly does not return her to a virginal state, though many doctors have made such claims. The stitching does not tighten the muscles of the vagina; only exercise can do that. Tight stitching does, however, cause painful sex for the woman -- at least until the skin stretches back out.

  5. #14 Leaveemall2it 18 Jan 11

    sex as a weapon

    Thank you for saying this 'out loud' - that [if often deep down] all men really do hate women.
    If you think yours is 'not like the rest', then you are choosing the co-dependants role, for your own reasons. True, some men manage a more sophisticated public veneer than some, but it is only ever a veneer.

    I think men hate women because
    1. we are not men
    If men are the best then anything that is NOT male must be (repetitively) proven as inherently bad or their (needy) premise must logically be false....
    2. they are allowed and encouraged to hate women; a women that complains is ridiculed and humiliated more specifically and directly. Use the ni@@er word and you are (rightly) shamed; the catalogue of female derogatory words shame her.
    3. They cannot handle their ultimate dependance on women. They need women and spend a lifetime denying this to everyone that will listen (or can't escape).
    4. They know that they are less than women, and are petrified the world will 'find out' and stop turning around them. So they keep goosestepping their ultimate solution ... to bolster themselves, and preserve their safety net.

    I have always found it a fantastic paradox, that Nature short changes the male chromosomally, which adds back a coupe of inches of 'gristle' in compensation. Because the male(mind) can use this in violence, he seizes it, clings to it, and convinces himself it is a strength; a trophy.

    You are what you do.

    Every single day, possibly every single second, at leaast one male confirms the inherent inferiority it represents, by the opportune violence against women... children ...animals.

    If I wasn't already an Athiest, I'd thank God for being Amen.

  6. #15 Jack Swarth 30 Jan 11

    Men easily humiliated

    I thought the most insightful piece, by far was ’And because men have distanced themselves from 'the weaker sex' over the ages, setting themselves up as superior, it must be unbearably humiliating to need and desire women so much.’

    It's true that men can be very disparaing to women especially amongst the company of other men. And from other men, the most command source is plain embarassment- Some woman who for some reason was important to him rejected him. And it morphs into some underlying ’background’ hatred and anger at women in general. It feels good to put them down and sneer. Of course women do the exact same thing but their criticisms of men don't have much effect on society anyway. In the end, I don't think there's a real solution. I think men (such as myself) already acknowledge it but there's no motivation to change especially since, again, it soothes past humiliation.

  7. #16 Dave Blaze 07 Feb 11

    Another Viewpoint.

    There are many experiences that have happened to the human race in previous times. But I dont think these address the point, ’Why men hate women?’

    I think that people who hate have reasons. People don't typically tend to hate without reason. Thus its probably due to direct not historically 'transmitted' expeience. Also is very hard to help people who say that they cannot change or be different because of historical inequality.

    Obviously sexism does not help in helping someone develop positive family behaviours. But I would predict that the greatest impact is conceivably their mental and moral training during their first 20 years. Thus its their parents, teachers, friends etc. All of whom are composed of both male and females.

    In fact, in observing life, one quickly realises that it is more a question of personality type rather than gender that defines a person's social expeience, their impact on others social experience, etc..etc. Extremely damaging personalities exist in both sexes.

    Peculiar men or women, ie. those who hate another because of gender or any other reason), most likely had horrendous childhood/adult experiences that they have not processed yet, understood, or laid to rest...etc....etc.

    Sadly if their not willing to tackle their hate the problem continues for both sexes.

    David Blaze. (BSc)

  8. #20 JustaThought 01 Jun 11

    I honestly think that repressed homosexuality is the main reason for extreme hatred and abuse of women and it's really that simple. There's huge anger by many, many men who feel they have to marry a woman for the social status it confers and they act out.

  9. #21 John 12 Jun 11

    We hate women because you are so ready to play the role of victim while simultaneously reaping the benefits of ’equality’ (i.e., equality of rights without equality of responsibilities), and because you are so full of yourselves, always tom-toming the mother-nature, the ’kindness’ (until it comes to divorce, of course), and other trumped up ’feminine’ qualities. Last, but definitely not the least, because you teach other women to hate men.

    You earned it.

  10. #22 Anne 08 Sep 11

    In response to Jean, mostly men run the government, mostly men decide on selective service, so why blame women for that? We haven't had a woman president who decided selective service was a good idea or had a female president who went to war. We haven't had a female president at all, so don't blame women for these things. Only men decided that for other men. Parental rights should be 50/50, but again, the majority of judges are men. In the time of Roe Vs. Wade, it was male judges who decided abortion was okay, taking away your right to paternity. Read your history. Women have nothing to do with selective service, parental rights or abortion. We may benefit from it, but we certainly weren't the ones who put it into law. If women ran the country, there would be no war, because we don't want our sons killed. To John, you say that women reap the benefits of equality, without the responsibility. Again look to the male dominated Supreme court, Congress and the Presidency for the laws that led to all of this. If those laws did not exist, women would not benefit from them. Most women have to work to support a family, married or divorced. We get at most 25% of a man salary to support two children, leaving the man with 75% of his money for one person... and that only works for women who have never worked. Many women who make more money than men, find themselves paying child support to the man. It does work both ways. I have male friends who get money from women in divorce, because she made more money. You and Jean are throwing out generalities without much substance behind it. I know very few women who can be at home mothers, because men don't make enough money these days. Most women never experience staying home to take care of their children. The Bible is highly sexist, but that was written in an age where women were property. It has nothing to do with today and feminism. I agree there, but you must look to a mostly male run government for your source of angst against women rights today. It may be true that men experience as much violence as women, but who is in jail? Mostly men. Men go to war, men fight each other and rape women. Men pass laws and men mostly rule the world and what a messed up on it is. Nice job gentlemen.

  11. #23 dmk 30 Sep 11

    Yes, I believe this article is at the least close to some truths that both genders refuse to talk about.

    If anyone really believes men like women, please go visit Zero Hedge (one of the most visited sites on the Web..all about economics, investing, etc).

    They posted an article called ’Why Invest In Gold When One Has The Safety Of The Dollar? A Pretty TV Reporter Explains’

    They have a video of a young female reporter named Bridget Brown, from Calgary Canada giving an update on gold and investors selling it off.

    Go read the comments. It is truly one of the most hate filled comment boards I've seen to date. And I've seen a lot of hate towards women on the internet. This young gal was actually reporting what an investor (a man) had told her. She mentions his name. There are hundreds of comments, almost ALL OF THEM sexual in nature, one guy even saying he'd like to take her off screaming and kicking to....You get the drift.

    I frequent a lot of economic websites. I always comment using a mans name. They are threatened by you if you say something smart, they rip you up if you say something that's wrong, so I always go in with a males name. I have never had any trouble since I started doing this.

    I would put the link, but sometimes these boards won't publish comments with links in them. You can search it or go into Zero Hedge dot com and look for it. A search might be easier.

  12. #24 dmk 30 Sep 11

    As a child I loved all the fairy tales. I really believed them. I often wonder now, why would anyone write those things? They are so out of touch with reality and when girls grown up and start getting the ’full treatment’ by men, women, and society, it is a real let down.

    The bad part about this is when our economy collapses, which it will, it's going to be bad for females. You will see the men turn on them very quickly. This happens all over the world. Many comment boards I've seen men talking with glee about the coming collapse and how all the women will be whoring themselves, which they seemed to think will benefit them.

    I don't feel sorry for these men writing here. It's just too bad someone divorced you or someone didn't treat you like ’a man’. I quit walking on egg shells with men long ago, and could care less all the foul garbage they say.

    But I have never heard women speak so terribly about men as they do. Internet has shown the true colors of humans.

    Heck, I don't know what a ’real’ man is either. Nobody seems to know. Most of them just seem pathetic to me. Most of them deserve the divorces. It would have happened sooner but women were pretty much slaves...which is what most of them would like to see women as again.

  13. #25 so very true 09 Oct 11

    since a lot of women today are filthy whores, it makes us men hate them more, and they treat us good men like garbage.

  14. #28 IK 10 Oct 11

    dmk, you're absolutely right - anytime a woman says anything of intellectual merit that may contradict a man's view, she is ruthlessly and ridiculously taunted about her appearance, sexuality, or other things that have absolutely no revelance to the original thing being said - simply in order to detract from her points. This never happens to a man speaking about an intellectual subject or a man in politics - whether he knows much about the issue at hand or not.

    It's incredible this backlash against women that's ensuing these days in the Western world. Finally now that women are simply BEGINNING to make some progress. Men definitely would love to see women as slaves again - that's why so-called ’men's rights activists’ bitch and complain about the ’pendulum swinging too far’. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Some men like to use lies and misinformation in order to prop up their very tenuous hold on reality.

    Both men and women seek far too much approval constantly from men and their institutions, and the only way our sick world will heal itself is if we stop this pathological behaviour collectively. Misogyny should never be allowed to continue as it has so far - it's literally criminal. Women need to wake up and see how much men really hate them.

  15. #29 To many women 30 Oct 11

    Because women are bitches. I can say it because I'm a woman. Women are controlling and manipulative. If a man ever did to women what women did to men as far as telling them what to do and when to do it, they would be accused of being horrid, controlling men trying to ’own’ the woman, yet women do this to men all the time. Women are insecure and jealous of other women and they will cut another woman to the core. We are our on worst enemy. Not all women but so many that it is the way it is.

  16. #30 Lyssa 29 Nov 11

    I am disgusted by the arguments that women as a whole fraction of the human species are all ’hypocritical, gold digging, hapless creatures who blame men for everything and make them do all the work’. I would like to inform people that what you're considering fact is, in all actuality, a stereotype. Yes, some people may fit those descriptions, but that's not limited to them being women. Plenty of men also have those traits, and it still sucks to be around them, regardless of genitalia.

    I feel as though all of these gender stereotypes (and not just those- racial, class, age, etc), are greatly offensive. Not just for women, but more importantly, for men. Those who believe that women are as such without having been severely abused are being manipulated. Someone is making a profit on how easily you're spurned to anger, and they don't see any of you as individuals- just a demographic that they're continuing to shape in the image that will increase their profit margins.

  17. #31 Janie 07 Dec 11

    As a woman I would like to state that we wouldn't be having all these terrible fights and wars around the world if it wasn't for you men. Men are much more violent than women. If the world was just women, we would be for the most part a peaceful group and you know that is the truth.

  18. #32 quiet observer 09 Jan 12

    One of the most senseless piece, with tons of misinformation. The very idea that ’Men hate women’ is false and thoroughly stupid. It is nothing more than feminist propaganda.
    The autho is completely ignorant and unworthy of being an author.

  19. #33 adrienne 27 Jan 12

    you just sent shivers down my spine.
    look at the whole context.
    I don't want equality, power.
    I want men to respect and protect.
    As I would.

  20. #34 Andrea S 16 Feb 12

    This is a great article, I love it and it makes so much sense even in today's world where respect is still very misunderstood and not followed. Being in the military I have noticed great progress but also a few bad eggs that still have this hatred. Women seem to be the only mystery about which man does not have a pat answer for...a quick fix solution to. Women draw out the best and worst in men. They are a mystery to him, because although man is stronger than a woman physically, nothing will bring him to his knees faster than the love of a woman. He will do anything for it, and give anything to it. It is probably the most overpowering, wonderful and horrifying reality of a man's life. So what does he do? He writes a book about it, relegates a women to hell, describes her as evil, foolish, below him, and warns other men that they dare not get wrapped up in her. She is Eve, the one who takes the apple of sin and entices the stronger man to do the same. She is the mother of sin, and man blames her for his fall. ’It is the woman that Thou gavest me, oh God, SHE gave me of the apple and I did eat.’ (Genesis 3)

    Since man's ability to control is tested in the presence of a women, since she is his last conquest, since she does not bow easily before him as the rest of the world seems to, his only solution is to call her unclean. I am aware that this has nothing to do with God, regardless of what a person thinks of God. If there be a God, he most definitely does not think this way about women...but men do, and men write religious books. men create societies that oppress women, and they do it because of fear. They fear that which they cannot conquer.

  21. #35 kayanna 20 Feb 12

    Word to the person who wrote this article. If it weren't for women there would be no population, no babies, no mothers or Sisters. And there would not be any sex for any of you men either. Believe me, You men would be the first to cry if there is no women to get laid with. There would be no play boys, no strippers or prostitution either.

  22. #36 ToshBosh 03 May 12


  23. #37 Sang 07 May 12

    Humans deserve equal rights.
    But men should stay out of a women's reproductive rights.
    It's not your body.
    You don't see us women voting on having your testicles cut off.
    So why should you vote on the things that grow inside us?

  24. #38 dave 23 May 12

    I never saw women as these big bad sexual things ( my mistake?) , but the hatred I see in these blogs seems to come from women.

  25. #39 Damian Grant 29 May 12

    It's a well known fact that men generally don't realise how much they hate women for a variety of innate reasons. They may well deny this quite vehemently but if they truly analysed their feelings and attitudes men will ultimately realise just how deep seated is their hatred towards the female gender.

  26. #40 emma roper-evans 26 Jun 12
    Please check out my story about Eve and her ramblings!

  27. #41 Ruffian Ointsns 26 Jun 12

    I'll tell you why men hate women. Men hate women because they're the only things in life we want and can't take forcibly.

  28. #43 Enlightening 31 Jul 12

    I am a male.

    One of the first things I remember is my mother saying she wished I was a girl. To this day I want to kill myself because of that.

  29. #44 Susan 17 Aug 12

    I think all the complicated emotional drama needs to dissapear and we need to get to the root of the problem. Men behave badly towards women because men behave badly towards women!

    The end!

    Enough of the psycho jargan crap. Men have the problem, MEN NEED TO FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

  30. #48 Sam Hardie 05 Sep 12

    The above complicates matters. Men hate women is straight forward. It is because they know themselves to be in the presence of their superiors. For example, if women were too stupid to go to University, why not just let them go and they could just prove the male point of view that women were incapapble of sitting exams without fainting. Women did faint but only because their 26’ waists were corseted into 18’ corsets. Any normal person would faint.

    Best wishes

    Sam Hardie

  31. #50 Jennifer Smith 27 Oct 12

    Ah, the famous story from Genesis, one of the most skewed in history. If the writer of this blog had bothered to read the Genesis creation account properly, she would find the woman WAS deceived by Satan, but the man, Adam, sinned deliberately. Adam had neglected too tell his wife Gods instructions AND then willfully disobeyed God. Adam was the real fool in the Garden of Eden, not Eve.

    Satan operates the same way today as he did those many years ago, through promising lies, attractive deceptions and convincing half-truths. The reason God forbade Adam and Eve from eating the fruit was out of love: He didn't want his special creation to experience evil personally, only theoretically

  32. #51 Katya 30 Oct 12

    @Jean, remember men have been controlling the way things are for a very long time and they still are, If we're being honest. So It's hard for women to be much at fault when we were utterly, humiliatingly powerless for that long..
    All I want is for men to take responsibility for everything that they have done rather than blame women for everything they don't like, and to face themselves and be honest with themselves and explore and except themselves and be honest, kinda like chicks do, but noooooo that would be too helpful and good for the world.

  33. #53 netty 12 Dec 12

    I am very confused ! As a western woman with a daughter and as a teacher I have no idea. I must say however that having taught in italy for 26 years that the males in my classes do in some way think they are superior even though the females get better results. my nephew, aged 20, recently posted an image of a woman in a car crash with the words 'i told you to stay in the kitchen' To me it is absurd. As far as intelligence goes, the girls are usually better than the boys but in the end I as a teacher judge people not by their gender but by their results. Think about it ! you can change your sex with hormones !

  34. #54 jeannette 12 Dec 12

    When you give birth to both a male and female child there is no difference. I believe that we are humans and it makes no difference if we are born male or female. Perhaps muslims don't agree as they believe that boy babies are superior to girl babies. why ? no idea. As a teacher of girls and boys, there is no difference !In fact girls usually perform better than boys. My pupils study together as equals. why does society seperate them

  35. #57 Marvin 18 Jan 13

    i have always been a mangina and been pro women and pro equality, always. but since women are empowered now all they do is turn the tables and want us good modern men to pay for the mistakes other men have done in the past, although it is not even all true, maybe in islam and christianity women have been opressed, but in almost all other secular and religious cultures women are worshipped. since feminism women have been told that they are better and more intelligent then men, from kindergarden until college. of course they get better grades, if boys are always told that they are stupid and even the teachers give women a pussy bonus. also school is not cool for boys, we have got better things to do. nowadays all women think that they are more intelligent then man, when that is absolutely not the case. fact is on average men are five percent points more intelligent then women, i mean look around you. anyways all i ever wanted is to be truly loved by a women and live a happy life, but it turned out to be impossible, i live in involuntary celibate since six years now, although i am a pretty decent guy. but thats what you get for being a mangina, pro woman and want to respect a woman. suddenly it turns out that women favour the asshole type of guy, again. women don`t know what the fuck they really want. women have ruined the best years of my life. we men entrust all of our deepest secrets only and only to our girlfriends. we have a naturally higher sex drive and can only express our real love by making love to a woman, but it turns out that the next woman that i approach after six years celibacy will tell me to control my sex drive, gimme a brak. women are so stupid, they think men have no feelings. men have a much harder life then women from age 0-64 until they get their pension, of course only if they are still alive at that time. most men are single from age 14-32. most men commit suicide from age 14-32, what an incident. plus we always have got to do all the investment in a relationship, women only have got to spread thei legs. thats why 4 times more men commit suicide then women. if you are not a 10/10 nowadays you are just looked upon by them as a complete troll. since a study has showed that women are much easier influencable then man, they let themselves get manipulated by the media and only want to have mr. perfect now, anyone else is not worth to waste their time on, is needles biologic waste and may die at will. you women can`t even imagine how often i´ve been rejected. i have severe psychological illnesses that even express in physic illnesses all because of you women. women have missed me. although we could have lived such a beautiful life together. also women drive men to commit crimes. i hate women

  36. #59 AbsolutelyTheTruth 25 Jan 13

    i am a straight man that hates the ones with the attitude problem, and are so very mean and nasty to talk too. but then again, they are certainly the LOSERS.

  37. #60 VeryTrue 05 Feb 13

    well many women nowadays have a very serious attitude problem, and are not friendly at all.

  38. #61 Hate is stupid 29 Mar 13

    Imagine hating the opposite sex. None of you should reproduce.

  39. #62 Miryam 03 Apr 13

    As a young girl..i would like to opologize to men and to women..for their hard lives..i am sorry our lives can't be perfect..and happy but lets all remain positive..maybe it'll make everybody happier and we can forgive eachother for everything we have ever done..past present and future..if we can think positively and stop holding grudges..we can all grow to be a peaceful community...i hate seeing people fight..and it hurts sometimes and sends me with fear,thinking about living in a society where people are soo hateful of eachother and want vengence for something somebody else has done..stop fighting and see that everybody here is a victem..please lets stop blaming others..and start forgiving..the sooner we forgive the better..and a better society we can build together..thank you <3

  40. #63 Billy Bones 10 Apr 13

    I could guess the author is a woman from a few lines. She is so off the mark. One reason men hate women is because women don't bother to understand men, blame us for all their inabilities and have zero empathy for us.

  41. #64 Nat 02 May 13

    I Don't know if I really hate women, I'm married to one though I have hated since for 45 years, and I've been married to for 45 years. We share the same house but nothing else. From her I des trust and don't have any respect for women in general.
    I don't know if the hate thing came from my mom who hated my dad horribly. I've really been confused all these years.

  42. #65 Lionel Gambill 04 Jun 13

    A highly insightful article. Masters and Johnson said sexual repression derives from male fear of women's sexual power. I have read Marija Gimbutas' The Civilization of the Goddess, and find it convincing. I'm willing to believe that in Goddess-worshipping civilizations the norm was not female dominance but partnership. Not only was the serpent a symbol of the Goddess; so was the sycamore fig tree, known then as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Hebrew word for a graven image was Asherah, and an Asherah was an image of the Goddess carved from the wood of a sycamore fig tree. I also suspect that men in those societies were not obsessed with the paternity of the children. A chimpanzee male will kill a baby he thinks was fathered by another chimp, but humans share more dna with bonobos than with chimps, and bonobo males could care less who fathered the infant. The most engaging recent theory is that God had a wife; i.e., Yahveh had his Asherah, known also by other names: Ashtoreth, Anath, etc. And if Yahveh could have his Asherah, why couldn't Jesus have had his Mary Magdalene? I think we've seen enough of women having to be de-sexualized to be acceptable.

  43. #66 MG 30 Jun 13

    How very true! Back in grade school - for no, unprovoked reason - one male classmate used to repeatedly tell me he was going to burn down my house - he was a relative of my next door neighbor - learned early on that boys do NOT like females at all.

    And people wonder why I am an androphobe.

  44. #67 Harleys AreToofuknloud 01 Jul 13

    What misanthropic feminist paranoia this nonsense represents. Shame on you and your revisionist agenda(s). Of course, this comment probably will never see the light of day because your cause is indoctrination, not conversation. Shame!

  45. #68 Jane 07 Jul 13

    This article made me cry

  46. #69 Terry Peck 28 Jul 13

    Celia writes:
    Why do men express such hatred of women?

    I suggest that this is a literacy issue. If Celia was literate and accepted the findings of the study of linguistics, she might be able to express herself without deliberate confusion. Thus she would not use inappropriate language to promote the very thing she professes to hate: sexual hatred.

    One could just as easily ask why women express such hatred of men...given this article.

  47. #70 Tina Corsanico 01 Oct 13

    Men hate women because they are gay. Not all gay men hate women. But, all men who hate women are gay.

  48. #71 Eileen 28 Nov 13

    It's crazy how bad men treat me. My parents are from two different cultures and they divorced early on in my childhood. I already had lots of toys and knew how to play and have fun, and as I grew up I thought the generation I am in had reached a common understanding in that marriage and staying together to make it look better always ends bad and so we would grow up smarter. But once somebody gets hurt, lied to or bulled it stops and teachers with more wrongs and friends with different experiences and parents start taking over what once felt alright to myself without their help that doesn't really help. People have feelings, and sayings that are being relied on, such as we all make mistakes or time heals. The male sperm is a little brain and I feel strange even today when older to get how they are. But the truth is, I have been treated like crap. I had aspirations and good self reliance, but was raped, abused, neglected. I know that nobody should tell you an apology from their side while you are the one learning to forgive, and I have never been able to forgive enough to catch up on who I was meant to become and with what group of society and people. Men still treat me badly, and they rend to be more comfortable with fatter women instead of me. Women in bigger sizes started coming out in campaigns and in movies as more comfortable but it didn't make a man act better towards me either. At this point, men act like they don't care how I talk or act or behave, and that anything I do is just not good enough. They even determine my lengths of happiness, stay, sadness, anger, friendship, etc. I'm not a female who can get along with anybody and can't locate the men whom I was already getting along with before people took advantage of me, and even if I did I know they and me won't get along. To them I'm abused and should be with counselors and other people who worked to help people like me. That is sad and keeps religion going and war in the wrong countries. I don't want my own family because it would be asking for too much. The worst part is when men and some lesbian women look at me like I should know why I was raped, and that it is funny. There was nothing funny about me and I can't read their humor towards me. They think because it happened, it is now obvious why or else they would be wrong, and if they're wrong then everything else is wrong too. It's too sensitive, and there seems to be no other place for me than with strong feminist or people who just don't give a shit. Nothing turns me on except forcefulness but with that comes rules I don't understand. I don't know .. People act like my entire existence is about giving up on things, even the people and situations that don't require giving up on, they just go on until they end. I've been provoked by women who demand rape and feel I'm not given the right to look good without rapist being satisfied by it.

  49. #74 Dude 02 Apr 14

    Men don't hate women; they despise them. They do it for various reasons like some listed in the comments below. The so-called feminism has deprived women of their traditional and natural roles as wives and mothers and disempowered them. The unfortunate upshot is the large number of kids who will grow up without father-figures, in broken homes. Women have been misled and it will be too late by the time they realize.

  50. #76 Complaint 20 Apr 14

    I'd like to complain about a lot of the posts here which appear to disregard the guideline of being respectful of others.
    Also, a little comment of my own - I don't think anyone believes that all men hate all women. So individuals who are on here leaving comments like, 'the reason we hate women is because bla-de-bla', are missing the point, and their comments are quite disturbing, because it seems that there are some individual men out there who do hate women!
    I assume that societal-level patriarchal misogyny has to do with maintaining social power in relation to a socially immobile (i.e. we cannot change our female status easily) group of people who are physically less powerful.

  51. #77 Complaint 20 Apr 14

    I'd like to complain about a lot of the posts here which appear to disregard the guideline of being respectful of others.
    Also, a little comment of my own - I don't think anyone believes that all men hate all women. So individuals who are on here leaving comments like, 'the reason we hate women is because bla-de-bla', are missing the point, and their comments are quite disturbing, because it seems that there are some individual men out there who do hate women!
    I assume that societal-level patriarchal misogyny has to do with maintaining social power in relation to a socially immobile (i.e. we cannot change our female status easily) group of people who are physically less powerful.

  52. #78 Chrdiva 28 Apr 14

    I am a very young woman, but as an Ivy League educated woman with a successful career in finance, believe me - men DO in fact hate women. Thanks for this article - despite having been written in a year in which I was not even five years old, its purported aphorism still rings so true. All men with whom I have had relationships in my youth have tried to make me feel inferior to them, despite the fact that I had more education, was more successful in my career and earned much more money. I had even been severely physically beaten by two of these men since they could not cope with the idea that they were not ’BETTER’ than I was in any way. Hatred against women still exists today, and while I do not hate men as they do hate my kind, I cannot allow myself to care for them or give excuses for their lesser achievements. In the past, it has not served me well - I may have well ended up dead for giving men the benefit of the doubt.

  53. #79 Jane 19 May 14

    Excellent article. Thank you!

  54. #80 Hazza 12 Jun 14

    I'm truly scared of the comments left by male posters. Confirms deep-set misogyny and its so unnecessary. I'd really like men to just be themselves, be loving, be free, be joyful. Unless being disgusting filth really is the essence of masculinity? I sincerely hope not.

  55. #81 Buster 24 Jun 14

    Men hate women for the same reasons heroin addicts hate heroin. They know it isn't good for them. It isn't bringing anything positive into their lives. It's costing them money, time, and relationships. Yet all they can think about is when they can get their next fix. And what do the heroin dealers do? They get you hooked and then raise the price.

  56. #82 Kassy 25 Sep 14

    Men hate women because men are sadistic psychopaths. They have an inherent, irrational hate towards women that puts our sex at constant danger. Don't make excuses for them, don't interpret their behavior or justify it. Men want to destroy because they revel in violence and suffering and we won't play a part in it any longer. They have been domesticated and have seemingly taken on a human form through but are incapable of human emotions. They are truly animals and it pains me to see fellow women being fed to them. Keep as far away from them as possible, they don't speak our language of love.

  57. #83 Morgan 13 Oct 14

    I am a 25 year old woman and to tell you the truth I would rather we were back in the 50's, I would rather be a housewife because now I have kids my partner never helps out and expects me to work and look after our kid and does not even live with us. I am finding it so so difficult and stressful to try and cope with everything by myself that it actually makes me depressed. At least in the 50's the men went out to work and the women took care of the home and it was as simple as that. Women always talk about equal rights but deep down I think quite a few would think its gone a bit too far, hardly any men want to get married anymore and if they do alot end in divorce, don't get me wrong a lot of men are idiots but so are women. I don't know maybe I am feeling like this because of my own circumstances but it just feels like I have no security or the safety of having a man around me who is willing to provide it, I have to do it myself.....that is alot to cope with for me.

  58. #84 Her 28 Oct 14

    I grew up on a farm with respectful male relatives. I played in the mud, ’helped’ my dad chop wood and build furniture, and also ’helped’ mum sew, knit and cook. But as soon as I went to school, all of a sudden all these ideas of what women should and shouldn't do were thrown on me. At home it was fine to love cooking and sewing and playing football and cricket, but that wasn't allowed at school. I was tall and a good runner so was quite good at sport, but the boys hated me playing with them, and they would try to beat me up and things like that. The girls hated me too because I was too 'manly' to be a real girl, and once I grew breasts some hated me because they were bigger/smaller than theirs. I can say from my experience in life, in my job and while getting my degree, that some men certainly do hate women. Especially when you reject them because you're just not interested in them. But some women hate women too.I am a peaceful person and sometimes I wonder if I should just take my dog and live in the wild and then I would be free to do what I want without hatred from anyone. Luckily my small group of friends are friendly and respectful. I'd like to think that men are here to protect us, just as women should be helping and supporting our fellow women (and men should be supporting their fellow men). Most tribal and early religions had both gods and godesses anyway, with the gods being the protectors and the godesses as the nurturers and carers. My 2c.

  59. #85 cara 02 Dec 14

    i have thought that forever. what an amazing article thank you so much!

  60. #87 IV 27 Jan 15

    The cure for misogyny is feminism. I believe the root of the misogyny lies in our culture. This culture has lasted since the beginning of time. Men don't have to be misogynist, if they don't want to be. Organizations like the MRA are not helping fight misogyny, rather it is fueling misogyny. Feminism is the only thing that will help end misogyny. Unfortunately, some men believe that feminism is act of war against them, but it's not. The more some men realize this, the better it will be for everyone.

  61. #88 nathan 16 Mar 15

    heres one.. maybe its because for example.. when you type ’ I hate men’ in the google task bar you get lots of sites expressing genuine hatred of men, when you type in ’ I hate women’ you get site after site expressing hatred for men, and why its not ok for us to hate you back. You whole argument is just mental masturbation to prevent you from having to consider the outrageous possibility that maybe just maybe its because you women are being unfair to us. That's why I hate women.

  62. #90 TheRealTruth 06 Apr 15

    Career women are the worst of all women since they think their all that which their Not.

  63. #92 me 19 May 15

    I don't hate women. If I hated women, I wouldn't want to spend my life with one. I want women and men to be treated equally and paid equally for equal work but I'm sick of assumptions made by so-called ’feminists’ (and the now growing movement of ’men's rights’). It's all bull--people need to be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

    What I hate is as follows:
    * I hate women that automatically assume that I hate them because I am a man. I try to treat people of both sexes with kindness.

    * I hate women that assume that all men insist all women be any particular body size or shape (and I hate women and men that shame other women or men for their body size and shape). My cousin whom I love very much had this very body issue and I strongly support my daughter and my wife to have healthy bodies as well as self-body image--not that they need to be ’thin’, I want them to be ’healthy’.

    * I hate women that automatically assume all men are rapists just like I hate people that automatically assume that all gay people are pedophiles.

    * I hate women that try to make men feel guilty for the wrongs of other men--I do not blame all women for the wrongs of other women.

    * I hate women that don't understand that insisting a gender neutral ’she’ is preferable to a gender neutral ’he’ (when singular ’they’ has been used for this situation for over a hundred years and is perfectly acceptable).

    * I hate women that derive joy out of making men miserable (and to be blunt, I hate people that enjoy making people's lives miserable for any reason such as gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation).

    If you ’hate’ men or women ’just because’ they are men or women. You are an asshole and deserve disrespect.

  64. #93 Rohan Roger David Zener 26 Aug 15

    More goddamn Feminist propaganda. As if the language in this article could not be inundated enough with talk of female superiority, just remember that women are growing up unable to do the simplest of tasks; if anything, i'd say, my fellow men not one of them had much of an idea, how much women hate us.

  65. #94 BestAnswerEver 25 Sep 15

    Well with much more women nowadays that Sleep around a lot is a very good reason since many of them just Can't commit to just one man anymore.

  66. #95 Jane 04 Oct 15

    There are old texts which depict rape as something men felt compelled to do because of their virility, and it was considered masculine and strong to do such a thing. Such is the historical slant of a man losing control of himself. As laws changed over time to give women fairer protection under the law, men still weren't taught to control themselves. Now, what was exalted before, was made against the law, but no coping mechanisms or lessons were put in place to teach men emotional regulation, or proper control over their desires. The crimes men commit against women are inexcusable, period. In terms of preventing them, it would be unreasonable to expect men to control their desires when they're never taught to. Such appropriate coping mechanisms are feminized, depicted as ’weak’ or ’sissy,’ and boys grow up seeing them as behaviors which result in their getting ostracized and bullied -- so why would they do them? Until this is fixed, I don't think men's behavior will change. Additionally, I don't think it can be said that ’men hate women’ in such a broad sense. People are individuals, regardless of gender, and such a broad statement just can't be said to be true. What I do think is supportable is the fact that men can't properly control themselves to too large of a degree. This is right in the concrete fact that men make up the vast majority of prison inmates in the world. Committing crimes happens because one cannot regulate their emotions properly -- so they act out violently, sexually, etc. The underlying problem isn't hatred, it's behavior control. If an individual learns how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way, it won't matter how much they hate, love, want to hurt, etc. another person, they'll be able to control themselves or seek appropriate help if necessary. The hatred itself, if it can be said to exist, is just a symptom of the underlying problem, and doesn't seem like the problem itself. I'd love to see appropriate coping mechanisms integrated in school curriculums. I'd be curious to see how the crime rate drops in response to learning such valuable life skills. The hatred may stay the same, as they say: ’haters gonna hate.’ But that doesn't mean they have to act out and hurt other people.

  67. #96 Nebuchadnezzar 15 Dec 15

    As a young male with aspergers, I have to say that you all are the most disappointing demographic on the entire planet! For most of my life, I loved women; I had a closer relationship with my mom than my dad, I normally hanged out with girls, but when I got older and got to know the internet, I've found out how pathetic and slimy you all are. You make an article hating men, and then have the nerve to say men hate women. I think I've started to! I never questioned equality before, but your awful attitudes and arrogance changed that. I would actually like you all to be kidnapped and raped by ISIS; then how misogynistic is the West? Of all the cultures on Earth, you choose the west as the 'oppressive' culture!?
    As for 'desiring' women, I actually don't desire women that much-what about those girls who rip out the hair of those girls who sleep with their boyfriend?
    It's funny, because the hatred from men like me towards your kind is of your own doing! Things were great until I found how much YOU hate ME when you write stupid articles like this one! I do believe this is a peak in how women are treated, and your treatment by men will decline soon, seeing as how our own western governments are too cowardly to do much about the REAL misogyny of many immigrants!
    I only hate you because you hate me. I don't think I'll ever trust your spawn in my life, no matter what changes.

  68. #97 Tashina Strongbow 04 Jan 16

    Where to start, I am an old human rights fighter, and good men should be rewarded loved and supported. Period. And it is a flaw in all civil rights not to include the good people of both sexes and races. Being a mixed race myself. I have seen it , you don`t dare step on any Rez unless you are half, and any white person, they will look right through you. Men are not to blame for every thing. Plenty of evil women who call themselves feminist and plenty more women who shit all over women in the name of being more loved by men as well. oi! As for that Genesis story it is not serpent, it is serpent that walks on 2 legs is the original translation. And all men are female first in the womb until 3 and half month`s gestation. Then if it is male the lips will seal shut, this is why all men have that zig zag line on their testes, the clit then fuses and becomes the penis, and this is why all men have nipples,and as if that is not enough of the false hoods, the original story says Lillith was his original wife at the time God gave the command not to eat of fruit, when Lilith refused to be submissive and took off, God then took a rib, (note, men are not missing a rib, funny huh,)made Eve, while Adam was sitting right next to her when the serpent told her to eat the fruit, Adam did not say one word, oh , uh hey , uh God said don`t eat that. Not a word, and he was sitting right there, Eve was not created when God gave the command, don`t eat that. hmmmm... Adam then lived to be 970 years old. Yeah, nothing human lives that long. And then we have the book of Gwenevere thrown out of the Bible that states, if Jesus died for our sins, that should mean original sins as well, so stand free all ye women from the yoke of slavery. And as for serpent worship, you can keep it. I have a seen a shapeshifter, they are terrifying. They know of this on any rez. And there is nothing holy or good about them, read Dune Messiah, a group of secret society that breeds people to put them into power to accomplish their agenda. In the back of the book there is a key, for matriarchal it means patriarchal. It is not hard to decode the rest. Look at old Pat Roberson, the direct decendant of two presidents. The mark of the beast, look at the lyrics to skin walker. And sadly all humans go through a reptilian faze in the uterus, now how did that happen?

  69. #98 Tashian Strongbow 04 Jan 16

    I agree with you#92 on almost everything. But I still believe every woman should pick her battles, and yes I fight with women`s libbers too, and most women do want you to be involved with the raising of children. But yes I believe in rewarding, loving and supporting good men, Totally, if more men who were good rewarded, more men would want to be good, And even though this might make you mad, yeah , most guys do like a certain type of body it is not your fault men are brain washed to like a certain type. IT is the fault of a superficial society to continue this brain washing! And when you are in the position of hiring, take your preferences honestly into account, that is all I ask, what you prefer on your personal time is for you to decide, if you are into big tits go for it. But take into account that you were conditioned into this. And women should take that into account as well. I just prefer honesty, and no woman should be mean because a guy is honest, be grateful so you can avoid what is not good for you. Thanks for being honest. I avoid men like the plague now, but I don`t hate them. And as for being celibate for 6 years I am very sad for you, no man should endure that, compromise when you can. If he`s a good guy whip out the lube and sock it to em, in a good way of course. It is only going to take 2 or 3 minutes. And women are our own worst enemies, and yes we should track the violence women do to animals and children also. I grew up with a lesbian mother who blamed her father for everything, yes he was into drinking, but he only yelled at her 6 times, and boxed her in the ears once. She had me very abused for that claiming she was abused. Malignant narcissism they call it. She called herself a feminist. But she sold me 8 times to pedophiles to show me how bad men were. And was a practicing black magician. She finally broke up my relationship with my loving husband after 9 years. Her fantasy was to keep me at home with her to voice opinions against sexism and men, while she played spider controller. She was obsessed with her own mother who had a similar relationship with my Aunt, my Aunt was a loud obnoxious bitch, while my cowardly submissive lesbian Grandmother heaped praises on her. No one could stand her, my Grandmother lived her ideals of what she wished she could do through her. My mother had the same ideals for me. Did not work out like she wanted. I ran away constantly, while my mother plotted and schemed and ruined many Jobs for me so I would be forced to come back home. Where I would just run off to another national park to get a Job with housing. And as far as I can speculate to me, this is very pedophile like behavior, I am not here to play that horrible domineering cow role as her daughter. If she wants that type of relationship, go and get from another woman not related to you. And even then that is not a healthy relationship for 2 women, one manipulative submissive female , one domineering cow. Not healthy at all.

  70. #99 lonnie 15 Jan 16

    Couldn't care less of some cubic hair matted simian ’hates’ me. I love only people who can feel and are deserving of love: women. To help with such men. Let them hate. But the second they try to duck with my life, well being or livelihood and friends... Well Thats when things get messy. And they are always the sorry ones. Want to call me the crazy man hating one? Please. Don't attack someone you p perceive as weak then throw a Burch got when they're anything but. Typical playground bully shit these makes play. Heck even the ones saying they ’loved’ women before reading this article. Pure baloney. This article merely spoke the truth and in a non venomous way at that. Just Goes to show you.

  71. #100 Nebuchadnezzar 17 Jan 16

    Lonnie, you are exactly the kind of person I'm talking about. I had NO problem with women before, but then al I hear is, ’men are evil and trying to control our minds and eeeaaagghhh’, and I'm simply saying, ’shut up already!’
    I have no interest in your life, as long as you don't interfere with mine. I don't care if some guy you knew wasn't nice to you, because I'm not him.
    And you are a crazy man hater! However, hate isn't born with someone, so naturally someone hurt you, but the same with me. I get along with those who deserve to be gotten along with, including women, but less and less women seem to fall into this category the more they butch and complain about ’the patriarchy’.
    If this is a playground, then you and your band of orcs are the bullies. I'm just that guy who eventually says, ’piss off!’
    And who are you to determine who I have or haven't loved? I was less rough then most of the guys in my childhood, so I would sit inside and draw or play cards; I would hang out with likeminded guys. When outside, I preferred to hang with the girls, who were less into the hardcore physical stuff.
    Is it the ’truth’ that men hate women? In a way, I would say it is becoming that way! People like the author are the rimary drivers behind it, though. Just because I don't kiss your asses 24/7 doesn't mean I'm ’oppressing’ you.
    Honestly, get off your computer, stop ranting about men while stuffing yourself with bonbons, and do something useful.
    I'm looking into STEM myself, and I'm willing to work with anyone of any sex, race, or nationality if we all cooperate. You, and like-minded people, would most likely not be able to handle it, considering the amount of males in STEM. If you want to find some seagull shit-ridden island and start a glorious matriarchy, go ahead. In fact, us guys will build a huge wall around the island so nobody can get in, and nobody can get out. Everyone wins! I just want to live.

  72. #101 Nebuchadnezzar 17 Jan 16

    Tavian, thank yu for your comment. I'm very sorry to hear about your awful relationship with your mother. She's an example of the very category of people that convinced me to write my comment. I'm not nearly as aggressive in real life, as I just want to get along with most people. However, articles like this don't help. Articles like this make me want to send women like the author to another continent with no return. It doesn't mean I truly want that, but I'm tired of being stepped on by arrogant people.
    I feel like misogynists and misandrists are enemies of civilization.
    I understand that you avoid men, considering your circumstances. It sounds pretty similar to my feelings, though I suppose not as exact.
    Hopefully the people like this author will continue to never be successful beyond writing for some website in the middle of nowhere. If I ever have someone like this talk the way they did in this article to me in real life, I will most certainly knock them to the ground. Stuff like this diatribe is not something most people have guts enough to say to someone's face. Regardless, take care.

  73. #102 Nebuchadnezzar 17 Jan 16

    Tashian, my comment directed to 'Tavian' was meant for you. It was a stupid error.
    Also, I forgot to ask: what does your comment on men starting off as women in the womb have anything to do with my argument, if that was directed towards me? If it was directed towards someone else, then fine.

  74. #103 Nebuchadnezzar 27 Jan 16

    Hey! I just looked up the author (Celia Kitzinger) and she's a lesbian! Well, that offers a huge explanation as to why she wrote this article. :/
    Kitzinger, I understand you don't like that most women (actually, most people) are straight, but people don't just change their sexual preferences on will because they get angry at the opposite sex, so your incitement isn't increasing your market.
    Have a nice day, though.

  75. #104 MrsSad Thanksyou 05 Mar 16

    Three months ago I was attacked by three men on the Colo Spgs city bus. I hurt my shoulder trying to hang on the safety bar and one of them hit my face knocking out my tooth. Five other opportunistic rapists joined them as they whirlpool raped me in front of about thirty nonraping bystanders (who cheered, jeered, cried, and froze). He (the big one) took cellphone pics of my naked body and crying face. The bus driver stopped the bus and stayed in his seat. The transportation police are federal, did you know that? I am over 50 years old and suffering depression and aniexty and calling suicide hotlines since the “We-be-men-thing” happened to me. I hope to use my right arm again eventually. Thank you.

  76. #105 TheAbsoluteTruth 27 Mar 16

    Well since many of the women CHEAT and can't be FAITHFUL anymore that would really do it which really makes them such LOW LIFE LOSERS. Plain and simple.

  77. #106 VerySeriouslySpeaking 29 Mar 16

    Only the ones that are Gay and Bi.

  78. #107 Hanna13 02 Apr 16

    Men are monstrous. This just adds to the fact that men are vile disgusting creatures of the devil if there ever was one. This article is soooo creepy.

  79. #108 Hanna13 02 Apr 16

    Also,any men on here or anywhere in the world who are blaming the victims for the abuse from men need to be executed immediately before they spread their disease called hate.

  80. #109 Wolf 21 Apr 16

    @MrsSad. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. It makes me sad for you, and for humanity. Why did in a bus full of people, no one have to heart to help you? From afar, I offer you a healing hug, and if you wish to talk about it, you can send me an email on [email protected] (this is an alias but the address works).

  81. #110 NIKI KAPETANOU 04 May 16

    they are lower human beings in heart and mind, with higher strength of body
    i pity them
    and i have a grown up son...

  82. #112 JW 14 May 16

    Well this is certainly a very easy question which many women that now have their Careers today are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very Money Hungry these days which would certainly make many of us men hate them. They cause Most divorces today as it is since they're the Biggest Cheaters too. Thank God for the real Good old fashioned women that we once had years ago which it is very sad that they No Longer Exist which is the Real Reason why many of us Good men are still Single today because of them.

  83. #113 Erb 14 May 16

    Men, did you ever think that us woman need and want you as much as you want us?

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