Oliver Nixon Needs Your Help.


new internationalist
issue 210 - August 1990

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Oliver Nixon needs your help.

For years Oliver Nixon has been a selfless fighter in the Cold War. He has stood for military preparedness and national vigilance against the Communist menace. He has been there when the peaceniks and their defeatist message have tried to sap the national will. He has stood firm against the bleeding-heart liberals with their calls for increased welfare spending. He has exposed the penetration of the Reds into our churches and universities. the machinations of the United Nations. the calls for aid to pinko Third World governments. the fraud of perestroika.

But now Oliver Nixon, the man who stood by you in all those dark days, is undergoing a personal and financial crisis of his own. It was bad enough when the Berlin Wall came down. Then everybody started holding elections and leaving the Warsaw Pact. Even the Sandinistas aren't there to kick around any more. Now people just smile indulgently when Oliver warns against deep cuts in the military budget. His phone has stopped ringing. No more calls from the big networks for him to appear as an 'expert' on the daily news. No more invitations to learned seminars so Oliver could give his famous speech on the decline of the West. Even his contract with the Strategic Studies Center is under review as the Center worries about its own funding.

To be honest Oliver is depressed. The cheerful grin that we all know and love from the TV is no longer there. Oliver thought the Cold War would go on for ever and he is having a lot of problems adjusting. The big house in Arlington is mortgaged to the hilt. The kids' tuition fees at the Virginia Christian Seminary are overdue. The credit-card limits have all been reached. His ex-wife's lawyer keeps calling about the six months' back alimony.

And Oliver is not alone. There are hundreds of true-blue patriotic citizens just like him. The cream of the country. Former admirals and generals. The corporate statesmen who run the arms industry. Presidential advisors and past Secretaries of State as well as a plethora of academics, pollsters, fundraisers, preachers, spin-doctors and consultants whose stock in trade has been the Cold War.

The Peace Through Strength Foundation exists to help these courageous freedom-fighters in their hour of need.

[image, unknown] Just $35 from you would ensure that Oliver could still enjoy a three-martini lunch at his club.

[image, unknown] Just $100 can provide an invaluable 15 minutes of psychotherapy to help Oliver adjust to the new realities.

[image, unknown] Just $500 will pay the monthly fees for the whole family at the suburban Crimefight pistol range.

[image, unknown] Just $1000 from five concerned citizens can help meet payments on the new cabin cruiser.

[image, unknown] And a gift of $100,000 will help Oliver get back on his feet by attending the special Peace Through Strength career-retraining school. We offer some exciting new career paths such as the War on Drugs, International Terrorism and our new course on Defence of the Free Market.

Oliver made sacrifices for you.
Show him your gratitude by digging deep.

Help a Cold War Fundamentalist
over a bad patch!

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