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new internationalist
issue 205 - March 1990




SE Asia Projects Committee,
PO Box 1905 Christchurch.

Philippine Solidarity Network,
P0 Box 68-523 Auckland.
Tel: (09) 732 004.


Australia Asia Workers Links
P0 Box 264, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.
Tel: (03) 419 5045.

Philippine Australia Solidarity Group -
a national organization made up of the following community-based groups.

P0 Box 85, Ainslie, ACT 2602.

P0 Box A671, Sydney South, NSW 2000.

SA -
P0 Box 432, Goodwood. SA 5034.

P0 Box 693, Sandy Bay, Tas 7005.

P0 Box 266, Fitzroy. Vic 3065.

WA -
P0 Box 189, Victoria Park, W.A. 6100.

Philippines Resource Centre,
P0 Box 5, Fitzroy, VIC 3065.
Tel: (03) 419 5718.

Students in Solidarity with Students of the Philippines
SRC, Latrobe University, Bundoora,
Vic 3083. Tel: Adam Muir 479 2977.

Women in Solidarity with Women of the Philippines
P0 Box 173, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.


1161 Salvail Sud,
St Jude. PQ JOH 1PO.

BC Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines,
1955 W. 4th, Vancouver. BC V6J 1M7.

Canada-Asia Working Group,
11 Madison St.
Toronto, Ont M5R 2S2.

Inter-Pares, 48 Arthur St.
Ottawa, Ont K1R 7B7.

Quebec-Philippine Solidarity Committee,
2692 Pie IX, Montreal. PQ H1V 2E7.


Philippine Resource Centre,
1/2 Grangeway, Kilburn.
London NW6 2BW.
Tel: 01 .624.0270.

Philippine Support Group,
11 Goodwin Street,
London N4 3HQ.
Tel: 01 .272.5317.


Alliance for Philippine Concerns,
P0 Box 19189 A,
Los Angeles, Ca 90019.

Church Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines,
P0 Box 70, 110 Maryland Ave NE,
Washington DC 20002.

Philippine Workers Support Com.,
P0 Box 11208. Moi Lu Li Station,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96828.

Worth reading on...THE PHILIPPINES

A logical follow-up to this magazine is The Philippines: Fire on the Rim, Joseph Collins, Food First Books, Institute for Food and Development Policy, 1989. This is an impressive series of interviews.

A good and brief explanation of the key issues can be found in Land, Poverty and Politics in the Philippines. Canlas, Miranda and Putzel, CIR, 1988. And a clear detailed discussion of the land issues can be found in Gaining Ground: Agrarian Reform in the Philippines, Putrel and Cunnington, War on Want. 1989.

A moving and very well-written account of the Basic Christian Communities appears in Revolution from the Heart, Niall O'Brien, published in North America by OUP and in Europe by Ventas, 1987. Written by one of the 'Negros Nine'. Also about Negros, Social Volcano: Sugar Workers in the Philippines by Larry Jagan and John Cunnington, War on Want, 1987 - a readable blend of history, politics and excellent photographs.

Certainly worth seeing is the film Fight for us directed by Lino Brocka, a gripping portrayal of the impact of vigilante groups - reviewed in NI 202.

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